Mid Century Modern Nursery Reveal

Their little girl’s nursery definitely wouldn’t be precious and pink—that just wouldn’t fit the aesthetic of Krista Ööpik and Peter Filsinger’s house: a mid-century modern beauty with a 180-degree view of the Pacific, complete with a butterfly roof and terrazzo floors.

Krista, a fashion accessory designer and artist, and her husband Peter, a radiologist, had spent a total of 8 years—5 to design and build and 3 to lovingly decorate the interior—to turn their vision for minimalist, indoor-outdoor living into the beloved space they call home.

Designing the modern nursery for their daughter Aila had some challenges, due to being smack in the middle of a house with so much glass. Also, two doors opened into the room.

“From a million different angles in the house you look directly into the nursery. I didn’t want to see a diaper pail,” explained Krista. “I really wanted the room to continue to work with the rest of the house.”

“Since I am a visual person and in the creative field, I needed something visual to be in the room from the very beginning,” Krista told us. She put an early ultrasound of her daughter in a frameto inspire her as she designed the space.

“I grew up with wallpaper as a child, and I remember daydreaming about the designs.”

Her design was built around a black-black-and white wallpaper from Cole & Son: "I grew up with wallpaper as a child, and I remember daydreaming about the designs. So, I wanted a very cool graphic." It’s perfect for sparking dreams of exploring the jungle…but mature enough to last well beyond the baby stage. She strategically placed it on a single wall—one that’s not in view from the outside looking in.

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Krista then chose the herringbone rug for its classic design and soft play surface. And, after lusting for a scuffed-up mid-century bookshelf Krista saw online, she had a replica built and painted Hague Blue. The retro toys that fill the shelves were Krista’s as a child.

Happiest Baby’s SNOO Smart Sleeper was a “no-brainer” choice for Aila’s bed. The couple loved the sleek design, and several trusted friends raved about how well the high-tech bassinet boosted sleep.

In addition, a friend’s baby had recently passed away from SIDS, so safety was a top priority. Being a doctor, Peter fully understood the importance of infants being on their back to sleep. He was drawn to SNOO’s unique safety feature—a swaddle secures to the bed to keep babies on the back.

Krista couldn’t be happier with the decision. After just one night in SNOO, Aila’s sleep began to improve. At the start of month 2, Aila began sleeping 11 hours through the night…and still does at 5 months.

“I wanted core pieces that I could use throughout the rest of my house.”

When you’re an artist’s daughter, your room is filled with eye-catching objects. “I wanted core pieces that I could use throughout the rest of my house,” said Krista.

The mirror above the changing table is by Gio Ponti, a sculptor Krista admires. The animal figurines are Jonathan Adler.

Krista aimed to re-create a needlepoint animal wall-hanging she loved as a child. She found and framed the adorable embroidered Coral & Tusk animals pictured above. How clever is this? Krista Velcro-ed each one to a linen backdrop and frame opens up so the creatures can be taken out for play.

As with so many great designs, in little Aila’s nursery, it’s the details that delight!

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