Dressing up for Halloween is a yearly joy for the littles and just as fun for Mom and Dad. Toddlers tend to have a lot of opinions (including about their Halloween costume)...which means they may be dressing as their favorite cartoon character year after year. However, if your tot is receptive to your input on a toddler Halloween costume, you’ll want to make the most of this opportunity! With a mix of store-bought and easy cute DIY Halloween costumes for toddlers, our list has a bit of everything...whether you’re looking for a toddler Halloween costume that’s spooky or sweet. Enjoy!

Disney Toy Story Toddler Halloween Costume

Photo: @Alissa360Style

Woody, Buzz, or any of the Toy Story crew are easy toddler Halloween costumes to put together and provide endless childhood nostalgia. 

‘80s Workout Babe Toddler Halloween Costume

Photo: @elysiabottles

Bring on the nostalgia! This clever and super-cute toddler costume can be thrown together with items you have lying around the house—socks can become leg warmers, for example ('80s soundtrack not included).

Little Lion Cute Toddler Halloween Costume

Photo: @jessagarrett

Let us hear you RAWR! Simple sweatsuits, rag or yarn wigs and tails, and a lot of personality are all it takes to transform your toddler into the king or queen of the jungle. For bonus points, you can also DIY a lion cub Halloween costume for a younger sib!

Granny Toddler Halloween Costume

Photo: @katie_rounds

Okay, boomer! Perfect for wobbly new walkers, this cute DIY toddler Halloween costume is always a hit, and we can see why.

Ice Cream Cone Simple Toddler Halloween Costume

Photo & How-To: Pretty Life Girls

This little DIY Halloween costume is just as sweet as it is simple to recreate for your babe. All you need are some cheap wardrobe pieces, fabric paint, and a pom-pom to get your tyke out the door and ready for their treats.

Football Player Toddler Halloween Costume

Photo & How-To: Design Dazzle

Fall is the perfect time of year to pay homage to this classic American pastime—what better way than with your toddler’s easy Halloween costume?

Beetlejuice Toddler Halloween Costume

Photo & to Purchase: Etsy/FancyShmancyBaby 

Classic. Spooky. Cute. And done! We are obsessing over this expertly handmade Beetlejuice Halloween costume designed and made by a mom of little boys.

Rainbow Toddler Halloween Costume

Photo & to Purchase: Etsy/SuperKidCapes

Etsy Halloween costumes are a great idea because they take zero effort and look more professional than your standard DIY. This easy-to-pull-off rainbow Halloween costume for kids is a colorful winner for a toddler boy or girl and can easily be worn again in years to come.

Top Chef Toddler Halloween Costume

Photo: Maisonette

Any costume that doubles its use for everyday play is a win in our book! This chef’s bag is complete with all the accessories your little one will need to rock the look on Halloween, and it packs up perfectly for hours of kitchen play to come.

Britney Spears Toddler Halloween Costume

Photo & To Purchase: Etsy/FancyShmancyBaby 

Oops, she did it again! She… ate too much candy. Bust outside the box with a Britney Spears costume for kids that will catapult all the moms on the block back to the days when they learned those dance moves.

Little Dragon Cute Toddler Halloween Costume

Photo & to Purchase: Pottery Barn Kids 

If you’re going the store-bought route for a Halloween costume, this Pottery Barn dragon is definitely a win. You can also create a similar vibe with a green sweatsuit, felt wings, and a homemade snout.

Ghost Toddler Halloween Costume

Photo & to Purchase: Pottery Barn Kids 

Whether it’s this PBK one (it glows!) or a pillowcase with eyes cut out, the simple ghost Halloween costume for toddlers is an iconic one you can bring back from the dead any time.

Delivery Duds Toddler Halloween Costume

Photo: @californiacostumes

Nobody appreciates the oh-so reliable UPS delivery workers more than busy parents of little ones. So why not pay tribute with this too-cute toddler costume? 

More Toddler Halloween Costume Inspiration…

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