It’s the coziest season of all… and if you’re expecting a baby soon, now’s a great time to consider some winter-themed names. While Spring, Summer, and Autumn generate pretty monikers for littles born at those times of year, there is robust potential for charming winter baby names that will work for your sweet boy or girl. Here are some of our absolute favorite winter baby names.

Winter Boy Names

Blaze: The better-known meaning refers to a fire, but this modern baby boy name also connotes a snowstorm.  

Caldwell: A handsome name with mixed English, Scottish, and Irish roots that means “cold spring” or “cold steam.” The “cold” reference is giving us winter vibes for this unique winter baby name!

Christian: A baby boy born around Christmas will always have a seasonal association with this classic winter baby name.  

Crispin: It’s got the “crisp” connotation for a cold winter’s day, despite the meaning “curly-haired” which may or may not apply to your little one.

Douglas: Meaning “dark,” this winter baby name is perfect for a boy born on a chilly night, but we’re also loving the Douglas fir association, which is a wintry tree often used for Christmas.  

Edur: A Basque name meaning “snow,” this unique winter baby name is perfect for a boy born in December, January, or February. If you’re having a girl but like the idea, Edurne is the feminized version. 

Eirwen: More unique than Edwin but just as profound, this lovely Welsh name means “white snow” or “blessed snow.”

Fannar: It’s an old Norse name meaning “snow drift,” and we absolutely love it as a fun and fresh answer to the more popular Tanner, especially for a winter babe. 

Frost: You might not need much of an explanation for this one, but in addition to the obvious wintry meaning, the nod to Robert (New England poet who loved to write about winter) creates an excellent dual meaning for your winter-born baby boy.  

Jack: Earning winter cred for the Jack Frost association, Jack is one of those perfect baby boy names that isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. 

Kari: A unique winter baby name, the Turkish name translates to “covered with snow.” (It works well for girls, too!)

Lixue: The rare sounding Chinese name translates to “pretty snow.” (See more Chinese baby names!)

Robin: It’s a winter bird, which gives this sweet wintry nature name for boys special meaning this time of year. The name also translates to “bright and shining,” which can be associated with sunlight reflecting off the snow.

Storm: Bold nature names for boys are picking up speed, and this one is no exception, especially for a little one born in this stormy season. 

Warrin: The Pitjantjatjara (Central Australian Aboriginal) name meaning “the cold months” is such a perfect pick for a winter baby boy, and it reads like a slight slant on the more common Warren.  

Whittaker: Such a cool winter baby name for a boy, with a meaning that couldn’t be more perfect for this time of year: “from the white field.”  

Wolf: When you picture one of these beautiful animals, isn’t it most often in the snow? Honor the stunning species by naming your baby boy after them.

Yukio: With a cute Japanese name that means “snow,” your little Yuki will be unique among his peers. 

Winter Baby Names for Girls

Alaska: The cold and snowy US state sounds especially pretty as a name given to baby girls, and we love it for a daughter born this time of year. 

Alba: This winter baby name for girls means “bright and white,” making this short but sweet name a lovely choice for a baby who arrives this season.

Apricity: The rarely-heard English name means “the warmth of the sun in winter,” giving gorgeous power to your little miracle born December through March. 

Bianca: Simply translating as “white” in Italian and Spanish, it’s one of the better known baby names on our list and a popular pick for winter-born girls. 

Blanche: Another name meaning “white,” this one in French, we love its simplicity and elegance. (See more French baby names!) 

Cherith: The lovely Hebrew baby name for girls means “winter stream.”

Demetria: She was the Greek goddess who brought on the winter season, and we love the unlimited nickname possibilities here, from Demi to Mia to Ria!

Eira: A Welsh name translating to “snow,” this unique winter baby name stands out while still being easy to spell and pronounce.

Elsa: The Scandinavian variant of Elisabeth has a certain frosty Disney princess to thank for not only its newfound popularity but also the winter association it’s enjoying these days.  

Ember: Like the glowing embers of a fire on a winter’s night, your little girl will bring light and warmth to the family.  

Gwyneira: Like Eira, it’s a Welsh name with chilly roots; this winter baby name translates to “white snow” and sounds absolutely majestic. 

Holly: The name of the popular Christmas greenery is a cute choice for your winter-born girl.

January: A winter month, a fresh start, a clean slate… we could go on and on with all the things we love about this winter baby name for girls, not least of all her celebrity-name buddy January Jones, who brims with talent, grace, and a sense of humor.   

Lumi: It’s a Finnish name that translates to “snow” and also has a glowing quality from neighboring languages, giving this winter baby name an extra cozy feeling.  

Neva: This unique Spanish baby name means “snow,” and the similar choice Neve with Irish origins means “bright or snowy,” for two cute picks that are just one letter apart. 

Noelle: A festive winter baby name that means Christmas, it’s perfect for a little girl born around the holiday.

Olwen: We’re loving this winter baby name for girls that translates to “white footprint.”

Snow: Straight up and super sweet, it’s the quintessential winter name for girls and we just love it.  

Winter: Another classic name idea for your cherished bundle; named after the season that brought her into the world. She’ll love growing up with this precious and powerful moniker.  

Wren: It’s a winter bird, and while technically gender-neutral, we are loving it right now for little girls on the way. 

Gender-Neutral Winter Baby Names 

Colorado: A chilly-weather state known for its skiing and other winter wonders makes a solid place name for a winter baby.

Ivory: The gender-neutral winter baby name denoting the color white is delightfully short and sweet.

Garnet: January’s birthstone has major winter vibes for a baby boy or girl name. 

Nevada: Another winter place name that we love for a little one of either gender born this time of year.  

North: Associated with cooler temps, and now boasting celebrity status thanks to Kim Kardashian’s eldest, this cheeky moniker is a fun one to consider for a winter baby.  

Vale: TODAY Show host Savannah Guthrie put this rare winter baby name on the map with the birth of her daughter in 2014. The gender-neutral name whose meaning actually refers to a “valley by the stream” has a lovely, wintry feel to it thanks to the city by the same name with a different spelling: Vail, Colorado. 

Yule: That warm holiday feeling strikes our list again with a precious gender-neutral winter baby name originally given as a nickname to any child born on Christmas. 

Beyond Winter Baby Names...

If your baby’s arriving in another season—or if, perhaps, a chilly moniker is a little too on the frost-bitten nose—check out one of our other baby name lists for inspiration!

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