Janet Kang isn’t an interior designer but you wouldn’t know that by looking at the dreamy neutral nursery she designed for her daughter Lulu.

Janet works in banking but was always interested in interior design and decided to use Lulu’s nursery as a creative outlet. And it worked! Take a look at these gorgeous details.

Janet wanted Lulu’s nursery to be relaxing and soothing but also the right amount of stimulating. One example of that balance? The gorgeous wallpaper designed by Sian Zeng.

Making a Statement with a Mural in the Nursery

“I must have looked at hundreds of prints and murals,” Janet said. “I knew I wanted to do something kind of graphic to add a different dimension to the room.”

Finally, she stumbled across the wallpaper she ended up choosing—a beautiful print with black, white, and gray tones. And there’s even more to the wallpaper story.

“What I selected is a nod to Lulu’s ancestry because it was made by a Chinese artist and my husband is Chinese-Costa Rican,” Janet said.


SNOO's Design Fits in with a Neutral Nursery

And luckily, SNOO fits right into this modern neutral nursery.

“It’s beautiful and super modern and clean,” Janet said. “And there’s a lot of bells and whistles but they’re hidden into the device itself.”

Janet used SNOO Smart Baby Sleeper with Low Legs to match her nursery decor. Shop SNOO and Low Legs in our store!

Janet also added a day bed which doubles as a place for the family to hang out when they’re in the room and a place for one parent to sleep during the night. They’ve found that taking shifts works best for their family.

And of course, no nursery would be complete without bookshelves.

Lulu’s bookshelves are purposefully close to the ground so she can choose her own books when she gets older. Each book was given to Lulu at her baby shower and inscribed with a dedication. Before they read a book, Janet reads the inscription to remind Lulu who bought her each book and just how loved she is!

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