Kids and art go together like PB & J. All the bright colors, hands-on exploration, and, of course, the exciting messes that are actually parent-sanctioned. Toddler art activities can be a brilliant way to teach kids all kinds of concepts from counting and colors to following directions and exploring their imagination. Check out these 20 toddler art projects that don’t require a ton of materials or time to put together with kids. 

Nature Print Art Activity for Toddlers

This art project for toddlers and preschoolers is also a great way to get little kids into nature. Go outside and find different leaves and ferns to bring back and use in this colorful printmaking project. 

Pointillism Art Project for Toddlers

Kids might not know that some very famous works of art were made entirely out of dots! Try making your own fun pictures with some Q-tips, paint, and a wild imagination. 

Tissue Paper Art Project for Toddlers

Kids can layer primary colors to make new colors in this fun project that gives them the chance to cut, rip, and glue paper to create beautiful pieces of art. 

Drip Paint Name Art Project for Toddlers

Little kids will love learning how to spell their names with this fun and super easy painting project. With only a few inexpensive supplies, kids can make their own name signs to hang on the fridge or their bedroom doors. 

Mondrian Heart Art Project for Preschoolers

Kids can learn about the artist Mondrian and how to use geometrical designs to create fun piece of art they can display for family and friends. 

Flying Owl Paper Plate Toddler Art Project

With a little bit of prep from Mom or Dad, even toddlers can have fun making this flying owl project that they can play with long after art time is all done for the day.

Straw Blown Germy Toddler Art Project

Talk about a great way to explain germs to kids. This fun and colorful straw blown preschool painting project can double as a lesson on what germs are and how to keep them at bay. 

Foil Printed Moon Toddler Craft

Printmaking is a wonderful toddler art project on its own but add a dash of science and it gets even better. This fun moon printing project will have your tot asking all kinds of great questions about the night sky. 

Kandinsky Circle Flowers Toddler Art Project

Another fun artist for little kids to explore is Kandinsky and his colorful concentric circles. With a little bit of help, kids can layer paper in bright colors to create their own versions of his famous paintings. 

Paper Bag Jellyfish Toddler Art Activity

These fun paper bag jellyfish are great because kids get to use their imaginations to create sea creatures with paint and googly eyes and then they have a puppet to act out fun underwater scenes when craft time is all over. 

DIY Kaleidoscope Preschool Art Project

With the help of your little ones, choose some fun, glittery, beads and other tiny things to make this wild DIY Kaleidoscope for kids.

Shaving Cream Marbled Paper Toddler Art Project

This is a super fun, tactile toddler art project that will leave you with a fresh stack of beautifully marbled paper that your kids can use for other projects later on.

Surprise Ferocious Creatures Preschool Art Project

Kids will laugh this hilarious preschool art project that they can use to prank their family with. With some simple directions and a little help, even little kids can create this goofy surprise creature.

Raised Salt Toddler Painting

Did you know you can paint with salt? Kids will love all the fun ways they can create with this messy kitchen staple. Try writing names, drawing pictures, and more.

Leaf People Toddler Art Project

Another fun way to incorporate nature is this cute toddler art project that gives little kids the chance to explore the backyard and then turn their leaf discoveries into art.

Rock Photo-Holder Preschool Art Activity

Not only are these rock photo-holders super fun to make, they are also a fabulous gift for little kids to make for their family during the holiday season (or for birthdays!). You’ll definitely want to display their finished work. 

Under the Sea Paper Plate Preschool Craft

What do fish need to be happy? Water, rocks, and seaweed, maybe? This is a fun, layered toddler art project that helps kids learn about the life of sea creatures as they create their little under sea habitat on a paper plate.

Stacked Cardboard Toddler Art Sculptures

If you have a few Amazon boxes kicking around then you’re going to love this fun sculptural project, perfect for kids of all ages. Note: The grown-up in charge should take over the gluing aspect, if you are using a hot glue gun, as this blogger recommends. Perhaps your kiddo could do the stacking and painting, and you could do the gluing, or you could use a more kid-friendly glue.

Craft Stick Dragonfly Toddler Craft

Kids of all ages can have a blast building their own dragonflies with this simple and easy toddler art project that uses craft sticks, glue, and whatever small notions you have on hand from ribbons to buttons to glittery paint.

TP Roll Race Cars Toddler Art Activity

Save those toilet paper rolls! Your kids will have an epic adventure creating these adorable cars out of basic crafts and then racing them across the floor when art time is all done.

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