Whether your family celebrates it in a religious manner or as a rite of spring, Easter is a super fun celebration for kids. After all, there’s plenty to get egg-cited about: Easter baskets, egg hunts, and the first signs of the new season. To help your toddler get into the spirit of the holiday, we've rounded up a fun list of Easter activities that are sure to put a smile on their face. 

Tissue Paper Stained Glass Easter Activity

  easter activities - tissue paper stained glass

Image and activity via Michael’s

Tissue paper stained glass is a fun Easter activity for toddlers that lets them get their hands messy with and then have a lovely piece of art to show for it. Experiment with shapes and create an Easter scene with bunnies and eggs.

Easter Egg Rescue Game for Toddlers

Image and activity via Happy Toddler Playtime

Your toddler might think they're just having fun, but this Easter egg activity doubles as a STEM activity that helps build fine-motor and problem-solving skills. This game is hours of fun and will extend beyond the holiday.  

Egg Paint Art Toddler Activity

Images and activity via kidsactivities.com

Grab some brightly colored construction paper, some paint, and some plastic eggs, and your little one will have all they need to dazzle friends and family with this super cute Easter art project. Create cards, wall art, or even wrapping paper!  

Peeps Playdough for Toddlers

Images and activity via Growing a Jeweled Rose

Toddlers love to play with dough—and who can blame them? The squishy tactile feeling can be soothing, not to mention the hours of entertainment creating little sculptures. Grab some Peeps marshmallows and make this one-of-a-kind edible playdough for toddlers.  

Footprint Bunny Photo Easter Activity

Image and activity via Crafty Morning

Toddlers will love stepping in paints for this Easter-inspired photo shoot. With few materials and plenty of laughs, you'll be making memories and grabbing some sweet shots of your kids in no time.  

Wobbly Easter Egg Race for Toddlers

Image and activity via And Next Comes L

Who says Easter can't include some friendly competition? Those plastic Easter eggs will come in handy for this fun toddler racing game that will get your kids experimenting with how heavy it is to make an egg and how high it is to build a ramp. 

Easter Sensory Bin for Toddlers

Image and activity via Busy Toddler

We love this sensory bin idea that helps toddlers explore textures while making some Easter-inspired discoveries. The best part? Your curious toddler can make a huge mess without getting that mess all over your floors, thanks to the giant bin.  

Pin the Tail on the Bunny 

Image and activity via From ABCs to ACTs

This holiday-inspired twist on the classic pin-the-tail game will have all the kids in your family excited, especially toddlers. Use this Easter activity to help your toddler master some language skills by asking your child to name the shapes and colors after they've pinned those fuzzy tails. 

Threading Easter Activity for Toddlers

Image and activity via Toddler at Play

Threading activities for toddlers are a fantastic way to help them build their hand-eye coordination and fine-motor skills while also building up their self-confidence as they see their fabulous creations come to life. We love this sweet Easter-inspired egg threading game for toddlers that utilizes bright colors and simple shapes. 

Easter Egg Bath Toddler Activity

Image and activity via Happy Toddler Playtime

Why not use bath time as an excuse to play? Grab some colored plastic bowls and toss some colored plastic Easter eggs into the bath and let your child go to town using slotted spoons and spatulas to try and scoop the eggs out of the water and into a corresponding bowl.

Pom-Pom Easter Egg Painting Activity for Toddlers

Image and activity via Crafty Morning 

This Easter activity is terrific because your toddler can help you create the paintbrushes and even set up the project. Your kiddo will have a blast making lots of colorful masterpieces. Try drawing lines or spelling your child's name and asking them to dot the lines with paint.

Sponge Painting Easter Activity for Toddlers

Image and activity via The Best Ideas for Kids

Nothing could be simpler than this Easter sponge painting project. Grab a few sponges and cut out some seasonal shapes like bunnies, eggs, paws, and carrots. Add a few colorful paints, and you've got one happy toddler!

Egg Hunt Sensory Bag for Toddlers

Image and activity via Happy Toddler Playtime 

Sensory bags are weirdly addictive to play with, even for adults. We love this Easter sensory bag project that will have your toddler squishing shapes and colors together to complete an egg hunt. 

Egg Tower Easter Activity for Toddlers

Image and activity via Frugal Fun 4 Boys

How tall can you build your egg tower? That's the big question in this amusing game that will have your kids smiling from ear-to-ear. With a few common materials like cardboard and straws, and—of course—those ubiquitous, brightly colored plastic eggs, you can get your toddler started on this STEM-inspired building activity. 

Egg Rockets Easter Activity for Kids

Image and activity via Team Cartwright

Dazzle your toddlers with this science-based physics activity: Easter egg rockets! Littles will need some grown-up help with this one, and although the explosion isn't massive, it might seem scary to very young children. 

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