Want to make gifting extra special this year?  We’ve rounded up 21 handmade gift ideas that tots can make on their own—or at least with minimal help from Mom or Dad. And, if the first thing that comes to mind when you think of handmade toddler gifts is misshapen pottery, you’ll be thrilled to see these actually adorable DIY trinkets. From gifts of light to delectable chocolatey treats, these handmade presents will help make this holiday one to remember.

Salt Dough Tea Light Homemade Gift

handmde gifts - salt dough tea lights via Emma Owl 

Image & activity via Emma Owl

This tea light gift is perfect for anyone, really. Kids will love making and molding the dough around tea lights, while recipients will appreciate the handmade bright spot. Wrap them up in sets or three or six and you’ve got a lovely gift for friends and family.

Photo Holder DIY Gift

homemade gifts - diy photo holder via Buggy and Buddy

Image & activity via Buggy and Buddy

These whimsical homemade photo holders are so much fun to look at that you almost don’t even need a photo to put in them (though they are the perfect place to display your favorite toddler pic).

Scribble Coffee Mug Homemade Gift

homemade gifts - scribble mug via i heart arts n crafts

Image & activity via i heart arts n crafts

With a few supplies from a craft store, your kids can make one-of-a-kind coffee mugs for all the java-lovers on their list. 

Homemade Coupon Book

homemade gift - coupon book via What Moms Love

Image & activity via What Moms Love

Let your child dream up some fun things for family and friends to cash in on, like reading story books over FaceTime. You can print out a template like this one, or let your kiddo really go crazy with their own designs.

Marbled Mug Homemade Gift

homemade gift - marbled mug via DIY Candy

Image & activity via DIY Candy

These marbled mugs seriously look professionally done but anyone can make them—even toddlers (with help from Mom or Dad!). That’s the beauty of an abstract design! Grab a few mugs and get dipping with this satisfying project.

Tub Tea Homemade Gift

Homemade gift - tub tea via Garden Therapy

Image & activity via Garden Therapy

These sweet gift bags are filled with delightfully scented herbs that will transform any bath into something special. The best part? These are easy to put together and they look absolutely adorable. 

Giant-Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows

homemade gifts - chocolate-dipped marshmallows via Modern Parents Messy Kids

Image & activity via Modern Parents Messy Kids

Your kids will be the most popular gift-givers of the year with this epically delicious homemade gift idea. Just try not to eat them all before you wrap them up and give them away!

Colorful Lantern Homemade Gift

homemade gift - colorful lantern via River Blissed

Image & activity via River Blissed

Give the gift of light with this fun art project that will have your little ones gluing tissue paper in fun designs and images onto glass jars. Slip in a tea light and you’ve got a gorgeous handmade gift. 

Fridge Magnet Homemade Gifts

homemade gifts - fridge magnets via Happy Hooligans

Image & activity via Happy Hooligans

These handmade fridge magnets are one-of-a-kind works of art that friends and family will absolutely adore. 

Homemade Coasters

 homemade gifts: coasters via Modge Podge Rocks

Image & activity via Mod Podge Rocks

If you’ve been hoarding your child’s artwork without an endgame, here’s a way to put those doodles to good use! You can turn even your toddler’s most abstract art into a functional little keepsake with these DIY coasters. Your kiddo does the designing; you take care of the (very quick!) assembly.

Kid-Made Terrariums

homemade gifts - kid-made terrarium via No Guilt Mom

Image & activity via No Guilt Mom

 This is a great gift for friends and family who love plants. Try out carnivorous plants, mosses, succulents, and more.

Potato-Stamped Tea Towels

homemade gifts - tea towels via Make & Do Crew

Image & activity via Make & Do Crew

Potato stamps are a blast (talk about playing with your food!). With a little help from their parents, kids can stamp out fun patterns on tea towels to make one-of-a-kind homemade gifts.

Sparkle Flowerpot Homemade Gift

homemade gifts - sparkle flowerpot via Cutesy Crafts

Image & activity via Cutesy Crafts

This is a super fun project for kids of most ages. Take a gold marker and place lots of little dots around and all over stickers affixed to a flowerpot (use letters, as seen here, or go with other shapes!). For kids who are too little for permanent marker or a neatly dotted design, you can achieve a similar effect by letting them scribble or sponge paint over the stickers. Fill the inside with a plastic bag of soil, a pack of seeds, and note from your child and you’ve got a super fun gift that anyone would enjoy. 

Cardinal Handprint Homemade Gift

homemade gifts - cardinal handprint art via House by Hoff

Image & activity via House by Hoff

Save your child’s handprints in this adorable painting project that is sweet enough to become a favorite holiday decoration.

Clay Footprint Bowl Handmade Gift

 homemade gifts - footprint bowl via Messy Little Monster

Image & activity via Messy Little Monster

This clay footprint bowl is a sweet way to memorialize how small your child once was. As they grow, this handmade gift will serve a sweet reminder of holidays past.

Handprint Ornament Homemade Gift

homemade gifts - handprint ornament via A Little Pinch of Perfect 

Image & activity via A Little Pinch of Perfect

Make an entire set of these sweet glass ornaments that hold the adorable handprints of your kids. Decorate each one a little differently give them to your most beloved family and friends.

Mail A Hug

homemade gifts - mail a hug via Wunder Mom

Image & activity via Wunder Mom

This is an especially sweet handmade gift for families who live far from loved ones—a hug in the mail might be just the gift to make the holidays bright.

Snow Globe Handmade Gift

 homemade gifts - snow globe via Our Best Bites

Image & activity via Our Best Bites

Kids will love helping you build a working snow globe that they can deck out with glitter and a photo of themselves.

Scrub Brush Wreath Homemade Gift

homemade gifts - wreath painting - via Crafty Morning

Image & activity via Crafty Morning

Perfect for even the youngest of kids, this DIY art project gives your kids the chance to help make some fun holiday decorations that double as wonderful works of art to gift friends and family. 

Thumbprint Charm Homemade Gift

homemade gift - thumbprint pendant via That's What Che Said

Image & activity via That’s What Che Said

We’ve talked handprints and footprints…now let’s talk thumbprints! Preserve your kiddo’s tiny thumb or fingerprints in pendant form. These cute homemade clay gifts can be turned into a charm, ornament, or keychain that loved ones will cherish.

Handprint Keychain Homemade Gift

homemade gift - handprint keychain via Grey House Harbor

Image & activity via Grey House Harbor

Your little one will always be top of mind for the lucky recipient of this goes-everywhere homemade gift. Your tot just needs to plant their little hand on a Shrinky Dinks sheet; adults take care of the rest.

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