There's a lot of questions you may have about procedures after your baby is born. One of them being, "does my brand new baby really need to get the Hepatitis B shot?" Find out what pediatrician, Dr. Harvey Karp has to say about Hepatitis B shots in newborns.

What is Hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B is a serious disease that babies can catch from their mother’s blood as they’re being delivered. But, some moms-to-be are wondering: Should their babies get the Hepatitis B shot soon after birth?

Hepatitis B Shot for Newborns

If you’ve been tested for Hepatitis B and don’t have the virus, then there’s no risk whatsoever of your baby contracting the disease as they’re being born. You’ll want to make sure your baby gets the Hepatitis B shot later with their primary doctor, but there’s no need for your baby to get it in the hospital.

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