There’s something extra fun about group costumes, and kids are the cutest Halloween conspirators, which means that family Halloween costumes are a must! Whether you want to go funny (or punny) with your family Halloween costume, pay tribute to your favorite piece of pop culture, or simply show off your creativity, we’ve got plenty of inspiration. Keep reading for the best Halloween costumes for families of any size!

Parent-and-Baby Family Halloween Costumes

Welcome to parenthood, where you’ll have a Halloween buddy for life…or at least until the preschool years when tykes start to develop strong opinions about, well, just about everything! Until then, take advantage of the pre-Paw Patrol and princess years and enjoy calling the shots with a baby-and-me costume.

Mama and Baby Kangaroo Family Halloween Costume

Mom and baby kangaroo costume

Photo and How-To: HGTV

Calling all baby-wearing enthusiasts! It takes very little effort to turn your favorite carrier or wrap into this cute parent-and-me Halloween costume.

Mom and Baby Family Croissant Halloween Costume

Mom and baby croissant costume 

Photo and How-To: Oh Happy Day

Here’s a Halloween costume that Francophiles will deem très magnifique: Put on your favorite Breton stripe tee and a beret. Then fashion a piece of yellow foam into a giant croissant that you can affix to your baby carrier. Voila! Halloween perfection. 

Pasta Parent-and-Baby Halloween Costume

Pasta baby-and-parent Halloween costume 

Photo and How-To: Studio DIY

If your go-to carb leans more Italian than French, consider this good-enough-to-eat parent-and-baby Halloween costume! Choose your fave noodle, pick up some yellow craft foam, and you’re ready to cook up a cute costume for your bambino!

Family of 3 Halloween Costumes 

They say three is a magic number—perhaps because it gives you so much to work with during spooky season. The proof? These family of three Halloween costumes.

Cookie (Monster) & Milk Family Halloween Costume

 Cookie Monster, cookie, and milk family Halloween costume

Photo: @arejay5

Your mini-Cookie Monster can live out their ultimate fantasy: a night spent in the company of cookies and milk. Nom nom nom nom!

Hungry, Hungry Hippo Family Halloween Costumes

Hungry Hippos family Halloween costumes 

Photo and How-To: Sugar and Cloth

The classic kids game will never look cuter than when your little one is decked out as one of its chomping hippos. It’s a snap to put together (monochrome outfit + hippo-head hats) and can be easily adapted for a family of four. Munch munch! 

Family Weather Halloween Costume

 Weather-themed family Halloween costume

Photo and How-To: Studio DIY

When you’re rocking this family Halloween costume, there’s a 100% chance of smiles in the forecast! While you can let your little cloud roam free, this rainbow chariot is a cute and convenient way to cart them around while trick-or-treating.

Duck, Duck, Goose Family Halloween Costume

 Duck, duck, goose family Halloween costume

Photo and How-To: Dress Up Buttercup

It may have been a couple of decades since you last played “duck, duck, goose,” but that doesn’t matter. Wordplay + baby animals = family costume success!

Titanic Family Halloween Costume

Titanic family Halloween costume 

Photo: Merrill Melideo (@merzydotes)

Okay, this unsinkable family costume idea will be totally lost on your baby or toddler. But for millennials who are still recovering from the trauma of (spoiler alert!) watching Jack Dawson drift to the bottom of the ocean (there was room on that door for both of you, Rose!), it’s nothing short of cathartic. And it should get you a few knowing chuckles as you sail through your neighborhood trick-or-treating.

Where’s Waldo Family Halloween Costume

Where's Waldo family Halloween costume 

Photo and How-To: Lovely Indeed

No need to search high and low for the perfect family Halloween costume: A Waldo costume checks all the boxes. Easy to make? Check! Recognizable? Check! Darling on a baby? Check!

Jurassic Park Family Halloween Costume

Jurassic Park family Halloween costume 

Photo: Cupcakes & Cashmere

Turn a solo toddler or baby dino costume (either DIY or store-bought) into a ferocious family Halloween costume by pairing it with some khakis and a couple of button-down shirts. 

S’more Family Halloween Costume

S'more family Halloween costume 

Photo and How-To: Allie Seidel

This costume is almost as easy-peasy to put together as the dessert that inspired it! If you have a fourth person who wants in on the Halloween fun, you could add a second graham cracker or a crackling bonfire.

Family of 4+ Halloween Costumes

When you have two or more kids in the mix, there’s even more room to get creative with your family Halloween costume!

Garden Family Halloween Costume

Garden family Halloween costume 

Photo and How-to: Homemaker’s Habitat

This cute family Halloween costume gives you lots of options to make it work for your family: flower + baby, beekeeper + bee, or another combination of garden-themed critters. And, as shown, you could adapt for more than one kiddo or your bub and a furry friend. This fam also smartly came up with an idea where it totally made sense to have their toddler in a wagon (meaning no tired legs come trick-or-treat might!).

Little Mermaid Family Halloween Costumes

 Little Mermaid family Halloween costumes

Photo: Dads by Design

Whether you grew up with the original The Little Mermaid or your kids fell in love with the live-action update, how could you not want to be part of this world? And there’s plenty of room under the sea for everyone to take part in this family costume—you could add an Ursula, Flounder, Scuttle, and more!

Bluey Family Halloween Costumes

Bluey family Halloween costume

Photo: @susielynnmakeup

It’s Heeler-ween! Embody your tot’s (and your?) favorite furry family with Bluey, Bingo, Mum, and Dad costumes. (More than two kiddos? Bring Muffin and Socks into the fold). Hooray!

Star Wars Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Star Wars family Halloween costumes

Photo and How-To: Lovely Indeed

Is the Force strong within your family? Then you can’t go wrong with a Star Wars group costume. Bigger fams could easily add a Yoda or Chewy (or any number of characters from the vast Star Wars cinematic universe!).

Balanced Breakfast Family Costume Idea

Breakfast family Halloween costumes 

Photo: @occasions.byshakira

On a day where everyone’s got candy on the brain, you can still make the most important meal of the day look pretty good, thanks to this DIY group breakfast costume.

Monsters Inc. Family Halloween Costumes

Monsters Inc family Halloween costumes 


Put your scarin’ skills to the test with this Halloween homage to Mike, Sully, Boo, and crew. 

Wizard of Oz Family Halloween Costume

Wizard of Oz family Halloween costumes 

Photo: Angela Price

It’ll take a little more than a click of the heels to create this family Halloween costume, but the photo-worthy result will be well worth the effort! Feel free to swap out Glenda and the Wicked Witch for a Scarecrow and Toto, add a wizard and flying monkey, or shuffle the characters another way to fit your family configuration.

Addams Family Halloween Costume

Addams Family group Halloween costume 

Photo: Popsugar

There’s a reason why this is a popular Halloween costume: It strikes the right balance of creepy, kooky, and pop-culturally relevant (snap snap!).

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