Girl moms don’t get to have all the fun! You can go in any direction while planning the perfect boy mom shower. Put your own twist on a traditional boy baby shower theme (yes, cars, trucks, and things that go vroom can be done tastefully) or your boy baby shower decorations can veer into the less conventional (gold and glitter, anyone?). No matter what your boy baby shower theme, unexpected details that fit the mom-to-be’s personality will make her day extra special. Here are some of our favorite ideas for boy baby shower decorations...

Silver Candy Bar Boy Baby Shower Decorations

Photo: @rachaelnicoleevents 

Everybody loves candy, and a display table like this is fun and festive. Let guests put together a bag of their favorite sweets on their way out the door—so the candy will be doing double-duty as dessert and a baby shower favor

Sky & Gold Baby Boy Shower Decorations

Photo: @simplylavishevents

Soft blue is heavenly for a baby boy shower! Make it extra-special with white and gold details. This sweet-treat cart featuring a chandelier and gold-accented balloon display would add glamour to any boy-mom’s shower. 

Brightly Colored Table Baby Boy Baby Shower Decorations

Photo: @bellememoire

Bold primary colors are a striking choice for Baby Boy. Colorful celebration glass, red napkins, and the mix of floral and green elements make a special tablescape that feels rich and alive.  

Clothesline Outfit Baby Shower Decoration Idea for Boys

Photo: @kimberlylmorris

String up some itty-bitty baby clothes in front of the cake display table or anywhere else that could use a fun “banner.” This is a cute way to say “baby shower” without the typical decor items or motifs. Another baby shower idea is to lay out a stack with markers or fabric paint and have guests decorate them before eating. Then, string the onesies up to include these little projects as part of the decor for the rest of the party.

All Gold Everything Boy Baby Shower Decorations

Photo: @cvlinens

You know that girly mama who is having a boy? She needs gold… everywhere… and lots of it! There is no reason a baby shower for a boy can’t be super glittery. Keep the sparkle and shine monochrome in all good or silver, and go all out from there! 

Jungle Balloon Baby Boy Shower Decorations

Photo: @willowtreeevents 

Having a smattering of tropical sprigs peeking out among your colorfully in-tune balloons is a great way to drive home the theme without needing to use too many animals and other large pieces. Although, if you do happen to have a human-sized giraffe laying around, by all means, employ him! 

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3-D Backdrop Boy Baby Shower Decorations

Photo: @jossignsbydesign 

Take your baby shower theme of choice and run with it! Building a stand-alone structure that looks and feels like home is such a sweet touch for boy baby shower decorations. This party was based around Beatrix Potter books and you can see the elements clearly—down to the shade of blue to the artwork hanging on the “walls.” It’s such a magical space for the mama-to-be to open her gifts, it will also make a perfect photo backdrop.   

All About Teddy Baby Shower Decoration Idea for Boys 

Photo: @malika 

Kardashian bestie Malika Haqq had a truly over-the-top baby shower shower thrown by her famous friend Khloe. The teddy baby shower theme doesn’t have to be done simply, as seen here. This entire party space was overflowing with brown balloons and neutral florals for a teddy bear baby boy shower that spared absolutely no detail.  

Pastel Boy Baby Shower Theme

Photo: @bombomsballoons

Girl mommies don’t have claim to all the pastels, right? A soft-hued, blue-and-green balloon display is timelessly sweet for boy baby shower decorations. The charming palette is enough on its own, but if you want to build a boy baby shower theme around it, pretty much anything goes from ducks to trucks, cars to stars.

Black & White Baby Shower Decorations for a Boy

Photo: @suzettepatriceevents

Monochrome does not have to mean monotonous. Deck out a dream space for Mama in black, white, and pops of gold for a show-stopping baby shower that will go down in the books!

Balloon Name Boy Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Photo: @agirlnameddrewfaw

It’s a simple touch, but it goes a long way: Spell out Baby’s name in balloon letters for a precious photo backdrop and all-around awesome design detail. Amazon, Target, and Etsy all carry letter balloons in a variety of colors.  

Foliage & Fruit Boy Baby Shower Decoration Theme

Photo: @halfmoonlettering 

Baby shower flowers for boys do not have to be boring—or nonexistent. A lovely arrangement as shown with citrus fruit and tons of greenery is anything but “girly”—but it’s also graceful and elegant. A few white roses round out the decor beautifully here.

Rustic Rainbow Baby Shower Decorations

Photo: @vivlydesigns 

An all-white background with neutral-tone rainbows create a modern, rustic baby shower theme the mom-to-be will love for Baby Boy. Consider a name sign and some white tassels or poms as shown, accented with handmade or Etsy-found rainbows in a run of browns, tans, or grayscale. 

Hanging Vines Baby Shower Decorations for Boys

Photo: @dolceh_designs 

This understated take on flowers for a baby boy shower is timeless and lovely. Here, the hosts have accented their hanging vines with a gold sign to punch up the display. The whole setup is easy to create, and can be done using real or faux greens.

Wood Crate Boy Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Photo: @lelavanna

Old-school farmers’ crates make the perfect addition to a dessert, snacks, or decor table at a rustic baby boy shower. You can find these at Michael’s and spray paint them your color of choice. Then build the rest of the table around these elements for a simply sweet design.

Rainbow Tassel Banner Boy Baby Shower Decorations

Photo: @thecolourfulcrow

Don’t shy away from bright colors, especially for a rainbow baby shower or a party hosted in spring or summer. Rainbow tassel or pom banners made of yarn or paper are darling accents to string up throughout the baby shower space.  

Storybook Baby Shower Decorations for Boys

Photo: @lilibabies

Taking inspiration from the mother-to-be’s favorite children’s book is a great idea for a boy’s baby shower theme. Here, the hosts took Le Petit Prince to new heights with a towering cake, lush balloons, and a storybook cutout atop the display table. 

Heirloom Signage Baby Shower Decorations for a Boy

Photo & To Buy: TheConfettiHome via Etsy

Any piece of baby shower decor that can be reused in Baby’s room is going to become a precious keepsake the family will love for years to come. Here, a travel-themed baby shower gets its central focal point in the form of a handmade sign that says, “Our Greatest Adventure” in an elegant font. 

Baby Blocks Boy Baby Shower Decorations

Photo: @epicfitcouple 

Spell out Baby’s name—or just the words “It’s A Boy”—with classic wooden blocks for a cute touch on any table or other visible spot at the party. 

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