At Happiest Baby our mission is to help families live their happiest, healthiest lives…at home and at work! That’s why we’re so proud of our SNOO Employee Benefit Program, which gives new parents at 75+ companies free SNOO rentals—paid for by their employers! This means moms and dads can return to the office better rested and less stressed, while companies reap the benefits of happier, more productive employees! 

And now Happiest Baby has joined forces with a brand just as committed to supporting new parents as we are: Milk Stork!

Founded in 2015 by Kate Torgersen, a breastfeeding mom of twins, Milk Stork is the first-ever and most-trusted breast milk shipping company. Since then, Milk Stork has shipped more than 7 million ounces of breast milk and completed over 100,000 deliveries. And parents at more than 850 companies get to use Milk Stork’s services for free through their employee benefit program!

With our partnership, Milk Stork’s corporate clients can bolster their new-parent support with a 6-month SNOO rental—which they’ll get at an exclusive discounted rate. This allows employees to transition back to work without the stress of shipping breast milk while traveling…or the stress of losing precious ZZZ’s. 

“At Milk Stork, it’s always been our mission to support parents as they choose to return to work,” Torgersen says. “We want them to have the ability to be all-in at work and at home, and getting enough sleep is a key component to reaching that goal. Thanks to this partnership with Happiest Baby, Milk Stork now covers two of parents’ biggest stressors: sleep and feeding.” 

“When new parents are up against all the challenges of having a newborn—including exhaustion and the stress of feeding—there can be this feeling of ‘I can’t do it all’ that can drive them out of the workforce,” says Lewis Krell, Happiest Baby’s Head of Strategic Partnerships. “But when employers get to offer benefits that so materially and tangibly affect their employees’ wellbeing both at work and at home, it’s a big win for everyone.”

Interested in making your workplace a happier place for new parents? To find out how to get a free SNOO rental from your employer, visit Or if your employer is already a Milk Stork employee, email Learn more about Milk Stork’s Corporate Program here.  

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