Move over Dollar Spot fun, Good & Gather goodies, and on-point Auden undies! Once there’s a baby on the way, you get to unlock a whole new level of Target joy! Whether you’re starting your own Target baby gift registry or shopping for Target baby gifts, we’ll let you in on a little secret: You can find SNOO at Target…right along with eight more beloved Happiest Baby products. For help making your Target baby gift registry a Happiest Baby registry, too, keep reading! 

Target Baby Gift: Sound Machine

There’s no need to register for a sound machine and a nightlight. Instead, simply add SNOObie to your Target baby registry. Created by pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp, SNOObie plays 12 soothing sounds, including lullabies and SNOO’s signature white noise, it’s a customizable nightlight (choose from eight colors), a toddler sleep trainer, kid-friendly meditation instructor…and so much more! Bonus: The Target SNOObie is a soft, gender-neutral gray—a hue exclusive to Target—sold on and in select Target stores. Here's how to find a Target near you that carries SNOObie. (Learn why white noise is a baby registry must.)

Target Baby Gift: Award-Winning Swaddle

You’re in luck: The #1 baby swaddle is available at Target! The award-winning, pediatrician-designed, 100% organic cotton Sleepea 5-Second Swaddle takes all the guesswork out of swaddling thanks to its genius inner bands that secure your little one comfortably and safely all sleep long. At Target, there are nine colors to choose from, including Sky Stars, Ivory Planets, and Midnight Planets making Sleepea the perfect Target baby gift! PS: Did you know that Sleepea features snaps at the shoulders to allow little ones to safely sleep arms-free? (Find out why swaddling helps newborns sleep.)

Target Baby Gift: White Noise Lovey

The American Academy of Pediatrics attests that every child needs a comfort object in their early years for emotional support, making SNOObear an honest-to-goodness must-add to your Target baby gift registry! But SNOObear is more than just a lovey, it’s also a responsive white noise machine. SNOObear plays the award-winning SNOO sounds, plus three other comforting rhythms for 30 or 60 minutes and then “pays attention” for three more hours, ready to start up again if your little one starts to fuss. At Target you can choose from Cream or Brown plush, both of which are softer than soft!

Target Baby Gift: Smart Bassinet

Don’t forget to add SNOO to your Target baby registry checklist! Simply locate SNOO on and click “add to registry,” sit back and wait for the baby—and the ZZZ’s—to arrive. While there are undoubtedly lots of bassinets and cribs available at Target, SNOO is the only pediatrician-designed smart bassinet sold at Target—or anywhere—that uses doctor-approved white noise, gentle all-night rocking, and a swaddling system that keeps babies safely on their backs all sleep long. Learn more about how SNOO’s safe rocking helps to keep babies snoozing.

Target Baby Gift: SNOO Sack

Whether you register at Target or through Happiest Baby, SNOO comes with three free white SNOO Sacks (in small, medium, and large) made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton! But chances are, you’ll want to add a few more SNOO Sacks to your baby gift registry. After all, blowouts and spit-ups happen! At Target, you can choose from eight popular color ways, including Rose Planets, Teal Planets, and Graphite Stars.

Target Baby Gift: Bassinet Sheets

Of course, you’ll want to add bassinet sheets to your Target baby gift registry, too. But don’t willy-nilly select any ol fitted bassinet sheets! It’s imperative that your bassinet sheets fit snugly on your SNOO mattress so that the bedding does not roll up. To guarantee a perfect fit, go for SNOO Fitted Sheets, which are specially designed to hug SNOO’s mattress safely. Plus, they’re sourced from the softest, high-quality 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, providing the comfort little one’s crave while snoozing. 

Target Baby Gift: Bassinet Mosquito Net

If you’re looking to keep mosquitoes, flies, even curious cats out of your SNOO, the only safe choice is Shoo, designed to fit SNOO to a T! To add Shoo to your Target baby gift registry, simply visit the Happiest Baby shop on, click on Shoo, then press “Add to registry.” Easy-peasy!

Target Baby Gift: Books!

Babies aren’t the only ones who need books! To set yourself up for parenting—and sleep—success add Dr. Harvey Karp’s bestselling parenting books The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep and The Happiest Toddler on the Block to your Target baby gift registry. You can also add Dr. Karp’s groundbreaking The Happiest Baby on The Block—and all Happiest Baby productsto your baby registry via our site’s universal registry. Here, you can create your dream one-stop-baby-store-shop that combines all your favorite Target baby gifts (think: diapers and wipes!), plus the must-haves from Happiest Baby, including gift cards for SNOO rentals.


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