For busy parents-to-be, creating a baby registry on Amazon is often a no-brainer. The ginormous online retailer offers a seemingly endless supply of baby-related goodies to choose from. We’re talking about everything from diapers and wipes to nursery decor and essential baby gear. Plus, it’s a good bet you’re already super-familiar with shopping on Amazon…but you may not know all there is to know about creating a baby registry on Amazon. For instance, did you know that Amazon carries SNOO, plus a plethora of other best-selling Happiest Baby products? It’s true! Whether you’re starting your own Amazon baby gift registry or shopping for Amazon baby gifts, here are 13 Happiest Baby must-haves to add to your Amazon cart or registry today!

Amazon Baby Gift: Smart Bassinet

There are over 500 bassinets for sale on Amazon, but only one smart bassinet that adds an hour of sleep each night on average and is FDA De Novo authorized (visit for important safety information). That’s Dr. Harvey Karp’s award-winning SNOO! Each Amazon SNOO comes with three 100% organic SNOO Sacks, one 100% organic cotton fitted sheet, a mattress with water resistant cover, along with unlimited 24/7 access to trained sleep consultants. And you didn’t think you could register for more sleep and peace of mind! (Learn more about how SNOO’s safe rocking can help to keep your little one snoozing.)

Amazon Baby Gift: Sound Machine

Register for a sound machine and a nightlight? Nah. Instead, simply add SNOObie to your Amazon baby registry. This adorable all-in-one smart soother not only helps little ones settle and snooze with 12 comforting sounds (including SNOO’s signature white noise), it’s also a customizable nightlight. (Nightlights are key baby registry gifts because they let you quickly assess your baby, offer feeds, and change diapers without having to turn on a too-bright, sleep-disturbing light.) As a fab grow-with-baby bonus, SNOObie is also a toddler sleep trainer, tot- and parent-friendly meditation instructor…and more!

Amazon Baby Gift: Award-Winning Swaddle

Stop driving yourself bonkers wading through the sea of swaddles available at Amazon! (There were over 4,000 at last count!) Instead, simply register for Sleepea, the award-winning, pediatrician-designed baby swaddle that The New York Times calls “The most effective swaddle we’s safe, comfortable, and easy to use!” It’s 100% organic cotton, super-breathable, and makes safely wrapping your baby easier than ever. It’s not dubbed the 5-Second Swaddle for nothing! (Learn more about why swaddles are an Amazon baby-registry must.)

Amazon Baby Gift: White Noise Lovey

Veteran parents can attest: Every child needs a comfort object. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics says so! That means adding SNOObear to your Amazon baby gift registry is a must-do. The best part? SNOObear is another two-for-one baby registry item. Yes, SNOObear is a cuddly lovey, and your new furry friend is also a responsive white noise machine. That means, when SNOObear’s white noise times-out after 30 or 60 minutes it “pays attention” for three more hours, ready to start up again if your bub fusses. SNOObear plays three comforting sounds, plus the award-winning SNOO sounds, making it a great on-the-go companion gift to SNOO!

Amazon Baby Gift: Baby Mobile

Baby mobiles are more than just a sweet piece of nursery decor. The right baby mobile is mildly stimulating (no lights and cheery music), helps Baby work their vision skills (high-contrast colors are a must), is safe (handmade and low-hanging mobiles are off-limits), and offers flexibility (converts to post-bassinet decor). If you want a baby mobile for SNOO that checks off all these boxes, there’s only one choice: Add SNOO Sky mobile to your Amazon baby gift wish list. It features nine billowy, high-contrast wool clouds that naturally sway to entertain your baby and it’s the only pediatrician-designed baby mobile made to fit SNOO safely and securely.

Amazon Baby Gift: SNOO Sack

When you include SNOO on your Amazon baby registry, it’s a good idea to add a few extra SNOO Sacks to the list, as well. While SNOO does come with three white SNOO Sacks in small, medium, and large, little ones can usually use a few more. (Late-night diaper blow-outs happen!) On Amazon, you can choose from 10 popular color ways, including Teal Planets and Graphite Stars. PS: SNOO Sacks on Amazon boast the coveted “Amazon’s Choice” tag. That means you can trust that SNOO Sacks are highly rated, well-priced, and ship immediately.

Amazon Baby Gift: Bassinet Sheets

Super-soft bassinet sheets are another non-negotiable for your Amazon baby gift registry. And if you’re adding SNOO to your baby wish list, 100% GOTS certified organic SNOO Fitted Sheets are the only way to go! They’re specially designed to hug SNOO’s mattress perfectly, ensuring a safe fit every time. (By the way, our SNOO sheets are another “Amazon’s Choice” item!)

Amazon Baby Gift: Bassinet Mosquito Net

Bug sprays and babies do not mix! That means, the only safe way to keep mosquitoes, flies, and other winged annoyances out of your baby’s bassinet is to outfit your smart sleeper with Shoo, Happiest Baby’s highly-rated mosquito net specially designed for SNOO. If felines are more your concern, know that users say that Shoo is also a top-notch kitty deterrent to add to your Amazon baby registry.

Amazon Baby Gift: SNOO Low Legs

Here’s an Amazon baby registry item you may not have thought of: SNOO Low Legs! They’re the perfect baby gift for parents who are snoozing in a low or platform bed. That’s because easy-to-install SNOO Low Legs bring your smart bassinet down to just 10 inches above the floor, putting your baby right in your line of vision. (Low Legs can also make it way easier to care for your newborn post-cesarean section.) And with 4.9 stars on Amazon, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be over the moon with this Amazon baby gift registry item!

Amazon Baby Gift: SNOO Leg Lifters

Babies get stuffy noses! That’s why a trusty nasal aspirator should be on your Amazon baby registry. But sometimes pediatricians also recommend elevating your baby’s head to help with stuffiness. Enter: SNOO Leg Lifters, which raise the head of SNOO, allowing your baby to sleep on a slight, safe incline of 2.5-degrees—well under the maximum federally recommended limit of 10 degrees.

Amazon Baby Gift: Books!

In addition to all the just-for-baby picture books you’re including on your baby wish list, think about Dr. Harvey Karp’s collection of groundbreaking and bestselling parenting books  on your Amazon baby registry, too: The Happiest Baby on the Block, The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep, and The Happiest Toddler on the Block.

And if you decide an Amazon registry just isn’t your thing, you can simply add your fave Happiest Baby products to our Happiest Baby universal registry. (Bonus: When you register at Happiest Baby you can also include gift cards for SNOO rentals!)


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