If a colleague is expecting, there are many work-appropriate ways to celebrate their baby on the way. When time and budgets are not on your side, simply ask for a link to the baby registry and quietly pass the news along to your department so others can shop. You can also go in on a group gift or gift card for the parents-to-be. (Psst! Happiest Baby’s registry makes it easy to chip in to get the ultimate baby gift…SNOO!) Have a few team members put together a diaper cake to present at the shower, or consider arranging or contributing to a meal train after Baby’s arrival. 

All of these generous gifting ideas aside, an office baby shower is such a sweet tribute. With the pandemic in the rearview mirror and people back at work, parties and celebrations are officially on again. And while many dark months loomed when baby showers were virtual or drive-by, we are finally able to celebrate each other in the ways that feel most natural.

Timing is all over the place with a work baby shower. It depends on the parent-to-be’s schedule and what’s most convenient for the run of business. A morning brunch or bagel breakfast shower is a tasty way to start a fresh day. This format also lets you surprise them by scheduling a fake meeting that when they walk into, they’ll discover a shower instead—no visual clues will tip them off beforehand like with a later-in-the-day shower.

A lunch hour shower brings the gang together, creating an opportunity to eat and relax. If time is short, a fifteen-minute coffee break baby shower will be just as touching; if planning a short shower, plan on just desserts and let the guest of honor open the gifts at home. Happy hour and dinner showers are another option if the team wants to get off campus and do something that feels fancier. In this case, it might be a nice surprise to invite a partner to join in as well.

While a virtual baby shower or online gifting for your colleague are still definitely thoughtful and special, here are some very touching ways you can fete them with an office baby shower…whether from the breakroom or at the restaurant down the street.

Decorate their office or desk.

It’s a simple way to make a parent-to-be feel honored and celebrated. If time and space don’t allow for a proper shower, surprise them by staying late or coming in early to deck out their workspace with balloons, streamers, and more. Bring a cake and gifts by mid-morning, and go down in company history as the best work fam ever. 

Plan some activities.

Your work crew likely spends a good amount of time together, so ice breakers aren’t necessary. That said, plan a few fun things to do outside of gossip and doling out unsolicited baby advice to the parents-to-be. Consider a diaper raffle where everyone brings a pack of diapers in exchange for a raffle ticket and the winner of a small prize is drawn at the end. And baby shower games can be fun even if a bit ridiculous; just pick a few the work crowd won’t hate and plan away! 

Throw a pizza party.

Fancy catering gets complicated and pricy; pizza is the easiest way to feed a crowd. Not to mention, it’s an amazing way to satisfy pregnancy cravings for all that cheesy, bready goodness. If you want to surprise the expectant parents(s), just broadcast that lunch is “on the house” today and make sure someone grabs them to arrive at the festivities in time. While you nosh on greasy Italian, hand over individual or group gifts to surprise and delight your honoree. 

Set up a taco bar.

This is a fun and allergy-friendly way to cater a baby shower at work, because it allows people to pick the ingredients that go on their plates. Oh, and it lends to an incredible pun…Create a “taco ‘bout a baby” theme in paper goods and balloons, and make sure the parent-of-the-hour has access to all the extra guac they want.

Serve just desserts.

A desserts-only party can happen any time of day and can be catered or contributed to by home bakers. Let the parent-to-be load up a plate of deliciousness while you all hand over gifts and swap parenting stories (“sweet” stories only, please!). You can take this party to the next level by decorating in a “sweet little one” theme with lollipop, donut, and ice cream motifs throughout the space. 

Do a simple conference room makeover.

Pick a baby shower theme and scale it down to make it manageable at work. If each attendee has an assignment—like one paper banner, one bunch of balloons, one plate of cookies, etc., this can be pulled off easily and turn out beautifully. When your shared space goes from blah to goo-goo-ga-ga, the expectant Mom or Dad will be so over-the-top touched and grateful. 

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