Never mind “What do you want for Christmas?” The biggest question of the holiday season is actually “How much do I tip my childcare provider?” Parents everywhere undoubtedly want to express their sincerest gratitude to their child’s nanny, childcare provider, teachers, and more, but are stumped by how much is enough—or if cash is even appropriate at all! Need help figuring out what to tip your child’s nanny or childcare provider? Look no further than our holiday tipping guide!

What to Give Your Nanny for the Holidays

Your child’s nanny is an integral part of your family dynamic who, quite frankly, deserves a gift just as much as the rest of the clan. That’s why 68% of parents give their nanny a holiday tip, according to UrbanSitter, an app and website connecting families to trusted care providers.

How Much to Tip Your Nanny

And more than half give their nanny a holiday bonus of one week’s pay. (The Emily Post Institute suggests a one-week-pay for au pairs and live-in nannies, as well.) Of course, not everyone gives their nanny a week’s salary as a holiday tip. According to UrbanSitter, 30% give less, while 12% offer two weeks’ pay, and 28% opt for a gift instead. Regardless of the amount you tip, good ’ol Emily Post encourages pairing your monetary tip with a heartfelt token from your child.

What to Give a Daycare Teacher for the Holidays

Tipping your child’s daycare provider may not be as simple as tipping your babysitter or nanny. That’s because, at daycare, there are often several people caring for your little one, each one deserving some sort of special holiday thank you.

How Much to Tip a Daycare Provider

Experts recommend tipping each staff member who works with your child between $25 and $70, depending on your circumstances. Alternatively, gift cards or presents worth roughly the equivalent work, too. (Again, The Emily Post Institute recommends an additional small gift from your kiddo.) Keep in mind, if your budget doesn’t have room for holiday tips, homemade gifts and personal letters are great ways to express your gratitude and warm wishes!

What to Give a Teacher for the Holidays

’Tis the season to express your deepest thanks and to spread good cheer to your child’s teachers but think twice before doing it with a holiday tip. According to experts, a cash tip is never appropriate for a teacher as it could be seen as “currying favor,” aka paying for better treatment or grades. Plus, most schoolteachers simply are not allowed to accept money—or gifts worth more than $50. This holiday season, check your child’s school’s gift-giving policy (folks at the front desk know everything) before you consider tipping or buying a holiday gift for your child’s teachers.

Teacher Holiday Gift Ideas

If you do get the green light for gifting, consider leaving mugs, candles, lotions, ornaments, baked goods, and candies at home (chances are, your child’s teacher has already accumulated a lot of these popular gifts over the years!). Instead, reach out to your child’s teacher, school, or classroom parent and ask what would actually be needed or wanted. Some ideas:

What to Give a Babysitter at the Holidays

How do you begin to thank someone for giving you the gift of date nights? To start, you tip them over the holiday season! Last year, 60% of parents planned to offer their babysitter a cash tip for the holidays, according to a survey from UrbanSitter.

How Much to Tip a Babysitter

While a quarter of all parents ponied up between $15 and $25 as a thank-you tip, over 50% tipped more, with 13% gifting $100+ to their babysitter. That said, if you only have an occasional sitter, you can feel okay about opting out of a holiday tip, especially if it’s out of your budget. (Twenty-one percent of the UrbanSitter respondents don’t give special holiday tips to their sitters.)

To help you figure out the ideal holiday tip for your regular babysitter, The Emily Post Institute, recommends tipping up to one evening’s pay—plus a small gift from your child. To make that add-on present extra special, consider having your tot make one of these.


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