It’s time to celebrate the dads in our lives and to let them know just how much they’re in our hearts!

If you’re tired of giving your spouse the same old gifts for Father’s Day, here are some new ideas for things to do with your little one…to make a special gift they’ll love giving to daddy!

  1. Let her paint or draw on a blank coffee cup for dad. Dad will be bowled over, everything is a masterpiece to him. See how to do it here.
  2. Make handprint art on paper. Your tot will love getting hands messy with paint and Dad will love having a keepsake of how tiny her hands once were.
  3. Does your child like looking for rocks? Do you have a hot-glue gun and some poster board? Super! Just glue the rocks onto the board and help your child write “MY DAD ROCKS.” Puns for the win!
  4. Frame a photo of your child and Dad and let your little one decorate it with glitter glue.
  5. Interview your child about Dad and write down her hilarious answers. Here’s a few funny ones you can download. “The answers are sure to be heartwarming to look back at. You could even do this in audio so you can preserve her cute little voice…forever!
  6. Sit down with your little one to write a letter to Dad. Too young to write on their own? Let him dictate it to you. Old enough to write it? Sit next to him and help him come up with ideas. Kids can write about what they like about Dad, what they like doing with him and one or two special memories!

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