SNOO has been purchased. The stroller is on the way. The diapers are aplenty….so what are you supposed to gift the new parents in your life this holiday season? While new moms and dads likely still need some baby items, this Christmas (or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa) treat them to presents that they truly want for themselves…plus, a few super-cool baby gifts you just know they’ll swoon over. Need help playing Santa? Keep reading!

Coffee Warmer

Ohom Ui Self Heating Mug

Photo and to purchase: Williams Sonoma

It’s downright archaic to allow a parent’s coffee to get cold while tending to drippy noses, dirty diapers, and toddler tantrums! That’s why a mug warmer that keeps your cup of coffee or tea toasty for hours is one of the best Christmas gifts for new parents. They’re like tiny hot plate-coasters…and some come with an insulated mug, to boot. A few to consider include, the super-stylish Ohom Ui Self Heating Mug, the lux Ember Mug², and the no-fuss-no-muss Besstinnkits Smart Coffee Cup Warmer Set.

Robot Vacuum

Traditionally speaking, you’re really not supposed to give an appliance or any sort of cleaning product as a holiday gift. This is an exception! Why? Because new parents have zero time to vacuum and, well, they don’t want to. So, placing a shiny bow on a brand-new robot vacuum, like a Roomba or a Shark, is almost like giving them time back…or a circular robot maid.

Lounge Wear

Couple on sofa in lounge wear

Hard pants and new parenthood simply do not go together. Parents who are recovering from birth crave comfort. Parents who are nursing want ease. And all new parents want to feel put together without having to expend a drop of energy getting there. That means an ultra-comfy and stylish lounge set is a must! Check out Hatch's wide selection for new moms. And for dads, take a gander at an old classic like LL Bean or a newer sophisticate like Mack Weldon.

Silk Pillowcase

Sleep, as we all know, is a hot commodity in new parenthood. If the new parents in your life already have SNOO, well, they are well on their way. (If not—ding, ding, ding—another fabulous gift idea! You can even pony up a SNOO rental gift card for them.) So, why not help them get the most out of their ZZZs with a silk pillowcase? It’s naturally cooling and gentle on skin and hair—which, for new moms, is hormone-ravaged right about now. One to consider: The Silk Pillowcase from Parachute is perfect for all.

Tracker Device

Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Christmas gifts for new parents who also love tech? And who just may be suffering from a bit of Mommy or Daddy Brain? Try wrapping up some AirTags, Tile Trackers, or another device that’s designed to help folks find misplaced items—like keys and wallets—with ease!

Photo Gifts

Photo cube gift
Photo and to purchase: Shutterfly

Some of the best Christmas gifts for new parents involve photos, because, well, does anyone  take more pictures than a new parent? (No.) Some picture-perfect ideas include: A Shutterfly (or similar) gift card for an online photo service, so that those precious baby snaps can escape the phone and live on the wall or in an honest-to-goodness photo album. You can also upload some of your favorite pictures of the new family to a variety of companies that create custom photo cubes, socks, magnets, calendars, and more. Not into hard copies? A digital photo frame is always a winner.

Sound Machine

Adults love white noise and sound sleep just as much as little ones! So why not get a twofer holiday gift that offers soothing sounds to babies and their grownups with SNOObear or SNOObie. As big ol bonus, these Dr. Harvey Karp-designed sound machines do way more than just play white noise. SNOObear is also a lovey, a puppet, and “portable shusher.” (The removable speaker box means you can take the calming sounds with you virtually anywhere.) And SNOObie is a nightlight, sleep-trainer, mediation helper, and more. Double bonus: Both play award-winning SNOO sounds.

Matching Family Outfits

Matching family winter hats

Photo and to purchase: Fiber4Forests

Is there anything more holiday-inspired than buffalo check pajamas for the whole family?! If PJs aren’t your bag, consider taking a fun turn on the matchy-match route with, say, big to teeny sweatshirts or tops that have a recurring theme, pattern, or color, such as snowflakes, rainbows, or all blue, tie-dyed, or ombré. If you’d rather play it more subtle, you can gift the new parents and baby matching slippers, winter hats, or sneakers.

Dinner Dates

Before parents were parents, they used to go out on dates to restaurants and leisurely enjoy amazing meals made by someone else—no pricey babysitter required. While offering free childcare so the parents in question can go out is always an amazing gift…and so is making stay-at-home dinner dates easier by way of takeout gift cards, meal delivery services, or to-your-door DIY meal kits.

Book Subscription

OurShelves Book Subscription

Photo and to purchase: Crate Joy

Children’s books are always fabulous Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Christmas gifts for new parents!  While, yes, the books are for the child, who do you think is reading all the words and pointing to all the pictures?! That’s why it’s important to help stock a kiddo’s library with new parents in mind. Consider gifting a box set of classic board books, like a Dr. Seuss, Sandra Boynton, or a Moe Willems bundle. Alternatively, give a book subscription from the likes of Bookroo or OurShelves, that delivers a fresh board book or picture book each month.

One-Cup Coffee Brewer

It’s a mystery why parents-to-be don’t simply add a Nespresso, Keurig, or a Cuisinart single-brew coffee maker to their baby registry. It can be argued that, for many, an easy-peasy one-cup-at-a-time coffee machine is just as needed as, say, a baby carrier. Translation: It’s a can’t miss holiday gift for new parents!

Meaningful Jewelry

Birthstone earrings

Photo and to Purchase: 

A locket with Baby’s wee face inside. A “you’ve got this mama” bracelet. A simple and elegant medallion that reads mommy. A birthdate-inscripted gold bar charm. Custom birthstone earrings or an elegant birthstone ring. There are limitless possibilities for special jewelry that’ll surely warm a new parent’s heart this holiday! (Unsure which birthstones to choose? Learn all about which birthstone is which here.)

Cute Baseball Hat

Formally punctual and shower-ready adults can struggle with the messy rush—or the hurry-up-and-wait—aspect of leaving the house as a parent. So, help a new parent up their exit strategy with a stylish baseball cap that not only covers unwashed locks, but offers a sporty, chic look for those mornings when a cursory mirror-check before leaving the house is simply too big of an ask. 

Fitness Tracker

Don’t worry, gifting a FitBit, Apple Watch, Amazfit or similar smartwatch will not morph you into this year’s version of the dreaded 2019 “Peloton husband!” So many new parents would love a fitness tracker to count—and feel good about—all those stroller-walking steps they’re already taking! Plus, many fitness trackers double as stress management helpers (complete with breathing exercises), sleep-tracking tools (motivation to prioritize rest!), menstrual and ovulation tracking (for help making—or not making—baby number two), and more!

Snack Subscription

Energy-boosting, healthy snacks are a must for new parents. Take the selecting and shopping task out of the equation and make a snack subscription one of your go-to Christmas gifts for new parents. Options like NatureBox, UrthBox, and VeganCuts offer either customizable or pre-curated snack subscriptions that’ll surely hit the spot.


Mom drinking coffee with happy baby in Sleepea swaddle

New parents are obsessed with baby sleep. They want it, they need it, they know that achieving it means they get sleep, too. That means an award-winning baby swaddle is indeed a great holiday gift for new parents! But don’t giftwrap any ol swaddle blanket. Give parents the one-and-only baby swaddle designed by renowned pediatrician and sleep guru Dr. Harvey Karp. The 5-Second Sleepea Swaddle takes every bit of guesswork out of swaddling—all while delivering the snug womb-like hug that helps babies sleep better. Merry, merry!

Nice Water Bottle

Whether zombie-walking behind a stroller, marooned on the sofa with a nursing baby, or driving a wee one to sleep in the car, it’s a good bet that a new parent in all these situations has instinctively reached for that nice cool drink of water next to them to discover nothing is there! Lend a new parent a hand and buy them a big ol insulated tumbler to keep their H2O cool and always at-the-ready. (Psst: The Yeti is pretty awesome.)

Baby Toy Subscription

Baby with Panda Crate toy

Subscriptions of almost any kind are spot-on Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Christmas gifts for new parents. No shopping or planning ahead…and an amazing non-bill treat in the mail regularly. Score! Consider a baby toy subscription as a holiday gift option. While Lovevery is the best-known of the bunch for its stage-based collections, there’s also the more budget-friendly Montessori-inspired Hoppi Box, brain-building Panda Crate from Kiwi & Co., and still others to choose from.

This Cooking Appliance

So, there’s another exception to the “never give a kitchen appliance as a holiday gift” rule and that’s either an Instant Pot or an Air Fryer—and (a very important caveat here) said Christmas gifts for new parents must be given to both parents. No matter which of these kitchen gadgets you decide to gift, either fits the bill as a non-microwave shortcut to getting tasty meals on the table and into bellies fast…something all new parents desire!

Weighted Blanket

Couple under a Bearaby weighted blanket

Photo and to purchase: Bearaby

We’ve already touted the amazing SNOO, award-winning swaddles, silky smooth luxurious pillowcases, and portable white noise…but there is even more good sleep to give as holiday gifts to new parents: a weighted blanket. Recent research has shown that snoozing with a weighted blanket increased levels of the sleep hormone melatonin by 32%! As you shop for cotton or a loose knit weighted blanket, don’t forget that weighted blankets are only for grown-ups! The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against the use of weighted blankets and weighted swaddles for babies.

Quality Hair-Dryer

Most drugstore hairdryers just don’t cut it for no-time-to-waste new parents. The hard truth is this: Meh blow-dryers lack the updated ceramic and/or ionic technology that not only helps reduce hair damage and dryness, but shave so much time off this morning to-do. When holiday shopping for new parents, you can go super-high-end with the Drybar Reserve 3-in-1 blow-dryer or a less-pricey but still well-rated way with something like the Revlon Salon One-Step hair-dryer or InfinitiPro by Conair.


Dad in raen sunglasses with baby

Photo: Raen

While $12.99 sunglasses are perfect for beach days, new parents deserve an upgrade for their daily shades…especially since sunglasses are now their go-to sleepy-eye shielder! It’s hard to go wrong with a sweet pair of classic Ray-Bans, but it’ll serve you well to explore stylish his-and-her brands like Raen, Le Specs, and Persol, too.

Spa-Quality Products

While an honest-to-goodness trip to the spa is an amazing holiday gift for new parents, sometimes gifting a selection of high-end spa-worthy products to use at home is even better. (No sitter needed!) For any and all skincare lovers, consider Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Routine Bundle…for a whole new kind of late-night skin repair! Other big hits: Drunk Elephant’s Littles Night Out Evening Skin Kit, Tata’s Daily Essentials Set, and Sunday Riley Wake Up With Me Morning Routine Kit.


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