Picking out a baby name? Nah. Going to birthing class? Nope. Sharing your I’m-Expecting news with your friends and family? Hmmm, maybe. Neck and neck for the most exciting part of getting ready for a baby is designing and setting up their nursery. And when you’re starting with SNOO as your nursery centerpiece, the possibilities are truly endless! SNOO’s sleek, classic design works with nearly any style choice. Need proof? We’ve rounded up a handful of our favorite baby nurseries—from bold and bright, modern and sleek, to neutral classics—and all featuring SNOO. SNOO inspiration ahead!

SNOO Nursery With Accent Wall

Image: @life_with_linn

Why settle for a pop of paint color, when you can punch up your baby’s nursery with a unique wallpaper pick, like this modern moon pattern? The celestial scene is beautifully offset by the warm neutrals of leather ottoman, SNOO, and, of course the cutie camel! (More dreamy wallpaper designs for your baby’s nursery.)

Sophisticated Black SNOO Nursery

Image: @nathanmichael

Styling a nursery for a future sophisticate has never been easier! This one-of-a-kind SNOO nursery features rich black walls, well-placed wall molding, luxurious velvet accents, vibrant art, and, of course, the pièce de résistance: SNOO!

Whimsical and Classic SNOO Nursery

DIY Decor Mom

What a fab mix of classic and whimsy! SNOO’s clean, mid-century vibes perfectly complement the playfulness of the bunny wallpaper, 3-D butterfly flourish, and sprinkling of rainbow dots. Any baby would adore this unique space. (More whimsy this way!)

Small-Space SNOO Nursery

Image: @karacookstyle

SNOO can elevate the style of even the tiniest of baby nurseries. Just take a look at this sweet nook conversion off Mama and Dada’s main bedroom! We especially love how the antique charm of the changing station and braided rug harmonizes with SNOO’s classic style perfectly. (More small nursery ideas.)

Muted Rainbow SNOO Nursery

Image: @brunatenorio 

The gray accent wall looks positively sunny in this gorgeous gender-neutral SNOO nursery. Featuring billowy clouds and the muted rainbow tones of the precious name art and woven wall hanging, this SNOO nursery couldn’t look any dreamier! (More rainbow nursery inspo.)

Black and White SNOO Nursery

Image: @ashleeknichols

Polka dots and gingham? Yes, please! Mixing black and white patterns—plus adding a neutral textured rug and the sleek elegance of SNOO—sets this black and white nursery apart. Discover more black and white nursery ideas.

Geometric SNOO Nursery

Image: @hesheandpup

This fresh nursery design is really working the geometry angle! The sharp edges of the mural, shelving, and SNOO’s hairpin legs, are the just-right contrast to the comforting curve of the SNOO’s mesh bassinet.

Night Safari SNOO Nursery

Image: @augustaj

The starry night sky, animal prints, and sweet giraffe set the tone for a wondrous nighttime safari for your little one to embark on in their dreams. Don’t worry, though, SNOO will ensure safe sleep no matter where their adventure takes them! (More giraffe nursery ideas.)

Chocolate-Covered SNOO Nursery

Image: @sincerelyjules

It turns out, shades of brown are the latest rich neutrals parents are using to paint their nurseries. This warm and cozy SNOO nursery hits the trend hard, layering flowy curtains, antique-inspired furniture, soft throws, and—of course—the sweet elegance of SNOO. (Which paint color is right for your nursery?)

Pop-of-Color SNOO Nursery

Image: @prepandrally

Neutrals with a zesty twist make this SNOO nursery a cut above! The orange pop on the comforter, the crib, and the custom name plaque gives this gender-neutral nursery staying power.

Bold Floral SNOO Nursery

Image: @christinaloewen

Delicate, demure, soft, and shy: Not these florals! SNOO’s clean and subtle lines are the ideal pairing for this bold statement of oversized flowers atop a black backdrop. This baby nursery is a for-sure stand-out! (Check out more floral nursery ideas.)

Touch of Gold SNOO Nursery

Images: @myleik

The lion definitely sleeps tonight in this golden-hued nursery, thanks to SNOO! The handsome lion portrait, the stuffed jungle cat, plus the black and white geometrics all work together to add a splash of playfulness to this sophisticated SNOO nursery.

Sunshiny SNOO Nursery

Image: @joyfullygreen

The vibrant mural and unique neon sign in this nursery required a stylish bassinet that didn’t dominate. SNOO fit the bill! Craving more mural inspo? Check out these nursery mural ideas sure to elevate your baby’s space.

Natural SNOO Nursery

Image: @katiedreamcatcher

This calming white and gray nursery needed a few natural elements to warm the space. Enter: natural wood tones, greenery, and SNOO! (Fawn over even more neutral baby nurseries, perfect for boys and girls.)

SNOO Accessories for Your Nursery

  • Sky Mobile: It’s the only pediatrician-designed baby mobile designed to safely secure to SNOO.

  • SNOO Sheets: Buttery soft organic cotton sheets are a must-have SNOO accessory.

  • SNOO Sacks: Match your baby to the decor! Which color or pattern is your fave?

  • SNOO Low Legs: Bring SNOO down to a lower level for easy-peasy peaking!

  • SNOO Zoo: Amp up your safari-themed nursery with the ultimate SNOO add-on.

  • Shoo: Help keep pesky insects—and curious cats—out of your baby’s sleep space.

  • Leg Lifters: They’re for when the doctor recommends gently—and safely—elevating Baby’s head for stuffiness or spitting up. 

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