If there’s one thing that an expecting parent looks forward to at the baby shower, it’s the food. At a time when so many of the simple things are off the table (like wearing normal pants or sipping on a refreshing cocktail at the end of a long day), a lovingly catered spread is so special. 

So, how to nail the baby shower food? First, you'll want to take the time of day into consideration. Skew more breakfast- or brunch-style if throwing a morning shower, plan a luncheon with savory bites for midday or afternoon, and go for cocktail or dinner-inspired foods in the evening. Also, don’t forget the guest-of-honor’s cravings! A platter of coveted fried chicken or cheesy pasta could cement your status as the bestest friend ever. 

In recent years, traditional passed apps and finger foods have been slowly out-trended by newcomers like the creative charcuterie or large-scale grazing boards and tables. But those tried-and-true favorite concepts haven’t disappeared completely, and many of our suggestions are updated versions of the classics. 

Whatever type of spread you have in mind—from waffles to watermelon skewers—remember you won’t go wrong as long as you keep the parent-of-the-hour’s preferences at the center of your planning! Here are some of our favorite baby shower food ideas to tempt and delight.

Baby Shower Food for a Breakfast or Brunch Shower 

 Savory waffles served at a baby shower

Photo: A Couple Cooks

For a morning baby shower, breakfast-inspired offerings are a no-brainer. Anything in the eggs, pancakes, and fruit department is going to be a winner. Keep your brunchy bites neat and contained with small servings, pre-arranged plates or cups, sliceable dishes like quiche and frittata, skewers, or stations. 

  • Bagels & Fixings: Lay out a variety of bagels, lox, butter, cream cheese spreads, and seasonings for tasty and filling breakfast shower food that’s sure to please… and so easy to plan!
  • Yogurt Parfaits: These tasty miniature parfait cups are not only delicious to eat, but look pretty on a display table as well.
  • A Waffle Bar: Just about any waffles will be winners! Consider traditional butter and syrup or go Belgian-style with berries and whipped cream. You could offer a ton of fresh fruit for something sweet or totally break the mold with this incredible recipe for savory waffles featuring the chives and a poached egg on top.
  • Omelets to Order: Have a spare hand… or a partner waiting in the wing? Omelets can be prepared to order, hotel lobby style with much fanfare and a lot of fun.
  • Bacon Skewers: A simple and savory tidbit to add to a brunch plate, these yummy bites are easy to make and just about as addicting as they look. 

Trendy Baby Shower Food Ideas

Baby shower grazing table arranged on platters that spell out B-A-B-Y

Photo: Etsy/LuckAndLuck

Updated takes on classic favorites are all the rage, and we love the concept of turning something that Gram will appreciate into a dish that’s totally suitable for the ‘gram. These yummy treats are going to be a hit with all your guests:

  • Tomato Tarts: These are not your mama’s puff pastry appetizers! Caramelized onion, pepper jack cheese, and fresh tomato combine beautifully on tiny, creative, tartlets that only look complicated. 
  • Chip & Guac Bites: Sidestep the double-dip, germ-swap factor with individually portioned guacamole bites. Prepared ahead, everyone gets plenty of yummy dip and nobody has to dunk their chip anywhere but in their mouth. Yum! 
  • “BABY” Grazing Station: Anything in the charcuterie or grazing-table arena serves as an eye-catching focal point. And though impressive looking, you might be surprised at how simple it is to put together, especially when you have a board that helps you lay it all out like this one.
  • Skewers & Salad: An update on the classic combo of greens and protein, these lemony chicken sticks and side celery salad are a fresh and pretty shower food idea that even the most novice home cook can pull off.
  • Miniature Beef Pies: Savory, adorable, and hearty enough to fill up your guests without much more than a few side salads, this tempting recipe is a modern must-try.

Restaurant-Style Baby Shower Foods

Tofu sushi being served at a baby shower

Photo: Food with Feeling

Treat the baby shower like a day or night out at one of your showeree’s favorite spots. Especially if catering to pregnancy cravings, consider a restaurant-inspired spread that pays homage to go-to restaurants.

  • Artisan Pizzas: Rather than dialing up your local pizza delivery joint, serve inspired small-batch wood-fired pizzas with a variety of colorful toppings from peppers and olives to purple cauliflower and more. Buon appetito!
  • Sliders & Fries: Who doesn’t want a burger and fries, especially when they’re expecting?
  • Dumplings: There are so many tasty ways to stuff them, from meat and poultry to veggie; just know that baby shower guests love a good dumpling and dipping sauce. Martha’s steamed ricotta variety is a must-taste!
  • Baby-Que: Pulled pork or barbecue chicken and all the fixings are a down-home tradition that might be messy, but sure would be a crowd pleaser at a casual baby shower. Set up the decor to match the theme, styled after a vintage BBQ joint for extra flair.
  • Vegetarian Sushi: If Mama is watching her raw fish intake but it still craving a roll veggie sushi are perfect light bites for a baby shower. Plus, veggie sushi is always less expensive than fish varieties and can be easier to make yourself! 

Healthy Baby Shower Food

 Cucumer and tomato skewers served at a baby shower

Photo: Hot Pan Kitchen

Mindful eating is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. While there’s no shame in filling your plate with whatever sounds yummy, adding some lighter or nutrient-dense dishes can please a crowd, too. Give these a try:

  • Salad Cups: Deconstructed salads or small layered salad cups are a fantastic way to make a super-healthy luncheon or cocktail food feel more exciting and a lot less messy.

  • Gazpacho Shooters: Put your favorite cold soup in tiny cups and call it a day! This cantaloupe carrot gazpacho recipe is perfect for a spring or summer baby shower.
  • Fruit Skewers: It’s a simple and affordable healthy shower food that can be served with lunch or dessert. Place cut-up fruit on the skewers in rainbow order or use other creative ways to make them look pretty.
  • Veggie Wraps: An assortment of vegetable-filled wraps with cooked mushrooms, sauteed onions and peppers, fresh tomato, and pesto, etc., are a delicious and nutritious way to feed a crowd. 
  • Cucumber Bites: Small, cucumber-forward appetizers have been making the rounds at baby showers for decades. Update this finger-food classic with tomatoes and a balsamic drizzle for an extra-light option at the shower. 

Allergy-Friendly Baby Shower Foods

Vegan pigs in a blanket served at a baby shower 

Photo: Epicurious

Plenty of folks need to steer clear of gluten, dairy, or other food groups due to allergies or food sensitivities. While the guest-of-honor’s food needs absolutely take precedence, it’s still thoughtful to accommodate any allergies among guests with at least one dish.

  • Gluten-Free Mozzarella Sticks: Make these bad boys in the air fryer for maximum crunch and minimum effort. Yum! Your GF guests will be so thrilled.
  • Vegan Cucumber Tofu Rolls: They’re a non-dairy, meat-free crowd-pleaser that look lovely on a plate and taste delish. You can also make this recipe gluten-free by subbing in a GF ginger dressing.
  • Dairy-Free Baked Egg Rolls: A nice surprise on any shower table, these tangy treats with an Asian-inspired flavor profile will only taste fried and super-indulgent; they’re actually dairy-free, loaded with veggies (and chicken), and baked to perfection.

  • Figs in a Blanket: Serving vegetarians? Get ready for “squeals” of delight… It gets no cuter, or tastier, than this meat-free twist on the old-school hot dog party treat that everyone will love… not only those who abstain from meat.
  • Baked Falafel Bites: A Middle Eastern-inspired recipe that’s gluten-free, dairy-free, and fully vegan, these also make an awesome selection for anyone with an egg, shellfish, or other common allergies. Plus, they’re just plain delicious—and look pretty on a platter, to boot.

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