One of the toughest aspects of parenting during a pandemic has been balancing the desire to limit or avoid screen time with our new reality. For many parents who are faced with working from home while simultaneously caring their young kids, screen-time can be a lifesaver…but that doesn’t mean we want to give a toddler free rein with a tablet!  

So, if you’re looking for options that are wholesome, educational, and engrossing enough to give you time to hop on a Zoom, plow through spreadsheets, or work toward a deadline, check out these 12 educational apps for toddlers and preschoolers. They’ll keep your tot entertained…while also engaging their little brains.

Endless ABC by Originator Inc.

Endless ABC is perfect for little kids learning pre-literacy and beginning spelling skills. Through fun, modern graphics and interactive puzzles, kids learn what each letter looks and sounds like as they build words and a robust vocabulary. This educational app for toddlers includes options for expansion packs that include more words, Spanish, math, and even early reading. 

ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy

ABC Mouse is a wonderful academic curriculum for kids ages 2 through 8 and includes reading, math, science, art, and colors. This subscription-based educational website will help kids discover a love of learning while building critical thinking skills. The subscription includes 10 learning levels, 850 lessons, and more than 9,000 individual learning activities.

Prodigy Math Game

This adaptive math game gives kids as young as 3 a chance to stretch and build on their arithmetic and problem-solving skills. With more than 1,300 skills between grades 1 and 8, kids will get a great boost on their math knowledge while also having a blast. 

Gus on the Go

Looking to teach your child a new language? Gus on the Go is perfect for preschoolers. Kids and parents will have a blast learning from more than 30 different languages through interactive storytelling, games, songs, and more. 

Barefoot World Atlas

Get your kids excited about geography with this fun educational app that will take you and you family all the way around the world. Kids will dive deep into different geographical locales and learn about everything from weather and animals to landmarks and famous features.

ABC Music

Music and arts are so important for kids, which is why ABC Music has found its way onto our list. Kids can explore the world of music and learn about different kinds of music, instruments, musical vocabulary and so much more.

Artie’s World

This guided drawing app helps kids learn fundamental art skills while have a super fun time. This educational app is intended for kids as young as 4, and although it doesn’t require any reading, it comes with more than 15 language options. 

PBS Kids Games

Who doesn’t love PBS? PBS Kids Games’ educational app includes hundreds of games to play that will teach kids important educational skills from math, science, reading, and arts to problem-solving, social skills, and so much more. Kids will love the sounds and graphic...not to mention all the fun they’ll have while learning important skills at the same time. 

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Preschool aged kids will love this fun, interactive educational app that teaches them all about healthy eating through teaching patterns, shapes, colors, and how to identify different foods.

LEGO® App4+

LEGO is a timeless toy that kids already know and love. Their awesome educational app for preschoolers gives kids as young as 4 the chance to learn building and problem-solving skills by designing and building their own truck then driving it through a course where they can earn points and unlock different levels.


The fun games on this educational app are aligned with academic standards, covering subjects from numbers, math, geometry and measurement to reading, music, and colors. Available for kids from pre-K to third grade! 

The Robot Factory

Perfect for kids ages 5 and up, this STEM-based science app allows kids to use and build on STEM skills to invent, create, and test out robots that they can add to their virtual robot collection.

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