No matter if your little one is just weeks old or pushing 12 months, their first holiday season is something to remember! Sure, they won’t remember it...but you will. And, gosh darn it, you want it to be special! If part of your make-it-special plan involves gift-giving, look no further: Here are eight holiday gift ideas that’ll surely make your baby’s first holiday season merry and bright.

Holiday PJs

Whether you get festive pajamas just for the baby or matching sets for the entire family, holiday jammies are always a win. Not only will your little one be guaranteed-cute on Christmas morning, but this can also be the start of a sweet tradition (and annual photo op) for years to come. If you want your munchkin to sport their new sleepwear right away, be sure to wash it before you wrap! (And for babies who are still SNOO-sized, check out our festive holiday-themed prints for Sleepeas, SNOO Sacks, and SNOO sheets!)

Personalized Holiday Book

There are so many holiday-themed books that are ripe to become traditional family read-alouds, such as The Night Before Christmas, The Polar Express, Chanukah Lights Everywhere, or The Story of Kwanzaa. Select one that speaks to you and inscribe your copy with a sweet note to your baby on their very first holiday. If you want something even more personalized, many companies custom print holiday books, including your child’s name in the story and a special message from you printed inside.

Child-Friendly Menorah

While your precious little one is far too young to light candles, they’re not too young to be included in your family’s Hanukkah celebration. In fact, now’s the perfect time to gift your child with their first menorah. Look for wooden or plush toy versions that include removable “candles” to place in—and take out of—the base. Alternatively, you buy a real menorah that you’re in charge of lighting, but that caters to what kids enjoy, such as a firetruck, choo-choo, or doughnut menorah.

Holiday Ornament

Amassing enough ornaments to fill a Christmas tree takes a lot of time...especially if you want most of the decorations to mean something special. Start your child’s collection on their very first holiday by gifting them their inaugural ornament. It can be a DIY keepsake featuring their precious handprint and date or simply a decoration that reminds you of your baby. Either way, it’s a tradition that your little one will surely grow to treasure.

Library Starter

Books are always wonderful gifts to give children! On your child’s first holiday, why not add a beloved series to their collection or the collected works of your favorite children’s book author? (If you need inspiration, check out these 40 amazing books for babies.) Alternatively, try a subscription service that delivers a fresh board book or picture book to your home each month. (Heck, this one is even free in certain locations!)

Winter Gear

Baby, it’s cold outside! To keep your tiny tot warm this season, wrap up some holiday coziness. Think: a fleece-lined, buffalo check hat with a faux fur pompom and cuff; a trapper hat that covers Baby’s wee ears; a traditional Santa’s hat; or woolen or crocheted beauty featuring any number of animal ears! Beyond hats, there are always super-warm stroller buntings and dreamy baby snowsuits.

Baby-Friendly Photo Book

Babies love to gaze at faces...especially the faces of those they love! So, give your baby what they want: More faces, by way of baby’s first photo album. Find one that’s cloth and/or vinyl that safely holds pictures and is easy to wipe clean. (Some can even attach to your baby’s stroller for on-the-go fun.) Either fill the album yourself or ask each holiday guest to bring a photo to include in the album. Don’t forget pets!

Classic Toys

No matter which toy is billed as The Hot Toy of the season, there will always be certain toys that are show-stoppers no matter what, like soft building blocks, sorting and stacking toys, an activity cube, and kid-sized musical instruments. If your sweet pea is between 0 and 6 months old, know that a playmat, activity gym, wooden grasper, and baby mirror all qualify as classics, too. No backorders or waiting in line necessary!

In the end, however, your baby’s first holiday is nothing to stress over! Truth is: As long as your little one is with those who love them the most, that’s the only gift they need!

Toddler parent? Here’s help navigating the holidays with your growing big kid:

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