Teachers already seem to be a little bit superhuman. They have endless patience. They effortlessly explain math concepts that makes our own minds swim. They teach our kids to read words…and then help cultivate a lifelong love for the books they’re written in. And they have a way of coaxing great behavior out of our kids that—let’s be honest—can be tricky to replicate at home. 

With Teacher Appreciation Week coming up (it’s May 6 to 10, by the way), how will you say thank you to the teachers in your life this year? Stumped? No worries! We’ve rounded up some creative and meaningful ways to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. 

Adopt a classroom.

This amazing website matches donors with teachers and classrooms in a grassroots effort to raise funds for equipment, materials, and supplies. Ask your teacher if they are signed up. Then, put out the word to other parents and watch the funds roll in.

Give to Donors Choose.

We love Donors Choose because it gives the power of funding directly to teachers who want to do great things. Check to see if your teachers are up to something fabulous and throw some money their way to make their classroom dreams a reality. 

Create a succulent gift.

There is no doubt that our teachers are the sunshine that helps our kids grow. So, why not say thank you with a gift that has some staying power? Take a simple terra cotta pot or a glass jar and fill it with soil and some adorable succulents from your local gardening center. 

DIY a coffee gift pack.

Teachers sometimes seem like they have a bottomless cup of energy powering them through the day, but we all know there’s some caffeine behind that pep. That's why we love the time-tested DIY coffee pack gift idea. Find an attractive gift box or basket and fill it with coffee cards, a pound of ground coffee, a coffee mug, and something sweet like cookies or chocolates. 

Give a SNOObie.

Did you know that your tot’s favorite bedtime white noise machine, nightlight, and meditation buddy is also the perfect teacher’s sidekick? It’s true! SNOObie can help your child—and a whole classroom of kids—learn to relax, share their feelings, and so much more, which makes SNOObie an A+ addition to the class' calm down corner. To top off your teacher appreciation gift, download and print out Happiest Baby’s free calm down corner poster and our kid-friendly Magic Breathing guide, too. (Learn more about what SNOObie can do your kiddo's classroom.)

Treat a teacher to dinner and a movie.

Teachers deserve some R&R! One fun way to give your child's teacher a memorable night of fun is to create a DIY dinner and a movie gift pack. Fill a cute box or bag with gift cards to a favorite local eatery, a free RedBox movie rental, and some treats like a bag of microwave popcorn, some candy, and a fun handwritten note from your family. 

Help restock a classroom.

Every year, teachers send home a supply list for kids to start the year off with everything they need. But by the time spring rolls by, all of those supplies, from Clorox wipes to whiteboard markers, start to run low. Fill a box with some much-needed classroom tools and supplies, and don't forget to include a special treat for your teacher. 

Give an experience-based gift.

If you have a teacher in your child's life who loves adventure, then consider buying a pass to a state park, a free entrance to a museum, or another local attraction that can add some fair to their weekend plans. A few ideas that we like include:

  • Passes to state or national parks
  • A ticket to a planetarium
  • Movie or theatre tickets
  • Event-based tickets like whitewater rafting, stock car racing, walking tours, and more.

Send a gift cards to a favorite local shop.

Every teacher has a favorite local coffee spot or restaurant—so why not support a local business while showering your child’s teachers with a gift they’ll really love (two birds, meet one stone!). 

Make a Family Video

If you're looking for something with a personal touch that will surely put a smile on your teacher's face, then consider making a tribute dance video. Get everyone in your family together and create a dance routine to a fun song that demonstrates how much your teacher rocks, and make a video to share with your favorite teacher. 

Teach your child the lost art of letter writing.

Teacher Appreciation Week is an excellent opportunity for your child to work on their letter-writing chops. Sit down with your child and plan out a handwritten letter from the heart that lets your teacher know just how much they mean. Include a small gift like a yummy treat or a small paperweight. 

Make a DIY trophy.

When was the last time your teacher was given a trophy for being such a marvelous influence? This year, make your own DIY trophy out of a plastic bottle, some paint and glitter, and a whole lot of love in your heart. Have your child write a short note that highlights all the reasons why your teacher is awesome.  



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