When you have a new baby at home, it feels like everyone wants to come by and see you (and more importantly, said baby). But home visits can feel overwhelming when you’re a brand-new parent and trying to get acclimated to life with a newborn on very little sleep and no time to yourself. Well-meaning friends and family can feel like a burden instead of a pleasant distraction.  

Enter the sip-and-see! A sip-and-see party not only allows you to consolidate all those visits, it’s also a joyous way to get extended family and friends together to “sip” champagne (or whatever you’re in the mood to serve) and “see” the baby. The emphasis on the sip is a reminder that this is not an occasion you should be overly stressed about ordering or preparing lavish food displays for. It’s typically a mid-morning or late-afternoon, brief affair that allows Mom and Dad to show off their newest addition in a comfortable, pleasant environment… and then (baby-permitting) take a nap. Plus, it’s kind of nice to have something to look forward to after the baby showers, well wishing phone calls, and so on are over. 

Here are some of our favorite, easy and fun ideas for your sip-and-see party to welcome Baby...

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Play Up the Booze at Your Sip-and-See

Photo & To Purchase Invites: Minted 

It may have been nine months since the parents have had a proper cocktail or two, and the sip-and-see is an opportunity to enjoy just that with friends. Adding some drinks imagery to the invite and decor is a cute reminder to friends that you’ve been longing for just this kind of fun with them. 

Sip-and-See Party Book Decor

Photo: Do Say Give

Timeless children’s books serve as the most elegant and precious decorative element at a sip-and-see party for a new baby, yet they’re so easy to employ. Simply create little stacks throughout the space and place food, flowers, and other table display pieces right on top. 

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Baby Face Sip-and-See Decorations

Photo: Ten June Blog

This is about the simplest activity/sip-and-see decor idea ever. Simply adhere pictures of the parents as infants to a chalk- or whiteboard, and invite guests to vote on whom the baby more closely resembles. You can also skip the voting element if you don’t have a board that’s easy to write on, or lay out small pieces of ribbon or other “voting tools” in a bowl beneath two framed pictures of the parents. Guests can move their marker beneath the photo of their choice. 

Sip-and-See Party Sanitization Station

Photo: Project Nursery

New babies are so susceptible to germs; even if you aren’t planning to pass Baby around, it’s wise to create a little sanitizing station by the entrance to encourage guests to clean their hands (and perhaps take off their shoes, if the party is taking place at your home), before joining in on the fun—and meeting the guest of honor.  

Pretty Sip-and-See Party Cutlery

How-To: The Gunny Sack | Photo: Sweetly Chic Events

Okay, new parents, listen up. The last thing you want to deal with after hosting or even just attending your sip-and-see party, is dish duty! Keep it easy with disposable forks and knives that look a little extra cute without much effort… and don’t create work for you later!

Themed Sip-and-See Party Cookies

Photo: @cookiesbychelsea 

Is it even a modern party if the cookies don’t match the theme? Seriously, though, a pretty party treat that can double as an easy favor is the way to go. Pink lemonade and other simple themes are perfect for baby sprinkles… don’t overdo it, don’t overthink it, just enjoy! 

Glam Sip-and-See Party Decorations

Photo: @poparazziballoons 

The idea throughout this piece has been simplicity, but some of us just can’t help ourselves. If you’re one of those “extra” moms or dads...or the friend you’re hosting for is, consider some over-the-top glamorous elements that bring something special to the sip-and-see. This balloon arch and crib setup are a perfect viewing station and backdrop for elegant photos. Also, if Baby is sleeping it allows a place for guests to view the baby without touching!

Sip-and-See Signage & Seating

Photo: @2littlebirds_ 

A beautiful reception area is key to the flawless sip-and-see party. This space is elegant yet relaxed, allowing the parents a cozy place to set up shop holding the baby as guests filter in to say hello. It also makes a good perch to set Grandma up with the baby where she feels secure and at ease. 

Sip-and-See Party Brunch Bar

Photo: @alexanhenderson

A beautiful spread of grab-and-go snacks, DIY mimosas, and maybe a pot of coffee will create a gorgeous and gracious hostessing station where guests can procure a nosh and sip before stopping over to say hello to the bouncing bundle of joy. 

Sip-and-See Chocolate Table

Photo: @awholelottalovestudio

In lieu of extensive food trays or a many-varied dessert table, you can totally set up a chocolate table like this for just the right amount of sweetness at Baby’s party.

Beautiful Sip-and-See Photo Backdrop

Photo: @pinkconfetticreations

Even if most of the party space is left neutral for milling and sipping, a lush photo backdrop is a great idea for any gathering. You can hack something like this with yardage of tulle or chiffon from your local fabric shop, and purchase off Etsy or DIY the paper banner to match. 

Sip-and-See Baby Station

Photo: @party_pickup

If you’re concerned about letting Baby be passed around, setting up a little docking station is an easy way to discourage people from getting handsy while still allowing them to check out all that cuteness. Mom or Dad will probably end up holding or wearing the little one for much of the event, but creating a spot like this in the main room of the party space is a great idea, too. 

Sip-and-See Sweets Display

Photo: @thisprettylifexo

It’s a sweet time; celebrate it with a dessert party to welcome the baby girl or boy of honor. Cookies, cupcakes, candies, and a cake all symbolize the deliciousness of life with a new baby; plus they’re often much easier to coordinate and display than various hot foods and salads. Cheers!

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