The holidays are an exciting time…but they also can be a little stressful. How can you manage difficult situations, your tot’s taste buds, and travel this Thanksgiving? Read on for some tips.

Prepare for the Journey

Whether you’re flying, driving, or taking a train, it will pay off to be prepared for the road ahead. Bring plenty of distractions like books, stickers, travel-friendly games, and stuffed animals. And, try not to feel too bad if you lean on your tablet or laptop and let your usual screen time guidelines go out the window. Anything that makes your trip easier is okay! Once you’re back home, you can go back to your regular rules. (See our tips for keeping sleep on track during travel!)

Be Prepared for Allergies

If your little one is old enough to talk, make sure they’re aware of their allergies so that they can be on guard against eating something they shouldn’t. Of course, you’ll be looking out for them too, but teach them to say “I’m allergic to XYZ” before they put anything in their mouths when someone gives them food. Bring any necessary over-the-counter treatments or prescription drugs you need, so you’re not trying to find a pharmacy in a pinch.

Offer Alternative Greetings

Some children aren’t comfortable with hugging or kissing relatives when they greet them. Prepare your little one in advance by giving them other them other options. Things like waving, extending their hand for a handshake, giving a high-five, or saying “nice to see you” are all acceptable alternatives. Make sure they know they don’t have to hug or kiss anyone but they should greet their family members and be polite and respectful. Kindness and smiles are an added bonus.

Bring Toys to Events

When visiting a family member or friend’s house, you can never be quite sure how much entertainment there will be for your children. That’s why it’s important to bring portable toys and entertainment with you. Think about bringing a tablet with videos or a small coloring book with crayons. Anything to keep your little one happy! Same goes for restaurants. Big group outings take a long time, and you never know when your child will reach the end of their rope during a long meal.

Watch Out For Choking Hazards

Make sure you keep turkey bones and other choking hazards out of your little one’s reach. As always, food should be the correct size for them to eat for their age, size, or developmental stage. If any of your hosts, family, or friends don’t have kids, they may not know potential risks or appropriate sizes of foods they can share with your child. Let them know whether or not your child can chew and that your child can only eat things of a certain size, to prevent choking.

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