There are so many mom-owned businesses out there that we are fawning over. There are clothing lines and diaper brands, clean beauty and care products, plus companies that are promoting big ideas to help make the world a better place for all parents. To all the “mompreneurs” out there, we at Happiest Baby are bowing down to your ingenuity, your smarts, and your lets-get-this-done attitude. Here, just a few of mom-owned brands we’re celebrating this Mother's Day…and every day!

Happy Family Organics

Images: Happy Family Organics

Entrepreneur Shazi Visram has four babies—two of the human kind and two of the business kind. She’s the mom behind Happy Family Organics, a wholesome food brand dedicated to making certified organic food for babies and tots easy-to-access and delicious. (We love that their products are developed with a team of nutrition experts to ensure little ones get the important nutrients they need.) Shazi is also the founder of Healthy Baby, which launched in 2021 with the focus on delivering chemical-free baby care products, like diapers and wipes, that are 100% safe. In fact, everything they carry is certified safe by the Environmental Working Group (EWG)! 

Sweet Laurel

Images: Sweet Laurel

When Laurel Gallucci, a former school teacher, a lifelong cake-lover, and a mom of two boys, was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune disorder that impacts thyroid function, she discovered that ridding her diet of certain foods made her feel better. The problem? Laurel still craved chocolate! And that’s why she co-founded Sweet Laurel, a Los Angeles bakery that uses only simple, natural, and unprocessed ingredients. More than that, every yummy treat—from her chocolate caramel layer cake to her Blooberry Bar, a Happiest Baby collab—is grain-free, dairy-free, and free of refined sugar. Today, Laurel is feeling great and her goodies ship nationwide—and you can even find her pre-packaged baking mixes in stores all over the country!

Milk Stork

Images: Milk Stork

As a new mom set to head out on a business trip, Kate Torgersen was faced with a baby-feeding dilemma. She had no suitable way to feed her twins while away—or to ship her pumped breastmilk home. So, she relentlessly pumped prior to her trip, continued to do so every three hours when gone to maintain her supply, and then lugged two leaky gallons of breastmilk home. It was a decidedly unpleasant experience and so, her company Milk Stork was born—the first domestic and international breastmilk shipping service. Right now, 850+ companies offer Milk Stork as an employee benefit, ensuring no nursing mom has to go through what Kate did on that fateful business trip. Happiest Baby loves Milk Stork so much, we partnered with them! Learn more about our shared story.

Tower 28 Beauty

Images: Tower 28 Beauty

Mom of three, Amy Liu, is a career beauty executive who adores makeup, but once she started thinking about her daughters using the stuff, her focus changed ever so slightly. Amy and her girls all have sensitive skin prone to eczema, but there wasn’t much in the way of non-toxic, non-irritating makeup options out there that were also accessibly priced, and, well, fun! So, Amy created the brand herself: Tower 28 Beauty. It’s the first and only beauty brand to completely follow the National Eczema Association’s Ingredient Guidelines. You can find Tower 28 at Sephora, Credo Beauty, Goop—and on the faces of Hailey Bieber, Khloe Kardashian, Olivia Rodrigo, and more!


Images: TinkyPoo

Nadiyah Spencer was a mom with a dream—literally. One night, she dreamt of babies of color pictured on diapers and at 3:00am, she bolted awake and wrote the idea down. When Nadiyah later discovered that there were no Black-owned diaper companies—and no diapers featuring African prints on them—she set out to create TinkyPoo to check off both those boxes! Plus, TinkyPoo’s nappies feature eco-friendly dyes, an organic cotton liner, high blowout-resistant backs, and they’re chlorine- paraben- and latex-free. You can buy them directly from the TinkyPoo website, at Buy Buy Baby, or at Nadiyah has a diaper bag coming out soon, too. It features all the essentials, like a side pocket for wipes, a tablet compartment, a built-in changing station, and cooler.


Image: @parentaly

When Allison Whalen was pregnant with her first of three kids, she quickly realized she had no idea how to transition into motherhood without seriously disrupting her work team and her career. She craved a blueprint that didn’t yet exist…so after a year of research, development, and piloting solutions, Allison co-founded Parentaly, designed to help parents, managers, and organizations think differently about how to support and inspire each other through the parental leave experience. Parentaly offers pre-leave planning, return-to-work support, there’s a podcast, and Parentaly is even offered as an employee benefit to many! (Learn more about family-focused benefits.)

HATCH Collection

Images: HATCH Collection

It didn’t take Ariane Goldman long to notice that the maternity wear space was lacking when she attempted to dress her burgeoning bump in 2011. Unsatisfied with the less-than-stylish offerings, Ariane set out to create a brand that made her—and other moms-to-be—feel and look good with chic, comfy, and functional clothes. That’s exactly what she did when she launched the ultra-popular maternity wear brand HATCH. Today, the now mom-of-two remains at the helm of HATCH, and oversees Motherhood Maternity, A Pea in the Pod, and Destination Maternity, making Ariane, quite literally, the mother of all maternity wear!

Aya Paper Company

Images: Aya Paper Company

SaVonne Anderson has always been a sucker for a great greeting card. The problem? She had a tough time seeing herself reflected in the stationery she loved. So, as a graphic designer,  SaVonne decided to side-hustle her way into industry, creating environmentally friendly cards that centered Black families. Enter: Aya Paper company, featuring items like astrology greeting cards, journals, art prints, and more. Three years into her thriving business, SaVonne welcomed her baby girl and now her little one just may be the unofficial chief brand muse, inspiring some of SaVonne’s most iconic designs.


Image: Elvie

Tania Boler is a women’s health expert, an author, a Ph.D., a mom of two, and a groundbreaking business owner who decided that breast pumps and pelvic floor trainers needed a mom’s smart touch. Tania’s first product, the Elvie Trainer, is a multi-award-winning, hospital-grade pelvic floor device that can improve pelvic floor strength in just weeks—something so many new moms desperately need. (Urinary and fecal incontinence are common symptoms of postpartum pelvic floor issues.) Next, she put out the game-changing silent, wearable Elvie breast pump, which allows moms to pump wherever they pleased. The Elvie Stride Pump was even included in TIME Magazine’s Top 100 Inventions of 2021 a prize our own SNOO was awarded in 2023!


Images: KiwiCo

Sandra Oh Lin has a degree in chemical engineering and a Harvard MBA, but what’s even more impressive is that this mother-of-three has gotten a myriad of kiddos hooked on science thanks to the STEAM-focused kits made and distributed by her company, KiwiCo. Each project and subscription is organized by age, so you’ll always pick the just-right activity or your child. They even have kits for babies that encourage sensory discovery, brain development, and more! No wonder it’s the leading subscription box service for kids.

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