Toddlers need a new publicist because they have a bad reputation. We call them terrible twos, threenagers, and “effing” fours (can’t say the real word in front of a toddler!). Is that really fair?

It’s no secret that the toddler years are challenging, but in between all of the tantrums and standoffs, their little personalities are beginning to flourish in remarkable ways. Maybe those terrible twos are actually terrific, depending on how you look at them.

Sure, a toddler will occasionally bite you. But they will also love you like no on else. They will super love you. And that’s just of many superpowers you may not have realized your toddler has. Here are eight more superpowers that make toddlers so great.

Super Cuteness

When they’ve spilled Cheerios all over the floor but the delight in their chubby cheeked smile makes you totally forgive them, that’s the power of Super Cuteness.

Super Hilarity

Your toddler will crack you up on a regular basis, especially when trying to pronounce new words. Wear your “baby soup” to the pool, bring a “rainbrella” when the weather is bad, and always have plenty of “psketti” and “strawbabies” in your kitchen. Toddler language is the best!

Super Determination

When there’s a problem, toddlers aren’t afraid to take matters into their own hands to solve it. Hungry? Those doggie treats should do the trick! Hair getting in their eyes? So that’s what Mama’s scissors are for! Truly, you’ll be amazed at their ingenuity.

Super Curiosity

Toddlers are little scientists who wonder how everything works. That’s why they always follow you into bathroom. What you lose in privacy you gain in incredible conversation starters, like “Why is Mama’s belly so squishy?”

Super Confidence

Unlike their self-conscious parents, toddlers live free of shame and embarrassment. That’s why they find their own farts hilarious and sometimes show up naked to the breakfast table.

Super Stylish

Nobody can put together an outfit like a toddler. Striped pants, flowered shirt, tiara, rain boots, and cape? Work that runway, toddler.

Super Empathy

Sure, toddlers can be selfish sometimes (mine, mine, mine!) but they also care deeply about others’ feelings, from yours to their stuffed animals’. If you’ve ever melted at the sight of your toddler kissing the cat’s boo-boo, you know what we mean.

Super Affectionate

When a toddler snuggles into your lap for storytime, falls asleep on you while you stroke their hair, softly pats your cheek, squeezes your body with all their might, rains butterfly kisses on your face, or runs into your arms when you pickup from daycare, that’s Super Affection, and it’s the best. 

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