Mom Hilary Kirwan got two pieces of big news at the same time: She was pregnant, and her husband, an intelligence officer in the Navy, was scheduled to be deployed for two months…the same day she was due. At the time, Hilary and her husband were stationed in Virginia, far away from family.

“I won’t say that put a cloud over my pregnancy, but it changed a lot. It colored how I felt about the baby’s arrival because I was so worried about being alone,” Hilary says. 

As she started browsing baby products, she came across SNOO. Even in a sea of baby gear, SNOO stood out.

“All the other higher quality products promise an increase in quality. SNOO is the only one that says their mission is to provide you with more sleep and more time because they have a scientifically proven methodology,” Hilary remembers. 

Hilary and John decided to take the plunge and buy SNOO.

And fortunately, John’s deployment was delayed by two weeks, allowing him to be by Hilary’s side when their son arrived.

“Our baby took to SNOO  immediately,” she says. “We felt like it was magic—we were living the ‘Jetsons’ lifestyle!”

When John did leave for deployment, Hilary was able to feel confident.

“SNOO was really, really great for me because I was by myself. When he would wake up, it would rock him back to sleep, and if it didn’t, I at least knew he really needed me. I could put him in SNOO and take a shower, and I didn’t have to worry.” 

As an intelligence officer, John doesn’t have to go to sea much, but Hilary sees the potential for SNOO to become a crucial member of other military families.

“It’s amazing the lives a lot of military wives lead,” Hilary says. “I felt like SNOO makes up for the fact that military families that are away from extended family. You get the help having a sister nearby would provide. It’s a machine that serves as that helping hand.”

To this day, her son’s a great sleeper, and Hilary’s looking forward to dusting off SNOO for future kiddos.

“I tell everybody that if you’re going to buy the expensive stroller, you should look at the bassinet that does your job for you. You still have to push the stroller—it doesn’t do everything for you, but SNOO does,” she says. “You will not regret the fact that your child is sleeping more.”

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