Reading to your baby or toddler helps develop important pre-literacy skills, it bolsters vocabulary, it buoys emotional intelligence, and it works wonders at stirring budding imaginations. Plus, reading together is an amazing bonding experience for you and your little one! Need help selecting the just-right books for your baby or toddler? Here’s help!

Must-Have Babies & Toddler Books

Letters, numbers, colors, animals, and more: These fundamental books work to build skills, bolster confidence, and bring joy to mini “readers.”

Best Toddler Books For Lesson-Learning 

With your help, books can be wonderful tools to help children navigate emotions, relationships, and big changes. Allow these reads to be your side-by-side guide.

Best Multilingual Books for Babies & Toddlers

Looking to build a bilingual household? These books can help!

Best Baby & Toddler Books That Celebrate Diversity

If your kiddos bookshelf is peppered with characters that look, sound, and live just like them, you’re missing an important opportunity to expand their view of the world! Here are some books to help diversify your storytime.

Seasonal Books for Babies & Toddlers

What better way to celebrate a new season or holiday than with a brand-new book!

Fun Baby & Toddler Books with Something Extra

Check out these flip-the-flap books, audiobooks, and reads that make your tot wiggle, shout, and shake! 

More About Baby & Toddler Reading, Literacy, and Language

Bolster your child’s literacy skills with these expert tips.

Psst: While youre book shopping, dont forget books for you. Here are Dr. Harvey Karps best-selling books on raising babies and toddlers:


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