When Baby #2 is on the way, you have a lot to think about. Any new baby brings lots of joy and love…and maybe a touch of chaos. But when you’re already a parent, you probably have a decent amount of stuff on hand to make it through this first year with your new little one. Diaper pails, bottle drying racks, and countless toys might already be littering your foyer and nursery, but friends and family are likely hoping to buy you some shiny new stuff to celebrate #2 anyway.

Be practical and have fun while creating a (yes, smaller) baby registry for your second child. Think about items that won’t have lasted from your first baby and how to make your life easier when adding another little one to the mix. Adjusting to life with two children is going to be an amazing journey but not one without its challenges. Be prepared for your second baby with all the gear and accessories needed to make a smooth transition into parent-of-two life. And pick out some cute stuff for #2 (they’ll thank you later). Here are our favorite registry items for a second child.

Things that Don’t Last or Expire

Even if you have your babies back-to-back, a lot of their most used items might not take you from one kid to the next. Anything that undergoes too much wear-and-tear to be safe or functional for a second child should definitely go on your baby registry. Ditto anything that may expire or be considered unsafe now, so be sure to check expiration dates and current best practices to be sure anything expired is replaced, and that you find an alternative for anything recently recalled or no longer recommended for us. The most important non-lasting or potentially expired items are:

  • Diapers in sizes newborn to 2
  • Wipes
  • Diaper cream
  • Bottle nipples if using glass bottles; new bottles altogether if using plastic, as the material breaks down over time even when not in use
  • Pacifiers (go for one pack each of several kinds, because your second baby might not take to the same brand or shape your first one did)
  • Car seat if your former infant seat is expired or has been in an accident
  • New pump parts if not covered by your insurance
  • Body wash
  • Lotion 
  • Bibs
  • Burp cloths 

Things that Make it Easier to Manage Life with Two

You’ve totally got this…but adding a new baby when you have another child already is bound to be a bit of a challenge after life with one. Luckily, there are lots of products on the market that make parenting a breeze with two kids. Anything that allows you to be hands-free or multitask is going to be your absolute best friend. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Hands-free baby carrier 
  • Diaper backpack: It's time to ditch the huge, fancy diaper bag in lieu of something compact you can throw on as you head out the door 
  • Kickstand or ride board for the stroller: Your big kid just got promoted!
  • Double stroller: Consider a double umbrella for travel if adapting your existing daily stroller to accommodate a standing toddler
  • Hands-free breast pump 
  • Baby docking station 
  • Baby hammock for your shopping cart: A game changer when Baby is too little to sit up in the cart
  • Second baby monitor if you’re still using first for your toddler, or a monitor with two cameras and one screen for ease of use 
  • SNOO—our smart sleeper adds 1 to 2 hours of sleep a night (which makes wrangling two kids much easier!)

Things that will Set Baby #2 Apart:

These items are non-essentials but still important. Don’t forget, friends and family might want to buy some frivolous or pretty items for your second baby, on top of the practical items. A second child has many benefits of birth order, not least of which is a protective and loving big sib to look up to. But they also need to solidify their spot in the fam, and a great way to do that is with milestone, decor, or heirloom items that set their bedroom or memories apart and promote special memories: 

  • Bedding and decor that is different from Baby #1’s, even for same gender kiddos
  • Monthly milestone markers for baby photos 
  • Photo props for the hospital, like a customizable stats sign to place in the bassinet or a “Welcome Baby” sign for the door 
  • Heirloom piggy bank, rattle, or silver spoon for engraving 
  • A baby book: It’s okay if you don’t add a lot to it this first year; jot down notes in your phone and you can print photos and transfer your notes to the book late

Now that you know what you need, don’t wait start your baby #2 wish list with the Happiest Baby Registry! Use it to add Happiest Baby faves (pro tip: our group-gifting feature lets friends and family chip to help you buy or rent SNOO!), as well as gifts from other online shops.

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