While Baby New Year gets a lot of attention this month, all January babies are pretty special. If your little one is born in January, research suggests they’ve got a lot of working in their favor. Studies show that being born early in the year could be an advantage in school, sports, or in their careers! Keep reading to learn more about your January baby’s birth month. 🎉

January babies’ horoscope sign is Capricorn or Aquarius.

If your baby is born before January 20th they’ll be a Capricorn. January babies who make their debut January 20th or later will fall under Aquarius. (Read up on traits for every astrological sign!)

More About Your January Baby’s Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Need a job done? Hand it to a Capricorn! This tenacious sign is represented by the goat—an expert climber. That’s because Capricorns are thought to be hard-working, ambitious, and practical. On the flip side, their discipline can sometimes lead them to lose themselves in their work (so make sure your Cap baby gets plenty of play, too!). 

More About Your January Baby’s Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarian babies are thought to be intelligent, quirky, and independent. Though this sign is represented by the water-bearer, Aquarius is actually an air sign (as an element, air represents the mind, which explains why Aquarians tend to be curious and communicative). This free-spirited sign marches to the beat of its own drum (this may come through when they start mixing and matching their own outfits during the preschool years—spots and stripes and florals, anyone?), but they still care deeply about community. (Check out nursery inspo for every zodiac sign!)

January babies have a fiery birthstone.

While their birth month is all things snow and ice, January babies’ birthstone, the garnet, is a deep, fiery red. This stone is said to symbolize friendship and trust (two traits that hopefully your baby will inherit, too!). It doesn’t hurt that garnets look fab with both silver and gold (in case you were planning on treating yourself to birthstone jewelry). Learn more about baby birthstones!

January babies have two flowers.

Both the carnation and snowdrop are considered January birth flowers. The delicate, white snowdrop—one of the first buds to poke its petals through the ground in the spring—seems like an apt pick for January. And carnations are a bright spot in an otherwise dreary time of year.

January babies may be fame-bound.

Is Hollywood calling? Maybe! A small study found that more celebrities were born during Aquarius season than under other astrological signs. As proof, look no further than…

January babies share a birth month with these celebs.

Your little rising star will be in good company. A-listers born in January include mega-stars Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Timberlake, Bradley Cooper, Florence Pugh, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Mary J. Blige, Issa Rae, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Regina King, Dolly Parton, Alicia Keys, and Kerry Washington! 

January babies may have a leg up on the sports field (or ice rink).

Is it time to sign up for pee-wee soccer? Researchers in Australia found that there were 33% more January babies than expected playing in the Australian Football League. The study’s authors say these findings are consistent with other studies that have found a connection between babies born at the beginning of the year and the likelihood of becoming a professional athlete. In fact, another study found that 36% of the hockey players drafted by the NHL between 1980 and 2007 were born between January and March.

January babies have leadership potential.

That corner office is within reach of your baby’s chubby little hands! Research published in the journal Economic Letters found that January is one of the top five CEO-producing months (March, April, November, and October are the other four).

January babies could be on the path to their MD.

Paging Dr. January! The most common careers for January babies were general practitioner and debt collector, according to one British study that looked at the correlation between birth month and profession. (In other words, get your little one a toy stethoscope, stat!) Conversely, January babies tend not to pursue careers in real estate.

January babies are pretty chill.

The weather of their birth month isn’t the only thing that’s cool! Babies born in winter months are less irritable than people born in other seasons, according to a European study. (That bodes well for the toddler years, doesn’t it?)

January birthdays are super special.

Despite the star power January has, chances are your little January babe won’t share a birthday with too many classmates. Only one January birthday lands among the top 200 most popular birthdays…and that’s January 24th all the way down in spot 199! And January holds one of the rarest birthdays of all: January 1st, which falls in the 365th spot (it’s safe to assume that not too many folks want to ring in the new year with a scheduled c-section or induction!).

Did your January baby arrive early or late?

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