Sloth nurseries are a trend on the rise, thanks in large part to the inherently adorable animal itself and of course the gender neutrality of this nature-based theme. If you’re putting together a sloth-themed nursery for your little one, check out some of our favorite items for shopping and whole-room inspiration. 

Gender-Neutral Sloth Nursery Crib Sheet

Photo & To Purchase: Target

Themed bedding is always a good idea, and it’s such an easy way to incorporate your sloths without going overboard on the details throughout the room. This sloth crib sheet works for a baby girl or boy room.

Pink Sloth Nursery Crib Sheet

Photo & To Purchase: Baby Bedding

This sloth sheet with pink kittens and gold accents is an absolutely precious pick for a sloth-themed nursery for a little girl.

Cozy Sloth Nursery Muslin Throw

Photo & To Purchase: Spearmint Love

Wrap Baby up in your love—and some stylish sloths—with a thick muslin throw. The print is also available as a swaddle blanket to carry the theme throughout (or if Baby needs a lighter blanket).

Sloth Nursery Area Rug

Photo & To Purchase: Buy Buy Baby

This sleepy sloth hook rug is just way too cute, and makes a statement anywhere in the nursery while keeping bare feet cozy.

Furry Sloth Pillow

Photo & To Purchase: Urban Outfitters

This cozy pillow is the perfect touch for any sloth-themed nursery. It can be placed over almost anything from a rocking chair to a crib. It's the perfect snuggle buddy for your little one!

Cuddly Sloth Nursery Curtain Tie Backs

Photo: Etsy/ThoresbyCottage

Is there a better way to greet the day? These crochet tie-backs for Baby’s curtains are absolutely precious. Follow the link to purchase a pattern that lets you make your own! 

Sloths Everywhere Sloth Nursery

Photo: Great Wide Travel

Some expectant parents just need to go big or go home, and when you find a special nursery theme you truly love, there’s no reason to do otherwise. This baby’s room is fully decked in sloth decor and the sweetness factor is high!

Sloth Nursery Wall Art

Photo & To Purchase: Bed Bath & Beyond

The art hanging on your nursery walls should reflect your taste and grow with Baby. Far from babyish, this black-and-white print is charming yet will work in a bigger kid’s room later as well. (See more nursery art ideas!)

Whimsical Sloth Nursery Garland

Photo & To Purchase: Crate & Barrel 

Those little faces dancing across the room… this sloth garland is just too much! Drape in any corner of Baby’s little world for major cuteness.

Sloth Nursery Wallpaper

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/BabyWallpaper

Bright and colorful wallpaper mixes things up with the sloth nursery theme, breaking out of the neutral colored box you might expect and creating a truly fun scene in the nursery. See more nursery wallpaper ideas here!

Modern Sloth Nursery Decor

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/PRINTERIORdsgn

He’s perfect because he’s different; a geometric take makes a unique statement in your little boy or girl’s sloth baby room. 

Sloth Nursery Needlepoint

Photo: @punchatolyem

Whether you’re breaking out the hoop and needle to create something magnificent yourself, or scouring the Internet for the perfect one to buy, the craft of needlepoint is very much back “in,” and that includes your sloth nursery planning!

Sloth Nursery Table Lamp

Photo & To Purchase: Target

The shiny white finish will complement any overall color and decor scheme, while that little face and dangling pose are pure sloth. It’s a truly darling addition to your little one’s nursery. 

Sloth Nursery Shelf-Dweller

Photo: Project Nursery

He’s simple, sweet, and so easy to pose anywhere. This cutie would look adorable in the play area but makes a fun and cheeky statement resting on a high shelf, too. 

Quirky Sloth Nursery Clock

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/Tammnoonykids

Passing time is always more fun when there’s a cute clock to look at. This hand-painted Etsy find brings the timelessness (see what we did there?) of wood to this cheeky sloth nursery accent. The effect is too good to pass up!

More Nursery Inspiration:

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