Whether you’re expecting a Pisces, an Aries—or nearly any shining star in between—if your bundle arrives between February 10, 2024 and January, 28, 2025, you’re “hatching” a baby Dragon! Under the ancient Chinese zodiac, every birth year is assigned one of 12 animals, each of which determines your baby’s personality. What’s super cool about the Dragon is that it’s the only mythical creature of the bunch! But don’t fret about your precious little one morphing into a giant, reptilian monster! The symbol of the Dragon is actually quite extraordinary. In fact, those born in a Year of the Dragon are said to be destined for good fortune and greatness…which is why, in many Asian nations, more babies are born during Dragon years than any other! Here’s everything you need to know about the newest member of your realm.

Year of the Dragon: Baby’s Personality Traits

Impulsive? Yes. Pig-headed? That, too. But since the Dragon represents good luck, intelligence, charisma, optimism, strength, and health, you can rest assured that your Dragon’s many amazing traits offer a good balance to the challenge! Like the mythical creature, your wee Dragon is a natural-born adventurer and risk-taker. They love traveling with you and discovering new-to-them pockets of the world…even if it’s just a hidden hiking path in your hometown. Always keep a watchful eye on your explorer. Dragons can easily get swept up in an experience and forget to look back for you! That gung-ho spirit also means that no tree is too tall, no slope is too steep, and no jump is too far for your kiddo. (Deep breaths!) That distinctly Dragon personality trait, coupled with their boundless energy, will surely keep you on your toes. (Start brushing up on what to say to them instead of “Be Careful,” now!) While these attributes can be nerve-jangling at times, your Dragon’s ultra-charismatic personality will always bring you to a place of pride and wonder.

Expect lemonade stands, school plays, championship matches, and class elections in your child’s future, as Dragons are bursting with ambition, confidence, and the drive for wealth, acclaim, and power. (Children born during a Dragon year are 14% more likely than children born under any other sign to earn a bachelor's degree or higher.)

With a strong sense of justice and fairness—and a healthy wallop of creativity—there’s no telling where your child’s aspirations and talents will take them. Dragons, with their ability to run, swim, and fly, know how to clear obstacles. Jobs that allow Dragons to be fully themselves include being an architect, journalist, real estate broker, teacher, lawyer, or engineer.

Year of the Dragon: Your Baby’s Learning Style

While your ever-ambitious Dragon may not always be the class pet (hello, stubborn chatterbox!), they’ll stick like glue to the special teachers who shepherd them to glory. And glory will be had! Dragons are gifted kiddos who set exceedingly high standards for themselves. For example, they don’t just enter the library’s read-a-thon, they wholeheartedly plan to win it. 

It’s important to know that while your bright and confident Dragon expects to excel, they do not appreciated being corrected on their journey to greatness. That means your Dragon may release their unmistakable fierceness when you or a teacher points out a flaw or mistake. To help calm the beast, tell your Dragon what they should try instead of what they shouldn’t. 

Since children born in the year of the Dragon have a hard time working with others who don’t share their passion or grand vision, group projects at school can lead to emotional tornados. To help rewrite this script, remind your little Dragon that the group needs them—and then list all the important responsibilities they’ll be taking on to ace this project. Your Dragon not only craves respect and top scores, they thrive on feeling needed.

Year of the Dragon: Baby’s Social Acumen

You have quite the charmer on your hands! Dragons have an undeniable magnetism that pushes them to the top of the popularity charts. (Get ready for oodles of playdate invites!) While the mass adoration certainly bolsters your Dragon’s self-esteem, it won’t cause them to become too big for their britches. Dragon children are the ones most likely to keep a keen eye out for playground bullies so they can protect classmates who hold less cache. But since your justice-for-all Dragon never backs down from a battle, calls from the principal’s office may be in your future!

As a beloved friend, your Dragon is often the leader of the pack, offering pals motivation, authenticity, and honesty. That truth-telling, however, can veer into brutal honesty. Because of that, it’s a good idea to set boundaries around honesty, such as telling your Dragon that they don’t need to share every thought they have—especially if it might make someone feel bad! Since Dragons are terrible at faking their feelings (which is a good thing!), you may have to help them practice their poker face when, say, they dislike the meal Grandpa has made for them.

Year of the Dragon:  Parenting Your Baby Dragon

As the Mother (or Father) of Dragons, be warned: The hustle and bustle of juggling your child’s numerous social, academic, and sports commitments can leave your Dragon tantrum-prone. But even when schedules are less packed, Dragons still struggle with big emotions—especially when it comes to having to follow rules they disagree with! Learning how to speak to your Dragon using Toddler-ese will undoubtedly help them through these emotional rough patches. The good news? While the storms can be fierce with Dragons, they’re short lived. Just be sure to always build-in some cool-off time that includes Magic Breathing before re-engaging in a touchy topic. 

At the same time, prioritize rest for your Dragon, who tends to zoom full speed ahead until they collapse. Set a realistic and predictable schedule, with regular nap and bedtimes to help your mission-driven Dragon recalibrate. For baby Dragons, brush up on wake windows and sleep cycles. And for toddlers, learn all about the common sleep mistakes that can really muck up a Dragon’s sleep. For older Dragons, keep tabs on their unbridled enthusiasm, ensuring it doesn’t take a left turn into burn out.

Children born in the year of the Dragon love to put their all into everything they do! No matter how small the pursuit, it’s important to recognize just how much effort and pride Dragons pour into their daily tasks, their chores, their daydreams, and more! Even when their enthusiasm and commitment is baffling to you, never tease or belittle their mission, which is born out of nothing but seriousness and sincerity. All that tenacity, however, leaves a Dragon who does not know how to accept defeat gracefully. Translation: If your Dragon loses at a friendly game of 4-in-a-row, comes in second place during a spoon race, or forgets a sight word, expect blow-back! To help, focus on praising your child for the effort they put into things, rather than the result. (“You’ve been practicing so much! I can tell you’ve learned a lot.”). This helps your Dragon recognize they can train, improve, and grow—three things they love doing!

Finally, don’t let your Dragon’s lack of sentimentality lead you to believe they don’t need warmth and praise. The truth is, Dragons adore adulation like no other! Skip the almost meaningless “good jobs!” here. Instead, make a concerted effort to catch your Dragon doing something good and complementing them on it with very specific kudos. Instead of saying “Good job” when your Dragon builds an epic block village, try, “Wow. Look how you created a path down the center so people and cars can move! That’s exactly how a real town is designed!” (Learn more about offering praise to your Dragon.)

Year of the Dragon: Fun Facts

Each animal—including the mythical creatures—of the Chinese zodiac has their own signature season, element, lucky numbers, and more. Here’s how it unfolds for your Dragon baby: 

Stone: Amethyst, Ruby

Season: Spring

Month: August

Flowers: Bleeding-heart vine, hyacinths

Colors: Gold, gray, white

Lucky Numbers: 1, 6, 7 (and numbers containing them, like 16 and 71)

Unlucky Numbers: 3, 8 (and numbers containing them, like 38 and 83)

Lucky Days: 1st and 16th of any month

Year of the Dragon: Other Dragons

Individuals born in 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, and 2012 are fellow Dragons…with a caveat! While the Western new year always begins in January, the lunar calendar starts in January or February, so you’ll need to do some sleuthing to determine the proper sign for those in your life. (For example, if you were born on February 1, 1988, you’d be a Rabbit, not a Dragon. But if your birthday was February 18, 1988, you’d be a Dragon.) Some famous Dragons include Charles Darwin, John Lennon, Martin Luther King Jr., Andy Warhol, Rihanna, Adele, Pele, and Nancy Pelosi.

More Fun Facts About Your Baby:


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