Teachers already seem to be a little bit superhuman… They have endless patience. They effortlessly explain math concepts that makes our own minds swim. They teach our kids to read words…and then help cultivate a lifelong love for the books they’re written in. And they have a way of coaxing great behavior out of our kids that—let’s be honest—can be tricky to replicate at home. 

But even if we’re appreciative of teachers all the time, having to homeschool during the COVID-19 pandemic has only made our collective gratitude grow. In many ways, Teacher Appreciation Week (which is May 4th-8th, by the way) will be more meaningful than ever this year given the incredible upheaval the coronavirus outbreak has caused for our schools, teachers, kids, and families.

As families across the country grapple with remote learning, having the expert connection of a teacher has become a lifesaver. Not only are teachers helping parents to stay sane while giving their kids access to lessons, but they are also juggling their own family responsibilities too. 

So how do you say thank you to the teachers in your life? And how do you do that during these strange times when we can’t set foot in a classroom? We’ve rounded up some creative and meaningful ways to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week…from a safe distance. 

Adopt A Classroom

Just because teachers aren’t teaching from their classrooms right now, that doesn’t mean they don’t have a wish list of supplies that would make their lives easier. This amazing website matches donors with teachers and classrooms in a grassroots effort to raise funds for equipment, materials, and supplies. Ask your teacher if they are signed up. Then, put out the word to other parents and watch the funds roll in.

Donors Choose

Similar to Adopt A Classroom, Donors Choose allows you to support a particular project—and in this case, your teacher may have specific needs related to distance learning. Check to see if she has a project in mind and offer to help get her page up and running! 

Send Virtual Gift Cards to a Favorite Shop

Every teacher has a favorite local coffee spot or restaurant—so why not support a local business while showering your child’s teachers with a gift they’ll really love (two birds, meet one stone!). Look for those that offer curb side pick-up or contactless delivery, and then send a virtual gift card along with a note of thanks.   

Make a Family Video

Gather your kids together and sing a song or recite a poem, read a book, or chant some hip-hip-hoorays in video format! This is a super fun and personalized way to let the teacher in your life know how much you really care. This also gives you the chance to say exactly what’s on your heart. 

Organize a Car Parade

It might take some strategizing, but with a little help from Google Maps and a few excited parents, you can organize a car parade to drive by your child’s teacher’s house. Find out where other teachers in your neighborhood are and schedule a way to snake your parade through town to spread the Teacher Appreciation Week cheer! (Bonus: Your kiddos will also love getting a chance to see their beloved teachers’ faces…even if it is from afar!) 

Throw a Zoom Party

With the help of classmates, put together a surprise Zoom party and ask your teacher to jump in at a specific time. You can organize a sing-a-long, wear party hats, or give each child a prompt to share something they love about their teacher. 

Show Love on Social Media

Create a hashtag and put together a social media tribute to your child’s teacher with images, video, and a heartfelt letter of thanks for all to see and add to. This is an especially personal way to pepper your favorite teacher with kind words.