For a long time baby showers were no-boys-allowed affairs where all of the mama-to-be’s gal pals came together to celebrate her new bundle. But, as with many baby shower traditions, this has changed in recent years. One big shift has been the rise of co-ed baby showers.

What is a co-ed baby shower?

Co-ed baby showers include men as well as women on the guest list, and they’re a great way to get everyone together to celebrate this beautiful time in expecting parents’ lives.

First time throwing a co-ed baby shower? Here’s a quick primer on co-ed baby shower etiquette: Make sure that you state clearly on the invitation that you’re throwing a co-ed baby shower. You’ll also want to decide—and specify—whether the gathering is child-friendly or no-kids, especially because inviting both parents from the same family may mean a sitter’s required. Like always, include the baby registry or gift requests (eg: diapers) on the invite.

Then you get to the fun part: Planning crowd-pleasing food, games, themes, and decor for your co-ed baby shower. Here are some of our favorite ideas for hosting the perfect co-ed baby shower for your loved ones...

Baby-Q Co-Ed Baby Shower

Photo: @theimaginationparade

Baby shower food is often dainty, light, and elegant, but don’t be afraid to serve up heartier fare! Fire up the grill and deck out the space with red gingham and black accents for an absolutely epic barbecue-themed baby shower all your guests will love.

Co-Ed Baby Shower Brunch

Photo: Peachfully Chic

An omelette station, mimosa bar, and pancake stacks at a mid-morning gathering might be eggs-actly what the parents-to-be are craving for a unique co-ed baby shower. 

‘Campy’ Co-Ed Baby Shower

Photo: Design Dazzle

Celebrate the couple who loves the great outdoors with a camping-themed baby shower. S’mores, beers, and hot dogs are all fun, easy refreshments. Artfully arranged baggies of trail mix, campfire games or sing-alongs, and a nice cozy atmosphere will have friends talking about this awesome co-ed baby shower for years to come.

Crawfish Boil Co-Ed Baby Shower

Photo: Kara’s Party Ideas

The classic Southern summer party is a perfect way to bring friends and family together to celebrate a new baby on the way. A similar idea is a New England-style clambake co-ed baby shower!

Cocktail Party Co-Ed Baby Shower

Photo: Mommy Diary

The opportunities for the couple-of-the hour to dress up in something fancy and hit the town with other grownups will soon come to an end. So, consider recreating that out-on-the-town vibe with a Friday or Saturday night baby shower soiree...complete with classy music, a cocktail dress code, upscale appetizers and charcuterie board, and plenty of bubbly (both boozy and virgin). Make sure to have fun mocktails and pregnancy-friendly eats on hand for the preggers guest-of-honor, and specify adults-only on the invite!

Tailgate Co-Ed Baby Shower

Photo: Hostess with the Mostess

Fete your favorite football-loving parents-to-be with a tailgate-themed co-ed baby shower. Whip up classic tailgate foods (hello, wings and nachos!) and plan some pigskin-themed baby shower games to help everyone cheer on the baby-on-the-way. 

Co-Ed Baby Shower Booze Display

Photo: Justin Demutiis Photography

The pregnant person you're showering might be living that mocktail life, but other shower guests are likely down to imbibe. This brew trough is a simple, rustic, and cute way to serve up the 21+ bevvies. 

Co-Ed Baby Shower Games...for Everyone

Photo: Domestic Charm

Baby shower games are a rite of passage. But guests who aren’t regulars on the baby shower circuit might need the right activity to inspire them to participate. So, stick to baby shower games that’ll get everyone laughing and gabbing (and maybe ignite some of your guests’ competitive spirits). Baby food tasting is a classic and hilarious ice breaker. Simply set out an assortment of baby food jars with labels soaked off and replaced by numbers (keep an answer key off to the side), spoons, marker, and paper for recording the blindfolded players’ guesses at which ingredients are in each one. You can also check Etsy for printable, easy co-ed baby shower games to download ahead and pass out the day of the shower. 

Pick Gender Neutral Co-Ed Baby Shower Favors

Photo & to Purchase: Etsy/yourethatgirldesigns

Skip the hand scrubs and lip gloss and opt for baby shower favors that are likely to have more universal appeal. Subtly scented candles, quality wooden spoons, or custom drink koozies are all great ideas. 

Bring a Special Partner Gift

Photo & to Purchase: Lalabu

There's usually only one star of the show(er), but during a co-ed baby shower, it’s nice to find ways to let both partners share in the spotlight. One way to do this: Buy a special gift just for them! Consider something personal like a onesie or sleeper for the baby in the theme of a beloved team, an alma mater, or favorite band.

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