To say that Meagan Greenland has her hands full might be an understatement. She runs a business from home where she’s also raising her three daughters, Willow (6), Blair (4), and Penny (13 weeks at the time of our interview).

This multi-tasking mama founded online shop Fawn and Finch during her first maternity leave when her oldest daughter was 6 weeks old. She started by sewing headbands and topknots from home, and gradually moved toward designing kids’ shoes, as well as accessories. Plus, Meagan’s husband, Nathan, is a paramedic, which requires him to spend long hours away from home and alternate between day shifts and night shifts. During the day, he usually has to leave home by 6 a.m., and is often gone for 12 to 14 hours, leaving Meagan to parent solo. 

Still, despite their full hands, Meagan and Nathan knew in their hearts they were ready for baby number three (even if in their heads they had some concerns).   

“One of Nathan’s concerns with a third child was that the others were at a stage where they were finally sleeping through night, and now we were reverting back to zero with an age gap,” Meagan says. “We kept saying, we were on freeway, and now we were diverting onto a bumpy road.” 

Fortunately, SNOO was there to smooth the path from two to three kids. From Penny’s first night in SNOO, she slept three to four hours between feedings!


“When putting children to sleep, you can feel like you’re putting a stick of dynamite to bed. [With my older daughters] it would feel like a big lead-up of anxiety—how much sleep will I get?” Meagan remembers. “But SNOO has made the newborn phase for Nathan and I much more enjoyable.” 

Meagan says SNOO was most helpful when it came to lulling her daughter back to sleep after a feeding. 

“We found with SNOO you can feed and burp [the baby] and put them in SNOO, and it takes out that 30- to 40-minute stint of time where you’d have to settle the baby because it does that for you,” she says. “You are getting more sleep in between since you aren’t doing that settling period.”

SNOO has also helped Meagan feel more present with her other daughters.

“We aren’t doing a bunch of bouncing to get the baby to sleep. We can put Penny down and know she’s safe,” Meagan says. “Life is busy for everyone, so it’s almost like having an extra set of hands around. Even if Penny isn’t due for a nap, we can pop her in SNOO and could cook dinner if we need to. She’s happy to lay in there and rock.”

At 3 months, Penny is in bed at 7 p.m. and sleeps until 6 a.m., giving Meagan and her husband a couple of peaceful hours in the evening to have tea, watch TV, and spend time together. This has been especially helpful in a year where Meagan says her mental wellbeing has “really come under the pump” thanks to the pandemic. 

“We have time for ourselves to do things that fill our buckets,” she says. “It has changed the whole newborn phase. We are better versions of ourselves and better parents to our other children because of SNOO.”

Meagan tells other expecting parents that SNOO is as necessary as a car seat. “SNOO has made such a positive impact, and Penny is a happier baby for it.”

Read Meagan’s full SNOO review here!


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