Inspired by the past? You’re definitely not alone. Parents everywhere are looking in the rearview mirror when it comes to everything from old-fashioned names for babies to the bedrooms where they’ll lay their little heads.  

The influence of previous eras is nothing new; in fact, many of our favorite design periods were inspired by others that came before them, too. The good news is, you don’t have to be a historian or interior designer to pull together a vintage nursery. What’ll make it special is the assembly of older items and coordinated details you place within.

Adhere to one specific era or create a space informed by many. If you like fancy, consider Victorian, Baroque, Art Deco, or the opulence of the Hollywood Regency period. Minimalists with a passion for streamlined spaces have lots to explore from Mid-Century Modern to simple color-blocking that was popular in the late ‘60s. There’s also lots of inspiration to be found with cozy 1940’s charm, and colorful kitsch from the ‘50s to the ‘80s.  

Have fun in your treasure hunt for the perfect vintage and antique pieces to bring your baby’s little corner of the world to life. And make sure no matter what direction you’re headed, to stop occasionally and let the items themselves inform you of what the next steps might be. To follow are some of our favorite vintage nursery ideas to inspire you!

Pink & Gray Vintage Nursery 

Pink and gray vintage nursery 

Photo: Vintage Refined

In this feminine space, powder pink and dove gray create a quiet and elegant room that will grow up with your little. Vintage details like the lamp, mirror, and antique furniture make it stylish. 

Vintage Circus Theme Nursery 

Circus-themed vintage nursery 

Photo: Honey Bear Lane

Vintage kitsch is having a moment, and we are so here for it. Have fun with color and bring in heaps of whimsy when you choose an old-school theme, like the circus, which inspired this adorable space for Baby. 

Bohemian Vintage Nursery 

Bohemian vintage nursery 

Photo: Vintage Revivals

If the ‘60s and ‘70s speak to you, go all-in. Sherpa, wicker, rainbows, and plants make this cool space shine. Note that the difference between this and your standard boho nursery is nuanced; buy thrifted and vintage furniture and look at interior design photographs from the period to emulate what was actually happening in the years that speak to you. (Check out more boho nursery inspo!)

Mauve & Rose Gold Vintage Nursery 

Mauve and gold vintage nursery 

Photo: Kids Interiors

Little Genie has the sweetest vintage nursery, plucked straight out of a fairytale. The wicker doll furniture, granny-chic wallpaper, metallic crib, and shiny natural wood floors work beautifully together.

Mid-Century Chic Vintage Nursery

 Midcentury vintage nursery

Photo: Little Crown Interiors

MCM is a design era rich in detail and refined in color, making it such perfect inspiration for anyone who wants a vintage nursery that feels streamlined. Learn more about our favorite elements of the mid-century modern nursery here

1950s Inspired Boys Vintage Nursery 

 1950s vintage nursery

Photo: Fawn Over Baby

Give your baby boy the gift of a classic nursery inspired by what your parents (or even their parents!) might have had in their own baby rooms. Green and gray, plaid fabric, white walls, and a few groupings of toys are the most important vintage elements at play here.

English Countryside Vintage Nursery

English countryside style vintage nursery

Photo: The Glam Pad

Take a trip across the pond—and back a few decades—to the English countryside with deep wood, lots of white, plenty of florals or greenery, and a sweet little stack of old books. These parents absolutely nailed the look, and happily you can too, with the right wallpaper and plenty of thrift store runs to find the perfect accessories.

Minimalist Vintage Nursery 

Vintage nursery artwork

Photo: Elli Hurst

Busy vintage nurseries are beautiful, but they aren’t the only option. If you’re a minimalist, bring in just a few fun details like these framed needlework pieces or some paintings, a small and colorful rug, and one toy box filled with playthings for Baby.

Mid-Century Mermaid Vintage Nursery 

Mermaid-inspired vintage nursery 

Photo: Instagram/hepcatshaven

Not a minimalist? Not a problem. There are plenty of pockets of vintage charm that will speak to your maximalist heart, and this take on MCM does it brilliantly. A sea of pastels, lots of art, and whimsical details will create a paradise from the past for your little guy or girl. 

Neutral Vintage Nursery 


Neutral vintage nursery 

Photo: Instagram/enchantedberkeley

Who said beige had to be sad or boring? This lovely baby room proves it’s anything but. Use lots of texture and find a statement piece like this vintage corner cabinet to make it feel layered and special. The hanging bunting, moon-shaped pillow, and vase of flowers are pretty details that let the room read “fun space for a baby” rather than just “beige.” 

Use Vintage Art in the Nursery

 Vintage nursery filled with vintage art on the walls

Photo: Instagram/michaela.evanow

The best way to make a nursery feel “vintage” is with authentic pieces. And a gallery wall of images, even from a variety of eras, will do just that. Use a mix of paintings, needlepoint, and even old-fashioned magazine and newspaper ads to build your eclectic wall. Consider framing old family photographs to make this even more personal and special.

Bits of Color Vintage Nursery 

Vintage nursery with bits of color 

Photo: Instagram/all_the__things

There’s one word that comes to mind when you peep this colorful vintage nursery, and that word is FUN. Ditsy floral wallpaper, mid-century inspired blocks, old prints, and toys from the 1950’s and earlier make it feel like a feast for the eyes. Your baby is guaranteed to love growing up in a space just like this.  

Monochrome Vintage Nursery 

Monochromatic vintage nursery 

Photo: Instagram/alexandra_m_hendrick

Black and white plus shades of gray feel rich and charming in a vintage-inspired room. The classic black crib, simple wall hangings, and plaid curtains are key details to consider. Add a couple of modern wood or actual antique toys and you have yourself an expertly executed, monochrome vintage nursery. 

Truly Vintage Nursery Accessories 

 Vintage nursery accessories on a bookshelf

Photo: Instagram/cottoncandypinkvintage

Scour your local antique and thrift shops, set those eBay and FBMP alerts, and grow your collection of vintage and antique books, toys, and even baby clothes hangers. Nothing brings more vintage charm to the nursery more than actual pieces from the past. 

Wall Stenciling & Antique Furniture 

Vintage nursery with wall stenciling

Photo: Instagram/keepingitklinger

This mama couldn’t find the perfect wallpaper so she reached for a technique from another era —and hand-stenciled that stunning accent wall. This detail, paired with simple wood furniture, like the antique dresser at the heart of the room, make the gorgeous space shine. 

Vintage Nursery With Global Influence 

Vintage nursery with global infuence 

Photo: Instagram/alexandra.killion.interiors

The antique Japanese screen and vintage gold starburst mirror create a unique scene. Notice even the crib skirt was selected to complement that large piece, a perfect example of how one beautiful antique can inspire the design for a whole vintage nursery. 

Vintage Trinket Display Shelf 

Vintage trinkets displayed on a nursery shelf 

Photo: Instagram/joujoukawaii

Little pieces of the past come out to play in this 1940’s and -50’s collection of baby toys, cards, and even soap. A shelf or shadow box filled with items like this makes a pretty pop of color and vintage chic in your baby’s room, even if the space is an otherwise blank canvas.

Opulent Vintage Nursery 

 Opulent vintage nursery

Photo: Instagram/paigelavergnehome

Take a journey into the past with elements from a more gilded age… This elegant baby room’s sweeping curtains, intricate wall sconces, and Baroque-inspired mirror make even the simpler items like the sturdy antique dresser shine. It’s a vintage nursery fit for a little prince or princess, for sure. 

Vintage Woodland Nursery 

A vintage woodland-themed nursery 

Photo: We’re the Whites 

Every angle of this old world baby boy nursery just oozes quiet sophistication. The plaids, dark wood, and lovely wallpaper each play a part. Above the crib, consider a small collection of timeless photographs or paintings in your theme of choice (these parents went “woodland”) to complete the look and fully “vintage” things up. (See more woodland nursery ideas!)

Collection Wall in the Vintage Nursery 

 A vintage style nursery with a collection of round art pieces displayed on the wall

Photo: Farmhouse Living

It might be a newer trend, but arranging a collection of similar objects on a wall is a great way to display vintage things without any risk of little hands interfering with your arrangement. These parents went with vintage baskets for a cozy, 1970’s feel. You could also do porcelain plates— just make sure if going the heavy and breakable route that your mounts are very sturdy. 

Victorian-Inspired Vintage Nursery 

 Victorian-style vintage nursery

Photo: Not Bad Design Co. 

There’s so much about this room that speaks to another era, most notably the wide-open space in the middle and deep green of the walls. Part blank canvas for playtime, and part charming collection of thrifted pretties, it’s a room to grow in and explore that nods joyfully at a time gone by.

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