Have you heard that thousands of new parents have gotten a free SNOO Rental from their employer? While it sounds too good to be true, it’s not!

The SNOO Employee Benefit Program provides the employees of top companies with free SNOO Rentals for up to 6 months. Beyond receiving the only FDA authorized infant sleep system at no cost, folks who have the SNOO Employee Benefit Program at their workplace also receive…

  • 1 to 2 hours of extra sleep each night!

  • Peace of mind knowing their little one is safely sleeping on their back, which is the safest sleep position for infants

  • Detailed daily sleep reports

  • 24/7 sleep support

  • Free access to the Happiest Baby App

  • Brand-new organic cotton soft goods (including SNOO Sacks and a SNOO sheet)

  • Discounts on Happiest Baby products 

So, the big question: How do you bring this amazing benefit to your office? There are two ways to get the ball rolling…

  1. Let Happiest Baby reach out to your benefits liaison. You can reach out to Happiest Baby and one of our Employee Benefit Program specialists will happily contact your place of business to share all the info about our top-notch family-friendly workplace perk!

  2. Use our email template to contact HR yourself. You can reach out to your Human Resources department to encourage them to offer this game-changing benefit to everyone in need at your workplace (feel free to copy-paste our email template below!).

How to Talk to Your HR Department

We’ve found that HR departments are often receptive when employees make a request themselves—so putting a bug in your benefits liaison’s ear can be an effective way to get the benefits you want! Below are a few talking points to get you started. Or, if to make it extra-easy, we’ve provided an email template that requires little more than a simple copy-paste!

SNOO Employee Benefit Program Talking Points

To ensure you put your best foot forward, it’s important to share why SNOO would improve employees’ lives—both at home and at work. It’s equally important to have a little bit of supporting data to back that up! Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Sleep deprivation costs! New parents often sleep fewer than 6 hours per day, which can cause mental impairment that’s scientifically proven to be similar to drunkenness. This profound exhaustion leads to on- and off-the-job mistakes, injuries, and accidents—plus, absences—racking up tens of billions in employer costs.

  • Family-friendly benefits boost loyalty! When employers support young families, they increase job satisfaction and loyalty. Research shows that when folks feel taken care of “they tend to really do great work and be really engaged in the company.”

  • Companies love the SNOO Employee Benefit! The SNOO Employee Benefit Program has a 100% retention rate. Essentially, that means that every company that offers the benefit is super satisfied!

HR Outreach Email Template

For help figuring out what to say to your HR representative, feel free to use our easy template:

To: [HR email here]
BCC: corporaterental@happiestbaby.com
Subject line: Head’s up: Exciting new employee benefit!

Hello [HR rep’s name],

I’m so appreciative to work for a company like [company name] that truly cares about and supports their employees’ physical and mental health. With that in mind, I wanted to forward an employee benefit program that I think is the perfect fit for us. 

Happiest Baby, the makers of SNOO—the only FDA authorized infant sleep system—is working with dozens of top companies including JP Morgan Chase & Co, The National Association of Air Traffic Controllers, the NFL, Activision Blizzard, and many more to provide  6-month SNOO rentals for their employees who are new parents.

This is groundbreaking because new parents often sleep fewer than 6 hours a night, which is awful for mental health and workplace productivity. But SNOO adds up to 2 hours of ZZZs a night, helping new parents stay at the top of their game! Since [company name] has a history of offering innovative new benefits—and supporting families—I had to share!

I know I would be thrilled with this benefit and its ability to positively impact new parents’ mental and physical health! I found a few helpful links below and a contact email: corporaterental@happiestbaby.com

Thanks so much!
[your name]


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