Double (or triple, or quadruple) the Halloween fun with sibling costumes. Whether you want to play to your kiddo’s interests (Paw Patrol, space!) or your own (Starbucks, Ted Lasso!), these group costume ideas for siblings are sure to spark inspiration. And if the whole fam wants to play, don’t miss our family costume ideas!

Rainbow and Raincloud Sibling Halloween Costume

Rainbow and raincloud sibling Halloween costumes

Photo and How-To: Primary

Your little sunshines will certainly brighten days as a rainbow and fluffy little cloud. This timeless Halloween costume also manages to be comfy to wear (which should help keep stormy moods away!).

Ghostbusters Sibling Halloween Costumes

Ghostbusters sibling Halloween costume 

Photo and How-To: The House That Lars Built

Even if you ain’t afraid of no ghosts, you can’t go wrong when you call some cute Ghostbusters on Halloween. As seen here, for babies, this getup comes together easily with white PJs. But it would be just as simple to execute for a toddler, big kid—or a grownup!—with a jumpsuit, romper, or monochrome ensemble emblazoned with a Ghostbusters logo and accessorized with goggles and ghost trap.

Starbucks Sibling Halloween Costume

Starbucks sibling Halloween costume 

Photo and How-to: Arin Solange at Home

Pay tribute to what keeps us all going: COFFEE! This ode to Starbucks manages to salute Mom and Dad’s fave bevs, as well as the kid-pleasing milk-and-cake-pop combo. Make it a family costume by having the grownups dress as baristas.

Paw Patrol Sibling Halloween Costumes

Paw Patrol sibling Halloween costume

Photo: @laurenmancke

Listen, sometimes you’ve just gotta play the hits. And for the preschool set, the hits don’t get much bigger than Paw Patrol. While you can certainly opt for a store-bought version, this DIY costume manages to be both easy and cute. After all, no job’s too big and no pup’s too small! 

Super Mario Bros Sibling Halloween Costume

Kids Mario and Luigi Halloween costume for siblings

Photo & How-To: Baby Castan on Board

It’s-a [insert your child’s name], Mario! This nostalgic idea feels fresh again, thanks to Mario and Luigi’s recent return to the big screen. And, if you have more than two kids, you can add a Princess Peach, Toadstool, Yoshi, or Bowser to the mix. New level unlocked!

Three Little Pigs Sibling Halloween Costumes

Three little pigs sibling Halloween costume 

Photo and How-To: Say Yes

This classic and easy sibling Halloween costume simply requires all-pink ensembles plus a trio of ears, snouts, and curly tails.

Pebbles and Bam Bam Sibling Halloween Costumes

Pebbles and Bam Bam Flinstones kids Halloween costume for siblings

Photo and How-To: See Kate Sew

Our founder Dr. Harvey Karp often says toddlers are more like little cave kids than mini adults—and this Flintstones sibling costume idea really lets you have fun with that idea!  

Fruit Sibling Halloween Costume

Fruit Halloween costume: siblings dressed as grapes, a strawberry, and a kiwi 

Photo and How-to: Taylor Made Creates

Here’s a fresh pick for the holiday: Dress your tot as their favorite fruit. The first step in creating this good-enough-to-eat DIY sibling Halloween costume is to pick out some colorful duds. Then adorn with seeds, leaves, balloon grapes, etc. Yum!

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Sibling Halloween Costume

 Thing 1 and Thing 2 Halloween costume for siblings

Photo: @pardillatwins

Halloween’s approaching—wondering what to wear?
Perhaps two red suits and matching blue hair.
Because when you pay tribute to a Dr. Seuss book,
Everyone will love your trick-or-treat look!
So dress up the sibs as Thing 1 and Thing 2!
(And don’t worry, rhyming all night is optional—phew!)

Astronaut and Alien Sibling Halloween Costume

Alien and astronaut sibling Halloween costumes

Photo and How-To: See Vanessa Craft

Here’s an out-of-this world costume idea for space junkies and monster lovers alike, making it perfect for sibs with different interests. 3-2-1, blastoff! 

Wednesday and Pugsley Addams Family Sibling Halloween Costume

Addams family sibling Halloween costume for kids 

Photo: @thesigafam

It’s a snap (snap) to put together this classic sibling costume. Striped shirt + black collared dress and braids and suddenly your kiddos are looking like creepiest, kookiest brother sister duo around.

Scooby Gang Sibling Halloween Costume

Scooby gang kids Halloween costume for siblings 

Photo and How-To: Designing Dawn

Jinkies! Load up the Mystery Mobile (or a wagon) so your own little Scooby Gang can use their mystery-solving skills to track down lots of trick-or-treat candy. Just be sure not to swipe any from their bag—nothing gets past these meddling kids! Have brothers in the mix? Add a Fred, Shaggy, and/or Scooby.

Barbie Sibling Halloween Costumes

Barbie sibling Halloween costume 

Photo and How-To: Primary 

Thinking pink? There’s something for even the biggest broods when Barbie’s your Halloween inspiration. Feel free to think outside the box (and beyond “Stereotypical Barbie”) and dolling your tykes up as Ken, Allen, Doctor Barbie, President Barbie, or even Weird Barbie!

Ted Lasso Sibling Halloween Costume

Ted Lasso sibling Halloween costume for kids 

Photo: Lauren Mancke

Ted Lasso may have hung up his whistle as the series came to the end, but this cute DIY sibling costume will still elicit plenty of cheers!

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