Welcome to the Toddler Years! Your little one is not so little anymore and their sleep habits—and sleep preferences—are changing. Your toddler’s newfound independence and zest for life is amazing, for sure, but can interfere with even the best sleep habits. From transitioning to a toddler bed and introducing loveys to dropping naps and toddler sleep regression, Dr. Harvey Karp has you covered. Here, we’ve gathered some of Dr. Karp’s very best toddler sleep advice to guide you through these exciting years.

Toddler Sleep: Sleep Overview

Your little one is growing and changing—and so are their sleep habits! Consider this your starter guide for helping you newly minted Big Kid get the rest they require.

How Much Sleep Do Toddlers Need?

Learn how many hours the average 2- to 5-year-old should be snoozing each day and night. Once you know the sleep target you’re aiming for, the easier it is to get there! Here, find out what the average toddler’s sleep schedule is.

Learn Why Kid Sleep is Different From Adult Sleep

Babies and toddlers experience shorter sleep cycles than grownups. And this key sleep difference impacts your toddler’s rest. Dr. Harvey Karp offers insight.

Find the Right Bedtime for Your Toddler

Is there really a universal sweet spot for toddlers’ bedtime? Learn what Dr. Harvey Karp has to say about zeroing in on your toddler’s ideal bedtime

How to Get A Toddler to Sleep

Whether your toddler loves night-night or exhibits some sleep struggles, every parent can benefit from Dr. Harvey Karp’s fave go-to-sleep strategy for toddlers.

How to Sleep Training Your Toddler

Don’t worry if “Sleep Training” seems to have fallen off of your to-do list! It’s not too late. Here are some tips for sleep training your toddler today.

Getting Young Toddler to Go to Sleep and Stay Asleep

Surprise: It’s actually natural for young toddlers to refuse to sleep. (Sorry!) But that doesn’t mean they aren’t tired! Here are six ways you can help your 2- to 3-year-old embrace nighttime sleep.

Toddler Sleep: Bedtime Routines

The key to any kiddo’s good night’s rest is a solid night-night routine. Here’s Dr. Harvey Karp’s best advice for nailing your toddler’s bedtime routine every time!

Toddler Sleep: Transitioning To A Bed

Moving from the crib to a toddler bed is a big step—for your tot and you! While it may be daunting, it's totally doable! Let Dr. Harvey Karp help.

Toddler Sleep: All About Naps

Toddlers are so full of wonder and curiosity, it can be really hard to settle down for sleep in the middle of an exciting day. (FOMO is very real for toddlers!) Expect lots of nap time changes during the toddler years. Here's how to navigate them.

Toddler Sleep: Sleep Struggles

Truth: There may be some bumps in the road to good sleep in the toddler years. But that doesn't mean you and your kiddo can't overcome them! Here's help:

Toddler Sleep: Dreams & Nightmares

Curious what your little one is thinking about while snoozing? Allow Dr. Harvey Karp to offer some insights.

Toddler Sleep: Sleep Disorders & Disturbances 

Not all sleep hiccups are created equal. Keep a keen eye out for issues, like the ones below, that may be interrupting your toddler's sleep.

Toddler Sleep: Your Toddler Sleep Questions, Answered!

Got more sleep questions? Dr. Harvey Karp tackles them here:

Toddler Sleep: Our Best-Selling, Pediatrician-Designed Toddler Sleep Products

Toddler with SNOObear

SNOObear: It’s a white noise machine, a lovey, and a fun puppet—perfect for toddlers! Not only does SNOObear offer your toddler the same unique white noise sounds as SNOO, it’s responsive as well. (That means, after the sound turns off, SNOObear continues to monitor your little one and automatically turns back on if your child cries.) Plus, loveys help toddlers build confidence and security, they work wonders for easing separation anxiety, and they’re also especially comforting amid times of stress (like during travel, an illness, or a parent’s absence).

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