Want some ZZZ’s…for FREE?

We’ve been thrilled to hear so many SNOOzers sing the praises of our SNOO rental program! We’re incredibly grateful for all of the well-rested moms and dads who have helped spread the word about the safest, smartest baby bed…and now we want to give our happy SNOO families something in return. To say thank you, we’ve launched a referral program! 

Here’s how it works: On our refer-a-friend page, enter the email addresses of people you think would be interested in renting SNOO. For every friend who rents SNOO for a month, you’ll get a $30 Happiest Baby gift card, and your friend will get $30 off their rental. It’s win-win! And, you can rack up as many gift cards as friends you refer (up to 26 total!)…so don’t be shy! 

Ready to spread the word—and the sweet dreams? Refer a friend now

NOTE: Currently we’re only offering our refer-a-friend bonus to those who refer renters. To qualify, your referred friend must rent SNOO for more than one month. The referral bonus cannot be used with other rental discount or promotions. 

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