Today, Sandra Menoni is a mom of three and a certified child sleep consultant residing in the suburbs of Paris. But four years ago, she was an exhausted new mom desperately trying to get her baby boy, Leon, to sleep. Menoni had read dozens of parenting blogs and books, but still found herself ill prepared for the exhaustion of new parenthood. “I was struggling,” says Menoni. “If I’m honest with myself, I think I was facing postpartum depression. I felt really lonely at that time, and I was a bit ashamed to talk about my issues with my friends and family. I felt like I wasn’t a good mother because I just didn’t understand my baby’s needs and how to get him to sleep.”

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Months went by with both she and Leon waking up multiple times at night. “I was worried he’d be so sleep deprived that he couldn’t grow healthily,” says Menoni, who finally reached her breaking point when Leon was around 9 months old, and hired a sleep consultant. Within just days, Leon was sleeping through the night and Menoni was filled with an overwhelming sense of relief.  “My whole life changed!” she says. In fact, Menoni’s life changed in a few ways.

With her baby finally getting solid sleep, Menoni was getting sleep, too…and her confidence and outlook kept growing bigger and brighter. That’s when Menoni knew she wanted to help other new parents feel this way, too. So, when Leon was a toddler, Menoni forged ahead and became a certified child sleep consultant herself. “It’s so rewarding to help parents feel more confident, rested, and happier,” she says. 

Menoni wasn’t on the job long before she started hearing about something else that could boost new parents’ confidence, rest, and mood: SNOO!

“I didn’t know about SNOO prior to becoming a sleep consultant. It was still quite new in France, but I kept hearing about how much American parents loved SNOO,” says Menoni, who was intrigued enough to do her own investigation. 

“When I learned that SNOO was created by Dr. Harvey Karp and his team of engineers, that alone gave me a lot of confidence in the bassinet,” says Menoni, who was already teaching her clients all about Dr. Karp’s take on the fourth trimester and his 5 S’s for soothing babies. So, when Menoni welcomed her twins Marceau and Raphael 9 months ago, she took two SNOOs home right along with them!

French sleep consultant in hospital with twins swaddled in Sleepea swaddles

“As a mother, I was excited to try SNOO, but as a sleep expert, I was a bit skeptical. But since my biggest concern with the twins was how to manage their sleep—and mine—we decided to give it a go!” she says.

The verdict? “SNOO was a sleep sanctuary for my twins!” says Menoni, who’s still surprised how easy it was to put her babies down to sleep. 

“SNOO is incredible and safe…and it was so simple to start. You swaddle your baby, engage the safety clips, you press the button, and that’s it!” she says. “At first, the white noise and motion can be surprising, but babies love it.”

And Menoni loved how SNOO responded when her precious boys fussed or cried. “It’s such a joyful moment when SNOO increases motion and sound and your baby is calm again within a minute—except if he needs a feed, obviously,” she says. 

Twin babies in SNOO

Another big perk? Being able to customize SNOO settings directly in the app…and learn more parenting advice. “I found tips in the app so helpful and interesting, like the advice on how and when to stop swaddling,” she recalls. 

Menoni is such a big fan of SNOO, in fact, that she tells all her clients about the smart bassinet. “I want them to know that SNOO is a potential choice they can make for their baby’s sleep…and their sleep too!” she says.

Baby doing a SNOO stretch in SNOO bassinet

“Parents always think babies sleep like babies—meaning, peacefully through the night. But that isn’t true! Babies have their own rhythm and with a little bit of education you can understand the beauty of sleep and help your baby at every stage…and SNOO can help from day one.”

Bottom line: “Using SNOO doesn’t mean you’ll never have tough moments,” says Menoni. “But it does mean you’ll have a lot of help dealing with those moments. I can say for sure that SNOO made my postpartum journey easier. You can count me as a SNOO lover for life!” 

Two SNOO bassinets in a twins' nursery

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