There is no reason that expectant parents can’t get in on the fun of dressing up for Halloween. Pregnancy Halloween costumes are easy to make or assemble, and you can get really creative using the bump as your best accessory! Whether it’s last minute or you have time to plan, our list of the best pregnancy Halloween costumes will have your creative gears turning and get you bumpin’ on the scene in style this Trick-or-Treat.

Shell and Pearl Pregnancy Halloween Costume

Clamshell and pearl Halloween costume for pregnancy 

Photo and How-To: Aww Sam

The world’s your oyster when you have a baby bump to play with on Halloween…and your costume could be an oyster too! This cute maternity Halloween costume lets your bump literally shine as a pearl inside a pretty pink shell.   

Magic 8 Ball Pregnancy Halloween Costume

Magic 8 ball pregnancy Halloween costume 

Photo and How-To: The Homesteady

Here’s an easy but crowd-pleasing costume for parents-to-be: Simply dress in all black, and affix an 8 on your ball-like belly (or go with a pre-fab version). Want to take it a step further? Hide a fortune on another shirt under your tee, as seen here.

Snowman Pregnant Halloween Costume Idea


You’ve got a big round belly, so why not make it work? A snowman maternity Halloween costume is absolutely adorable and all it really takes is a white outfit, some black pom-poms, and a top hat. 

Pooh Bear Pregnancy Halloween Costume

Photo: @nellecreations 

Good old Winnie the Pooh is just about the sweetest Halloween costume idea for young and old. Your round midsection is the perfect Pooh accessory, making this DIY costume super simple with a mustard colored dress or skirt and a red crop top over it. The HUNNY pot scores extra credit.

Cow Pregnancy Halloween Costume

Photo: @babyprepping 

Whether you flaunt your curves in a white bodysuit or go with spotted sweats, the key to pulling off this cheeky DIY maternity halloween costume is the “udderly” adorable belly and some quirky cow ears. (Of course, once you start having to pump or breastfeed, thinking about cows may be a whole lot less..a-moo-sing to you…)

Gumball Machine Maternity Halloween Costume

Photo & How-To: Life With My Littles 

This one circulates quite a bit on social media, probably because it’s just so sweet! A simple white t-shirt and some felt are all you need to pull together this quick and easy DIY maternity Halloween costume.

Midge Pregnancy Halloween Costume

Midge Barbie pregnancy Halloween costume

Image: Warner Bros Entertainment

In addition to racking up record box office numbers and re-igniting everyone’s love for the color pink, the Barbie movie also brought one of Mattel’s lesser-known dolls into the spotlight: Midge, a ‘60s doll and Barbie’s pregnant pal. Best of all, this costume comes together faster than you can say “Hi Barbie!” Simply pair your baby bump with a purple floral dress. (Here are more tips for assembling your Midge costume.)

Basketball Pregnancy Halloween Costume

Basketball hoop pregnancy Halloween costume 

Photo and to Buy: 3DMaterniTees

For hoop heads, this costume is—wait for it—a slam dunk! (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.) Sure, you could craft your own tee by painting a ball on the abdomen area, but the net and rim takes it from a 2-point to a 3-point shot. 

Skeleton Pregnancy Halloween Costume

Skeleton maternity Halloween sweatshirt 

Photo and to Buy: LuckyTeeApparel

Coziness is a top priority when you’re expecting, which is why we love this comfy—but still festive!—take on a skeleton costume for parents-to-be.

“Monster in My Belly” Halloween Costume for Pregnant People

Photo: @riri_dada 

Pregnancy body art is a big yes, if you can find someone to get your tummy in character. This mama-to-be went all out with a Monsters, Inc. theme, and it’s perfect. Enlist your partner to be Sully and, if you have another little, you’ve got the perfect Boo to complete a fun family costume! 

Pregnant Skeleton Halloween Costume

Photo: @guinwaz 

Face paint, black cardigan, leggings, and done! This sexy skeleton costume for pregnant moms is a must-try for the confident lady with a Halloween bump. 

Peas in a Pod Maternity Halloween Costume

Photo: @bella.and.sophie

Got a pregnant bestie? Try this! Technically, you could totally be the only pea in your pod or glue some lightweight painted-green balls to the back of the dark green sheet to serve as your fellow peas, but nothing says friendship like two pregnant ladies snuggled up in the most creative pregnancy Halloween costume idea ever. 

Peppermint Pregnancy Halloween Costume

Photo: @kellymiyahara 

This idea is sweet as candy and fresh as a mint! Any preggo can create this peppermint candy costume with a red dress, cellophane, and some white cardstock.

Money Bag Pregnancy Halloween Costume

Photo: @babyprepping

Pull off the heist of the season in this bank-robbery-inspired pregnancy Halloween costume, which can be done with just you and your preggo belly or with the addition of a partner in handcuffs and a mask.

BUMPkin Pregnancy Halloween Costume

Photo: @lauralliina

If you’re not up for body paint, there are tons of pumpkin themed maternity shirts available to buy. This epic bump-kin is pretty fun, though!

Deviled Egg Maternity Halloween Costume Idea

Photo: @raisingkaleintexas

This mama gets double points for punniness. The bump as egg yolk and devilish accessories are perfect for a quirky and yet simple maternity Halloween costume idea. 

Avocado Pregnancy Halloween Costume

Photo: @anisawoodallnutrition

Can’t mess up a classic! In a culture obsessed with avocados, it’s no wonder that this pregnancy Halloween costume idea is a popular one. Pregnant people have the “seed” built in, so it’s super easy to execute.

Disco Ball Pregnancy Halloween Costume

Photo: @emilyvartanian

This is a clear winner for any costume party your preggo self shows up at. Whether or not you have a friend to serve as your Studio 54 partner-in-crime, embrace your most sparkly side! You deserve to shine for a night.

Star-Wars-Inspired Pregnancy Halloween Costume

Photo: @breakroomboutique

Star Wars fanatics will turn anything into a dress-up opportunity, so why skip Halloween? Break out the bump in full regalia and get ready for the outpouring of compliments. May the Force be with you!

Agassi & Tennis Ball Pregnant Halloween Costume Idea

Photo & Details: Brit + Co

Sure, you could modernize this couples costume with Fed, Serena, or Djokovic, but this ‘80s version of Agassi’s iconic look is laugh-out-loud fabulous!

Flower Child Cute Pregnant Halloween Costume

Photo: @giapple

Your bump can serve as the center of your favorite flower, for a cute DIY pregnancy Halloween costume that is sure to make everyone around you smile.

The Energizer Bunny Pregnancy Halloween Costume

Photo & How-To: Brit + Co 

This idea is so fun and creative, it’s worth a little extra work to get it done. You might feel anything but energetic toting that bump around all day, but you can pull off the role of the bunny for one night!

Juno (& Paulie) Pregnancy Halloween Costume

Photo: @mrs_nesquick

And one for the pop-culture lovers, or at least those who fell in love with the movie Juno… an absolutely hilarious and relatable costume for preggo mamas.

Prego Pregnancy Halloween Costume

Photo: @getholidayhappy 

Mamma mia! A preggo dressed as Prego is a recipe for laughs that everyone around you will savor. ::Italian chef’s kiss::

Fish Bowl Pregnancy Halloween Costume

Photo & How-To: Brit + Co.

An absolutely epic pregnancy costume idea that will make a total splash! Follow the link for this simple DIY.

More Halloween Costume Ideas

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