Listen, we get it. Pinterest-worthy pregnancy announcements are a feast for the eyes, but if the execution feels daunting, you are definitely not alone. Elaborate announcements are great for those with the bandwidth, but you can still make it cute and special without extreme craftiness or a hefty budget. Just a few minutes and very little effort are all you’ll need to pull off any of these adorable DIY pregnancy announcement ideas. Especially if work, morning sickness, or older kids have you running on empty — this should be the last thing that makes you feel stressed! Make your bump’s debut feel elevated without putting yourself out, with any of these quick and easy pregnancy announcement ideas! 

Pregnancy Test Photo DIY Pregnancy Announcement

 DIY pregnancy announcement photo of a positive pregnancy test

Photo: Instagram/gottaknowmara

Does it get any simpler? You already have the supplies on hand; just snap a picture of your positive pregnancy test and pair it with some cute wording in a photo app or in the social media caption. It’s a precious—and super easy—way to mark this moment. 

Ultrasound Photo DIY Pregnancy Announcement

 DIY pregnancy announcement photo of a couple holding an ultrasound photo

Photo: Instagram/belle_ofthewood

Those first shots of your baby are some of the most precious glimpses you’ll ever see. Why not just say it with a picture of your ultrasound photo? 

Put a Bun in the Oven DIY Pregnancy Announcement

DIY pregnancy announcement photo of a couple posing with a cinnamon bun next to an oven 

Photo: Penny for Your Dreams

The old “bun in the oven” phrase is one that just will never go out of style. Take a photo of any kind of bun in your oven, or near it, and caption accordingly. 

Simple Bump Photo DIY Pregnancy Announcement

 DIY pregnancy announcement photo of an expecting parent's baby bump

Photo: Instagram/naatalii04

If you’ve waited long enough to share that you’re now showing, as many parents-to-be do, this is the perfect opportunity to share a cute photo of your growing bump. It does not have to be elaborate, just a cell phone snap. And, there’s no fancy caption necessary either—they’ll get it! 

Chalk Art DIY Pregnancy Announcement

 DIY pregnancy announcement photo of a little girl laying on asphalt holding a chalk-drawn bunch of balloons that say "BIG SISTER"

Photo: Instagram/guyanesechick

Something about chalk is so wonderfully nostalgic with strong childhood ties. Don’t worry: You absolutely do not need artistic ability to pull this one off. Simply scribbling “BABY” in chalk on the driveway is adorable, too. There are also apps that you allow to create chalk art in a few clicks!

Digital Download DIY Pregnancy Announcement

 DIY pregnancy announcement photo of a letterboard that uses a digital download

Photo: Etsy/GingerandFoxDesign

The new world of Etsy digital art is making unique and beautiful pregnancy announcements easy for even the least crafty and techy among us. Check out our favorite pregnancy announcement templates here

Big Sibling DIY Pregnancy Announcement 

 DIY pregnancy announcement photo of a little girl wearing a "big sis" shirt and holding an ultrasound photo

Photo: Instagram/jesshogancrum

Let your older child(ren) share the news with a “big brother/sister” t-shirt, hat, or sign. A simple snap with that message attached is all you need to bring on the happy tears, near and far. (Peep more adorable sibling pregnancy announcements!)

Mark the Calendar DIY Pregnancy Announcement

DIY pregnancy announcement photo of an August calendar with a baby's due date circled with a heart 

Photo: Etsy/FrankandBunnyLove

There’s nothing like a good old circled (or hearted!) date on a calendar. Let the world know there’s a baby on the way simply by showing off that special date when they’re expected. Add a pacifier, pair of booties, or other baby item to the shot to make the message clear. 

Drinks Lineup DIY Pregnancy Announcement

DIY pregnancy announcement photo of two Starbucks coffee cups lined up next to a baby bottle 

Photo: Instagram/brazilianpatty 

There’s someone new who will need their own brew! Take a photo of your family’s morning drinks of choice and add a bottle to get the news out. 

Shoe Clue DIY Pregnancy Announcement

 DIY pregnancy announcement photo of three pairs of sneakers: two adult pair and one pair of baby shoes

Photo: Instagram/erinlabrecquephotography

Traditional, touching, and oh-so-easy to pull off: Take a photo with a pair of shoes to represent everyone in your family, including a pair of baby booties or tiny sneakers. If you feel it needs more clarification you can add the words “Baby Due” with the date.

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