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    SNOO Smart Sleeper SNOO Smart Sleeper

    Reduce Costs, Boost Satisfaction

    Reduce Costs, Boost Satisfaction

    Offer a new parent on your
    team a benefit you'll both love!

    Offer a new parent on your team a benefit you'll both love!

    What Companies Are Saying

    “We’ve been told SNOO is by far the best benefit we’ve offered. When new parents get sufficient rest, everybody wins.”
    Rahab Hammad, Benefits Manager, Snapchat
    “It costs the company a few dollars a day to rent, but when employees come back, they’re happier.”
    Milt Ezzard, VP Global Head of Benefits, Activision Blizzard
    “SNOO was transformative for us. It was a no-brainer to make sure it was available to everyone in the company.”
    Stephen Milbank, Co-founder, Button
    “Forget Raises, Companies Are Turning to $1200 Cribs to Woo Talent”
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    “A Perk for the Whole Family:
    A Sleeping Baby”
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    “Top of Their Game: Inside Activision Blizzard’s Innovative Benefits Strategy”
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    “Here’s How a World-Famous Baby Doctor is Guaranteeing Exhausted Workers a Whole Lot More Sleep”
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    Snap Inc.
    Benefit News

    SNOO Smart Sleeper is a responsive bassinet that boosts sleep for babies and parents.

    Created by Dr. Harvey Karp, author of the parenting classic, The Happiest Baby on the Block.

    Huge Support for Parents

    • Adds 1-3+ hours of sleep
    • A "virtual" 24/7 nanny
    • Better health & happiness
    • Automatically sleep trains baby

    Immediate ROI for Employers

    • Higher productivity
    • Higher retention
    • Reduced errors, accidents, absenteeism
    • Reduced health care costs

    What Parents are Saying

    "SNOO is THE most amazing invention EVER. Our little girl absolutely loves it!”
    Rebecca R, Facebook, Creative Strategist
    “Our 2-month-old sleeps quietly and soundly in SNOO every night…and we sleep better than I ever expected with a newborn!”
    Heather Thorne, Director and Chief of Staff, Hardware, Google
    “I bought my daughter a SNOO for her first child. Emma was sleeping over 8 hours a night by 5 1/2 weeks!”
    Mindy Grossman, CEO, Weight Watchers

    The Cost of Sleep Deprivation

    11 days of lost productivity each year = $2,280 per worker
    • 62%
      New parents say their #1 stress is exhaustion2
    • 34%
      New mothers don’t return to work for at least 1 year3
    • 33%
      Percent of salary it costs to replace a worker4
    • 50%
      Babies waking up 2 times/night at 6 months5
    • 50%
      New parents sleeping <6 hours/night... making them equivalent to drunk6

    Sleep deprivation leads to billions in employer costs and triggers many serious problems, including:

    • Postpartum depression/anxiety
    • Breastfeeding failure
    • Obesity
    • Accidents (car, workplace, etc.)
    • Excess ER visits/medication
    • Marital stress
    • Cigarette smoking
    • Serious infection
    • Stress/overuse injuries
    • Suicide
    • Infant sleep death

    How Rental Works

    How Rental Works How Rental Works

    Dozens of Happy Partners!

    Corporate Partners Corporate Partners LEARN MORE
    1 Sleep. 2011 Sep 1; Insomnia and the performance of US workers: results from the America insomnia survey. Kessler RC, et al. 2 Baby Center / Happiest Baby sleep survey; 2017 3 Motherhood in America Report; 2017 4 Employee Benefit News (EBN), Avoidable Turnover Costing Employers Big; 2017 5 Figueiredo B,Dias CC,Pintp TM, Field T.(2017). Exclusive breastfeeding at three months and infant sleep-wake behaviors at two weeks, three and six months, Infant Behavior and Development,49,62-69. 6 JAMA Psychiatry. 2013. Onset Timing, Thoughts of Self-harm, and Diagnoses in Postpartum Women With Screen-Positive Depression Findings, Katherine L. Wisner, MD, et al. Baby Center survey 2017; 2017, Last updated: June. “Sleep: More Valued than Time, Money, or Sex, Say New Parents.” BabyCenter, 3 Aug. 2018,