There are so many decisions to make when it comes to bringing a little baby into the world…including what you’re going to name them. Why don’t we talk more about what a huge responsibility this is?! I mean, you’re choosing what they’ll be identified as for the rest of their lives.

And once you do finally land on the perfect name, there’s another decision to be made: when should you reveal it? There are a few different options here, each with their pros and cons.

Baby Name Reveal Option 1:

Share the Name When You Share the Pregnancy News

Many parents wait until they find out the baby’s gender to share their pregnancy news which totally makes sense because not only are they much less likely to suffer a miscarriage at that point in pregnancy but it’s fun to share the gender at the same time as sharing the pregnancy!

Pro: Lots of families make this choice because they’re so excited by their name choice that they want to share it right away. And it can make impending parenthood feel more real if you have a name to call the baby.

Con: The other side of this decision is that if you share the name after the baby is born, people feel less inhibited about critiquing your choice. If your mother-in-law or best friend thinks your name choice is meh and you’re still pregnant, they may feel more confident in sharing their unsolicited opinions with you. And those opinions can tarnish your feelings on the name you so lovingly picked out.

Baby Name Reveal Option 2: 

Share the Name When the Baby is Born

When you share the news that your little one has made their grand entrance, you can share their name at the same time! This way, everyone automatically associates the name with your baby.

Pro: Keeping a secret can be kind of fun. If only you and your partner know your baby’s name, it can be a bonding experience for the two of you. And if you change your mind, you can change the name without having to let anyone else know!

Con: Friends may think they should bombard you with name options if you haven’t announced the name yet. Be prepared for months of “what about Ava or Ellie?” text messages if you choose this route.

Baby Name Reveal Option 3: 

Share the Name Once You’ve Decided

Announcing a name on your terms may be more your speed if you’ve been indecisive or waiting on the gender. There’s a lot to consider in a name… When you and your partner feel like you’ve found the “one” you may be more inclined to share with others!

Pro: Waiting until that “right” moment means you and your partner are confident in a name and won’t buckle under outside pressures…and it lets others know you don’t need an invitation for more options.

Con: None! When you feel ready then you know it’s the right time!

Baby name reveal ideas

While many parents keep this personal choice close to the vest, others do baby name reveals along with a flashy gender reveal. Others take to social media to post about their newborn’s newly decided name. And some make their baby name reveal part of their baby shower using songs or games to get others to guess. Ultimately, when and how you reveal your little one’s name is up to you! 

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