There are lots of ways to lift up the LGBTQ+ community, whether you’re a member of it or are simply an ally. In addition to speaking out against homophobia, transphobia, and discrimination and modeling kindness and inclusion, you can support LGBTQ-owned businesses. Here, we’ve gathered 12 LGBTQ-owned shops that sell some incredible items we know you and your kiddos will love! Happy shopping!

Little Pickle Memories

LGBT-owned baby and kid brands

Photo and to purchase: Little Pickle Memories

After co-founders Emma and Omie struggled to find a baby book to record their daughter’s firsts that suited their two-mom family, the couple decided to create their own! Enter: Little Pickle Memories’ Baby Memory Book, a sweetly designed baby book that trades the terms Mom and Dad for Parent, with your own space to add “what you know me as,” making it spot-on for any family. Today, there’s also a range of milestone cards, gift sets, journals, and greetings cards for same sex families, single parents, and adoptive families. Swoon!

Coming Soon

LGBTQ-owned brands

Photo and to purchase: Coming Soon

Queer-owned Coming Soon is a super-fun place to shop for furniture, trinkets, books, games, and more. All shop items are designed to bring color and whimsy to any kiddo’s (or grownup’s) room! The stacking planters are spot-on for a boho-inspired nursery. The graphic tissue box holder is perfect for a modern kid’s room. The stool in the shape of a cob of corn...well, that's a must-have for all! Plus, there are gift-y picks like Animal Alphabet Book and the amazing Orange Surprise Ball! 


LGBTQ-owned baby and kid brands

Image and to purchase: Pals

Mismatched socks are pretty great in and of themselves, but the ones that come out of the LGBTQ-owned Pals are also ethically made and produced with a purpose. Founder and creative director Hannah Lavon also wants her super-cute socks to spread the notion that we don’t have to match to be besties. (Awww!) Adult and kid pairs include such iconic “besties” as burgers and fries, cat and dog, chips and guac, milk and cookies (pictured), and more. They’ve got baby booties, too!

Fabulously Feminist

Photo and to purchase: Fabulously Feminist

Queer artist Callie Garp incorporates her passion for feminism and gender studies with her love of all things creative in her Etsy business Fabulously Feminist. Here, she sells adult- and kid-size feminist T-shirts and tanks, plus 100% cotton bodysuits for babies, like the beautiful The Future is Female one pictured. There are also plenty of pins, mugs, totes, prints (love this one!), and other handmade finds to treasure. (PS: When ordering bodysuits, know that they tend to run a smidge large.)


LGBTQ-owned baby and kid brands
Photo and to purchase: Lockwood

Think of Lockwood as your favorite neighborhood gift shop that’s bursting with everything you need to make someone’s day. There are quirky housewares (Banana vase! Mushroom sponges!), paper goods, beautiful and fashion-y wears, bath and body goodies, and an awesome assortment of baby gear, toys, and books…including the jaw-dropping Kid’s Toy Chest with Gift Box, pictured. Here, you fill out a short questionnaire (including one that asks what gender the recipient identifies as), indicating your kiddo’s age and what they’re into (bath toys, books, arts and crafts, etc.) and Lockwood then curates a surprise box for you. So cool! Fun fact: Lockwood’s owner, Mackenzi Farquer, met her wife at a tradeshow while buying for her shop!

Common Dear 

LGBTQ-owned baby and kid brands
Photo and to purchase: Common Dear

This queer women-owned and operated biz is all about cheerful feminism, self-empowerment, and open arms. The in-real-life and online shop proudly features a wide assortment of goods from women-owned, LGBTQIA2S+ owned, AAPI-owned, Black-owned, and Latinx-owned brands that truly care about empowerment and making the world a better, more equitable place for everyone. You’ll find all the gift-shop musts, like art prints, funky jewelry, candles, and super-cute Be-Nice buttons perfect for backpacks.

Bazzle Baby

LGBTQ-owned baby and kid brands
Photo and to purchase: Bazzle Baby

Fashion and function? Sold! Bazzle Baby’s signature product—the bandana bib—was born from an LGBTQ mom who was determined to find a stylish solution for her baby’s copious drooling. The bib that’s pictured is just as soft and absorbent as the original bandana bib that founder and CEO Michaelene Cadiz sewed by hand—but this newer one also features a built-in teether to relieve sore gums.

Gay Pride Apparel

LGBTQ-owned baby and kid brands

Photo and to purchase: Gay Pride Apparel

Empowerment and pride course through the aptly named Gay Pride Apparel, founded by a pair of Mexican American and LGBTQ+ best friends turned couple. Here, you can shop by collection (like, Ally Apparel, Retro Pride), category (like, pride flags, stickers), or identity (such as transgender, non-binary). And there a wonderful selection of kids’ products, like the super-cute I Love My 2 Dads baby T-Shirt, pictured!


LGBTQ-owned baby and kid brands
Photo and to purchase: Bokksu

Itching to expand your kiddo’s palate? What better way than through snacks! Bokksu, an LGBTQ-founded business, ships authentic Japanese goodies right to your doorstep. You can opt for individual snacks (like traditional rice crackers or mochi puffs), teas, kitchenware, or a monthly themed subscription box (like mochi, summer fruits, tangy citrus) and comes with 20 to 24 snacks and teas, a booklet filled with snack intel and cultural tidbits, plus allergen info. And every Bokksu subscription purchases supports small family-run businesses in Japan. Win, win!

A Rainbow in Your Cloud

LGBTQ-owned baby and kid brands

Photo and to purchase: A Rainbow in Your Cloud

Amina Mucciolo is “Black autistic queer and proud!” ... and we’re here for it! Her online shop is stocked with vibrant and exciting art that adds a dash of fun to any room in your home, especially a child’s playroom or bedroom. The rainbow explosion pictured is called I No Longer Fear the Unknown. Great message, right? While perusing, be sure to check out the eye-popping hoodies and tees, masks, and more, too.

Poppy Summit

LGBTQ-owned baby and kid brands

Photo and to purchase: Poppy Summit

A is for Ally, P is for Pride, L is for Love…as in, we love this Etsy boutique! Here, shop owners and spouses Bonny and Michelle create and sell baby, toddler, and adult clothes (and matching sets!) just teaming with inclusivity and warmth. (Obsessed with this boba tea-inspired equali-tea tee!) Also, pushing the sweet factor up a notch: their Mommy and Mama and Best Dads Ever mug sets.

Junebug and Darlin

LGBTQ-owned baby and kid brands
Photo and to purchase: Junebug and Darlin

Zoe Frost, a self-described queer femme, is the mastermind behind Junebug and Darlin, a fever dream of a modern cross-stitch shop, stocked with quirky and creative patterns and designs that promote feminism, equality, and queerness. There’s the Radical Feminist cross-stitch kitpronoun cross-stitch kits, the rad zodiac kits (which are perfect new baby gifts!), and much more. Junebug and Darlin also offer a selection of Donation Based Purchases where 100% of the proceeds are gifted to in-need organizations, like Planned Parenthood and Transgender Law Center.

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