Geri Hirsch is an entrepreneur, a creative director, and—yes—an influencer, but the folks she’s most interested in influencing these days are her three children, Leo age 6, Adeline age 4, and baby Jack who’s 7 months old. Since trading the hum of Los Angeles for the tranquil Santa Ynez Valley, Geri has leaned into “slower living lately,” no doubt also guiding her family to embrace life’s simple pleasures, like a garden in bloom, wholesome homemade meals, and—of course—plenty of rest!

“Sleep is one of the cornerstones of feeling well and, I for one love my sleep!” she gushes. “Our bodies and minds desperately need the reset, especially in the hyper plugged in, overstimulated world we’re in now.”

Curious how Geri “influenced” her brood to sleep? You guessed it, she turned to SNOO! Happiest Baby sat down with Geri to learn how she’s juggling three kid bedtimes, why she adores SNOO—plus to get the scoop on her latest venture, the popular The In-Between Substack, which explores topics like aging, career, parenthood, and fashion.

Happiest Baby: Since you reflect on aging in The In-Between, how has your parenting style evolved with time?
Geri Hirsch:
I’m much more comfortable in my role as a mom now. Going from zero to one was a bit of a shock. Toddlers during the pandemic were a lot! But now I’ve found my groove. Beyond that, my parenting style seems to evolve along with their ages. The way I parent young toddlers feels very different than how I parent my now 6 year old. Every chapter requires something different—and every chapter is fleeting. The moment I feel like I’ve got it figured out, poof!, it changes. 

HB: Wellness is also a big part of your writing. And since sleep is part of wellness, I’m curious: Approaching each pregnancy, was baby sleep—and your sleep—a concern?
Of course! One of the hardest parts of having a new baby is the lack of sleep. But knowing that Jack is my last—and knowing how soon my sleep will return—has made it easier. I’m so lucky that I get to do this one more time, including waking up many times a night for feeds. Again, it’s all fleeting. Also, SNOO helps!

HB: You’ve been SNOO fan for a while now! What led you to SNOO in the first place?
We were one of the early SNOO adopters! It had just come out and I didn’t know anyone who had it, but it sounded promising—revolutionary, in fact, particularly the responsive rocking. Leo LOVED it! She slept incredibly well in SNOO. We’d put her down and she easily went to sleep. A dream! I tell everyone to save their money on a baby nurse and get SNOO instead.  

HB: And Baby Number 3 is a recent SNOO grad! How did he like SNOO?
GH: Jack loved SNOO, too. He slept great in SNOO until we moved him to his crib at 5 months.

HB: With three kids who’ve used SNOO, you’re a SNOO expert!
GH: Yes! When people learn I used SNOO, the first question is always about weaning. I quickly reassure them that weaning from SNOO was absolutely no issue for us. SNOO forever!

HB: Love it! How are you juggling the logistics of bedtime with three kids?
GH: Our bedtime routine involves a shower or tubbies for the girls and every few nights, Jack. Then there’s a lot of play time until the real winddown begins with a book, turning on a nightlight, setting the OK-to-wake clock, and playing low white noise. The girls share a room, so they usually stay up playing after we leave the room—and I often sit around the corner just to listen to the sweetness. Then I put Jack down. The girls and I actually wrote a little goodnight song for Jack, which we all sing. And when he was in SNOO, they loved to help zip Jack in his SNOO Sack. It was pretty cute!

HB: Awwww! So sweet! One more question: You offer a list of recommendations in each newsletter. In the spirit of your “Weekly Edit,” what reads or ideas or products besides SNOO, would you put on a “Summer Edit” for parents?
GH: Let your kids be bored! That’s how they learn to be creative. And give them chores so they feel accomplished, learn how to do things and play a role in the household. My girls love being my little helpers, they get so proud of themselves and that’s what it’s all about: building confidence and giving them life skills.

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