You can rent a car, you can rent an apartment, you can rent an elaborate costume for an extra fun Halloween…and you can rent the award-winning SNOO Smart Sleeper! But unlike renting a vehicle or place to live, renting a SNOO is incredibly easy, affordable, and works wonders at helping your little one get to sleep—and stay asleep! And unlike renting, say, a giant Baby Shark costume, a SNOO rental is guaranteed to be fully ick-free. To learn more about how SNOO rentals work, how much SNOO rentals cost, and more keep reading!

Why Rent a SNOO

If you’re considering renting SNOO, you’re probably already at least a little bit acquainted with SNOO’s amazing benefits for babies—like the fact that it adds 1 to 2 hours of sleep to a baby’s night by soothing them with womb-like sound and motion. Or that when a baby cries, SNOO automatically increases those calming sensations (much like an experienced caregiver would!) to stop most fussing in under a minute. Or that SNOO is the first and only baby bed to earn the FDA De Novo authorization for its ability to keep sleeping babies safely on their backs (back-sleeping is the top safe sleep recommendation from all medical authorities!). For important safety information visit

Whether you buy or rent SNOO, babies, and their tired, peace-of-mind-seeking parents get all those benefits. Plus, when you rent you can…

  • Commit at your own pace: Choose how long you’d like to rent SNOO and pay for just the months in your rental period. You can cancel at anytime after the first month.

  • Get a great deal on SNOO! The monthly fee shakes out to less the cost of a latte per day (but the sleep is way better than a caffeine hit!).

  • Free yourself from thinking about how to store SNOO: Once you’re finished with SNOO, we make it easy to ship it back—without taking a square inch of your precious storage space. (Hey, kids need a lot of stuff!)

  • Rest easy knowing your rental SNOO is certified: All SNOO rentals are meticulously cleaned and inspected before arriving at your doorstep (no need to gamble with a SNOO bought from an unknown secondhand seller).

  • Pick your delivery date: There’s lots to do before Baby arrives, so we can’t blame you for wanting to plan ahead! With delayed delivery, you can select when you want your SNOO to arrive (and then check “order baby bed” off your massive to-do list!).

How does SNOO rental work?

It’s easy! Simply visit the SNOO rental page, select your ship date, input the proper billing and shipping info and—voila!—your SNOO will land on your doorstep within about a week of your selected ship date. That’s when your official rental period begins. After your 1-month minimum with SNOO, you can cancel and return SNOO at any time.

When it’s time to wave good-bye to SNOO, log into your account in the Happiest Baby rental portal, get a return shipping label, re-pack the bassinet in its original box (including the inserts it shipped with), and send SNOO back. After Happiest Baby inspects your SNOO and gives it the thumbs up, your deposit will be refunded.

How much does a SNOO rental cost?

Once your rented SNOO arrives, you’ll be charged $159 a month, which adds up to a little over $5 a day! There’s also a $99.50 reconditioning fee, applicable tax, return shipping, and a refundable security deposit.

Can I pay for SNOO Rental with gift cards?

Yes! You can apply Happiest Baby gift cards (including ones received through the Refer-a-Friend program) to SNOO rentals. Just keep in mind that gift cards can’t be used toward the security deposit, return shipping, or for a SNOO received through the Employee Benefit Program.

Is it cheaper to rent a SNOO than to buy one?

Yes! All in, if you rent SNOO for the recommended 6 months, you’ll save $580+ over a full-priced new SNOO purchase. This calculation, however, does not include any SNOO discounts or special offers! To make sure you never miss out on any SNOO Rental promos, sign up for the Happiest Baby newsletter, subscribe to text message alerts, and follow Happiest Baby on Instagram so you’ll always be in-the-know for the best deals available.

What is included with SNOO Rental?

SNOO Rental is bursting the perks! Here’s what’s included in your SNOO Rental:

  • 2 brand-new organic cotton SNOO Sacks

  • 1 new organic cotton sheet

  • 1 new mattress and water-resistant cover

  • Access to all Happiest Baby app features for the length of your rental period, where you can customize your SNOO settings, receive daily sleep reports, and get sleep tips from pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp, the creator of SNOO.

Is it safe to rent a SNOO?

As long as you’re renting SNOO directly from Happiest Baby, renting SNOO is perfectly safe! Each SNOO Rental from Happiest Baby has been fully refreshed, sanitized, and reconditioned to ensure your bassinet meets the very same rigorous standards for safety, cleanliness, and quality as a SNOO for purchase.  (Learn more about our meticulous reconditioning process.)

When should I rent SNOO?

Because SNOO is a continuation of the womb experience, it’s recommended that you have SNOO ready to rock (literally!) as soon as your sweet baby is home from the hospital or birthing center. We suggest selecting a ship date that’s roughly 10 days before your due date. But if your baby arrives early, don’t worry! Simply reach out to Happiest Baby and your ship date can be adjusted.

Is it too late to rent SNOO?

If you have not rented SNOO before your baby’s arrival, it’s not too late. While it may take 3 to 7 days for older babies to grow accustomed to SNOO’s unique environment, Dr. Karp assures that 1, 2, and 3 month olds can benefit from SNOO just as much as newborns!  (Learn Dr. Karp’s top tips for helping babies get used to SNOO.)

Is SNOO rental worth it?

Yes! Renting SNOO is an environmentally friendly, safe-sleep option for families who want the best sleep for their baby at a lower price point. Renting SNOO is also ideal for families who are looking for flexibility. When renting SNOO, you can commit at your own pace and cancel whenever you want after the first month. 

In the end, whether you decide to rent SNOO or buy SNOO, know that you are giving your baby a bassinet that consistently earns 5-star ratings from devoted customers. Why so much love? SNOO’s unique design embodies three key sleep components of the scientifically-proven 5 S’s for soothing babies: Swaddling, Swinging, and Sushing. These womb-like sensations activate a baby’s calming reflex, aka their “on switch” for sleep and “off switch” for fussing, which is why SNOO babies sleep 1 to 2 more hours a night than other babies. Plus, SNOO is the only truly “smart” bassinet that responds to your baby’s upsets with the just-right level of motion and sound to calm crying, often in under a minute. (Learn all about the research behind the 5 S’s.)


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