If you’re considering getting a tattoo to honor your child, to celebrate your journey through parenthood, or pay tribute to your growing family, then you already know that there’s an unfathomable amount of parent tattoo options out there! Whether you’re into watercolor tattoos, line drawing, photo-real, minimalist tattoos, or something in between, you’re bound to be intrigued and inspired by the tasteful parent tattoo options here. Which one will you choose? 

Fingerprint Heart Tattoo for Parents

Tattoo Ideas for Parents: fingerprint heart tattoo
Image: layla_tatt00

Couple the symbol of love—the heart—with your child’s unique-to-them fingerprint for a decidedly personal tattoo to honor your special bond.   

Mother and Child Symbol Tattoo

Tattoo ideas for parents: mother and child symbol tattoo
Image: Tatteco

Recognize the connection you share with your child with this elegant tattoo featuring entwined lines that resemble the infinity sign. What better way to celebrate the never-ending bond you share!

Year of the Rabbit Tattoo for Parents

Parent tattoo ideas: Year of the rabbit tattoo for parents
Image: Tattoodo

If your sweet pea was born between January 22, 2023, and February 9, 2024, you’ve got yourself a lucky little Rabbit, one of 12 animals that make up the Chinese Zodiac. So, why not honor your year-of-the-rabbit baby with a wee bunny tattoo? PS: Babies born between February 1, 2022 and January 21, 2023 arrived to this world during the year of the tiger and those coming between February 10, 2024 and January 28, 2025 will be in the year of the dragon.

Child’s Initials Tattoo for Parents

Tattoo ideas for parents: child's initials tattoo
Image: simple.sally.designs

Whether you’re highlighting one child’s initials or the first letter of two children’s first names, two little letters (with a bonus heart) packs a heartfelt punch.

Mother and Child Silhouette Tattoo

Tattoo ideas for parents: mother and child tattoo
Image: juan_blat_tatuajes

Delicate and sweet, this minimalist mother and child tattoo is a beautifully modern way to display your timeless love for your child.

Birth Years Tattoo

Tattoo ideas for parents: Birth years tattoo for parents

Image: ladnie.ink

Yes, numbers can be sentimental, too. This ink job features important birth years. For yours, consider getting your own birth year (and possibly your partner’s) tattooed on your skin, along with those of your children for a simple numerical tribute. 

Crayon Hearts Tattoo for Parents

Tattoo ideas for parents: Crayon hearts tattoo 
Image: nany_nyc

The technicolor joy of childhood is perfectly captured in this crayon-style hearts tattoo. Consider having a heart inked for each of your children—or do one for every member of the family.

Family Portrait Tattoo

Tattoo ideas for parents: Family portrait tattoo
Image: teddyxtattoo

Turn a cherished family photo into a remarkable tattoo. This modern take—with bold black lines—is nothing short of striking.

Stick Figure Family Tattoo

Tattoo ideas for parents: stick figure family tattoo
Image: SvenHStore

There’s no reason to relegate the good ol’ stick figure family to the back windshield! Instead, immortalized your clan in stick figure form on your body—as a tattoo! This fun family tattoo idea will surely bring you a lifetime of smiles.

Child’s Handwriting Tattoo for Parents

Parent tattoo ideas: child's handwriting tattoo
Image: Pop Sugar

While you’ll have to wait until your little one can write their own name, the results of this child’s name tattoo are undeniably perfect!

Name and Birthdate Tattoo for Parents

Tattoo ideas for parents: Name and birthdate tattoo
Image: tattoobast_et

Dainty and sweet, this baby name and birthdate tattoo really brings out the awwws thanks to the addition of two teeny, precious hearts. It’s a swoon-worthy tattoo for any parent!

C-Section Rainbow Baby Tattoo

Tattoo ideas for parents: C-section tattoo idea
Image: Bored Panda

Transform your cesarean section scar into a permanent piece of artwork that also honors your rainbow baby? Perfection!

Baby Handprint Tattoo

Parent tattoo ideas: Baby handprint tattoo

Image: minnietattooart

Thanks to this tattoo, your baby will always be a baby—at least on your body! Simply bring your little one’s tiny handprint (or footprint) to your favorite tattoo parlor and ask them to preserve this moment in time for you—permanently.

Zodiac Constellation Tattoo for Parents

Tattoo ideas for parents: zodiac constellation tattoo
Image: hidebyhide

No matter if you’ve got a Sagittarius (above), an Aquarius, a Capricorn, or another member of the Zodiac in your brood, they each have a constellation to match their astrological sign. Inking one on your body will forever connect you to your shining star! (Related: Learn what your child’s astrological sign says about them!)

Script Child’s Name Tattoo for Parents

Parent tattoo ideas: child's name in script tattoo

Image: terotetuje

Inking your child’s name on your body is, of course, a classic parent tattoo option. This version, in a lovely cursive, is tasteful and beautiful way to go.

Celtic Motherhood Knot Tattoo

Tattoo ideas for parents: Celtic mother tattoo
Image: Tatteco

The Celtic motherhood knot is a variation of the iconic trinity knot, which is a circle interwoven with a continuously flowing three-point symbol. But with the mom-focused version, there are knots with a number of hearts, each one signifying another child. No matter how many hearts are in your tattoo, this special design symbolizes the everlasting connection between you and your little one.

Color Family Portrait Tattoo

Tattoo ideas for parents: Family portrait tattoo
Image: saegeemtattoo

This brush-stroke tattoo featuring a muted palette is another stunning and modern take on a family portrait tattoo. 

Child’s Lovey Tattoo for Parents

Tattoo ideas for parents: child's lovey tattoo
Image: nany_nyc

Babies and toddlers love their loveys! Choosing to tattoo your little one’s favorite snuggly friend on your body is an adorable and sentimental way to hold onto the sweetness of this unmistakable childhood bond.

Holding Hands and Birthdate Tattoo for Parents

Parent tattoo ideas: holding hands tattoo
Image: layla_tatt00

Capture the beauty of your baby’s tiny hand grasping your finger with this simple line drawn tattoo, complete with your baby’s birthday. 

Siblings Silhouette Tattoo for Parents

Parent tattoo ideas: siblings tattoo
Image: juan_blat_tatuajes

Bring along a few photo options of your children and collaborate with your tattoo artist to forever capture the innocence of your babies in a delicate line drawing tattoo.

Row of Tiny Hearts Tattoo for Parents

Parent tattoo ideas: row of hearts
Image: winterstone

One heart for each child or one heart for each member of your family: No matter how you choose to make this family tattoo your own, it’ll surely warm your heart.

Watercolor Child’s Name Tattoo

Parent tattoo ideas: watercolor name tattoo
Image: juan_blat_tatuajes

This child’s name tattoo comes with a colorful twist! Watercolor tattoos are both classic and trendy—and they require a skilled artist. If you’re hoping to replicate this design, do your research to ensure you have a tattoo artist who has studied this newer craft.

Zodiac Sign Tattoo for Parents

 Parent tattoo ideas: zodiac sign tattoo
Image: rize.ink

If you’re not into constellation tattoos but are still itching to showcase your child’s astrology sign on your body, look no further than this teeny, yet bold zodiac tattoo idea!

Hand-Drawn Child Tattoo for Parents

Parent tattoo ideas: hand-drawn child tattoo
Image: vlinki_

Got a picture of your little one that melts your heart? Bring it to a talented tattoo artist who can morph it into a one-of-a-kind line drawing tat!

Mother and Two Children Tattoo

Tattoo ideas for parents: Mothers and two children tattoo
Image: Tatteco

Another Celtic symbol, this one is perfect for a mother of two. The top loop represents you and the bottom two in the center symbolize your children. Some moms choose to complement their Celtic tattoo with the Irish words Grá Máthair (a mother’s love) or Grá Mo Chroí (the love of my heart).

Family Names Tattoo for Parents

Tattoo ideas for parents: family names tattoo
Image: rize.ink

What do you get when you combine an infinity tattoo with your children’s names? This subtle showstopper of an ink job!


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