Shopping for babies is super fun…but also tricky! Not only can you not ask a baby what they want, but there are so many baby gift options out there, it’s hard to know what the perfect baby gift will be. Equally tough: Finding unique and useful gifts for parents-to-be and new moms and dads this season. For help with all your holiday shopping, we’ve put together the ultimate gift-giving guide. Happy shopping!

Baby Gift FAQ

Shopping for a baby gift? Before you start cruising the online retailers or roaming the aisles of baby boutiques and big box stores, it’s a good idea to have a gift-buying plan. First up: Figure out the wee recipient’s size. (Just because a baby is, say 3 months old, does not mean they’ll automatically fit into the size 3-month bear suit you’re drooling over.) Next: Read toy labels carefully. They’re all age-graded based on choking or safety risks and the physical and cognitive skills a child needs to play with the toy. Finally, have fun—and always include a gift receipt! Read on for more help buying baby gifts.

What gifts are good for a newborn baby?

It’s always a good idea to take a gander at the new parents’ baby registry before buying a newborn gift. There, you’ll get a crystal-clear picture of what they need, what they want, what’s already been gifted, and their general style and aesthetic. For instance, if you notice that they registered for only natural wood toys, you know that a brightly colored plastic set of teething keys might not be the best baby gift. If there’s no registry, if the baby registry has been picked clean—or you’ve decided to go rogue—here are some always-appreciated newborn baby gifts for baby to consider:

While shopping, keep in mind that some baby gifts are big no-nos because of safety concerns. Learn what baby gifts to avoid!

What do you get a friend who has a newborn?

While gifts for newborns are always welcome—thoughtful gifts for new parents are downright vital! Whatever you decide to give, just remember to never swing by unannounced with a present in hand. New parents are in a time of big transition and don’t need any surprises right now! Always ask if they need or want you to pick anything up before you arrive (Psst: Coffee-in-hand is a no-brainer!) Some spot-on gifts to give to a friend who has just had a baby include:

  • Ready-to-heat meals

  • Groceries

  • Breakfast treats

  • Food delivery gift cards

  • Anything edible!

  • Nursing-friendly loungewear

  • Postpartum healing items

  • Self-care gift basket

Do you bring a gift when visiting a newborn baby?

While there are no musts in gift-giving, it’s always thoughtful to bring a little something for either the new baby or the new parents—or both—when you’re visiting in the hospital or seeing the new family at home. And don’t let the word “gift” throw you! Food (and favors) of any kind is much appreciated…as is coffee!

Where can I find more information and ideas for baby gifts?

Coming up with great ideas for baby gifts is not something you have to do on your own! Keep reading for all sorts of baby gift ideas—from baby toys to the best baby books, to the ideal gifts for both new and expecting parents.

Baby Gifts for Christmas

Here’s a little secret: The best baby gifts for Christmas are also the best baby gifts for Hanukkah and Kwanzaa! Whatever you’re celebrating this year, help make the season sparkle a little more by stealing a few stellar ideas from our holiday gift guide for babies:

Baby Gifts for Birthdays

Looking for the best first birthday gift ideas for your little one? Or perhaps you’re scratching your head over second birthday gift ideas? Either way, we got you covered! Whether you are shopping for toys or books, read on to find the perfect baby gift for your tot!

Baby Gifts for Parents

Shopping for new or expecting parents this holiday season? Think beyond the baby and buy  something to celebrate the mom, dad, or parent-to-be in your life. If you are stuck on ideas, here’s some gift-buying inspiration:

Gifts for Baby Showers

No matter if you’re working from a baby registry or not, shopping for baby shower gifts is daunting: There are so many choices! For help narrowing down your picks, lean on our baby shower gift giving primer for guidance:


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