Sometimes a haphazard selfie with your cell phone doesn’t quite cut it…especially when trying to capture the beauty of your pregnancy! So, before 9 months zips by, consider scheduling a maternity photoshoot. Whether casual or glam, there’s for-sure a style of maternity photography that fits your taste. The only real rules are to have fun and cherish these images! Oh, and if you can, schedule your pregnancy photoshoot for peak cute-bump season, which is usually between 28 and 32 weeks of pregnancy. Need maternity photoshoot inspo? Look no further. Here are 23 ideas to help you plan the perfect pregnancy photoshoot!

Maternity Photos Taken From Above

best maternity photo ideas: drone photo from above

Image from Beata Becla

Calling all drones! Whether you’re in the backyard, by the ocean, or somewhere in between, an aerial photograph featuring you and your pregnant belly offers a unique spin on the classic maternity photoshoot.    

Tulle Dress Maternity Photos

best maternity photo ideas: tulle dress

Image by Hello Photography

Sheer gowns, lace gowns, tulle gowns—they’re all perfect for that ethereal, uber-femme maternity photoshoot vibe! Don’t have a fancy gown? No worries. Check with your photographer to see if they loan or rent them before you buy one for your special shoot.

Maternity Photos in The Nursery

best maternity photo ideas: with SNOO
Image by Tamara Leigh Photography

There’s no need to leave the house for your maternity photoshoot! Why not invite the photographer into your baby-to-be’s space, while you and yours pose by your little one’s crib or SNOO?

Bodysuit Maternity Photos

Image by Susie Boston

No matter if you go the “All the Single Ladies” route in an all-black bodysuit, or if you choose a long-sleeve white bodysuit as pictured, or something a little different—know that wearing a bodysuit to your maternity photoshoot exudes confidence and class.

Maternity Photos With Siblings

best maternity photo ideas: sibling picture

Image by Nurture Baby

Don’t forget the big sibs when taking your maternity photos! Capturing your first born hugging or kissing your belly—or perched on top of your burgeoning bump—is definitely a photo you’ll always treasure. (Bonus: You can use it in your sibling pregnancy announcement!)

Chiffon Wrap Maternity Photo

best maternity photo ideas: chiffon wrap
Image by Edan Bao Photography

Chiffon or silk fabric draping (and gowns with extra-long trains) are very of-the-moment for maternity photoshoots. The billowy beauty of the fabric—plus a fan-fueled breeze—creates a simply stunning effect.

Landmark Maternity Photos

best maternity photo ideas: landmarks   
Image by Abby Cope Photography

Look around the city or town where you live for historical landmarks—or special spots that are landmarks in your heart. These iconic locales are the perfect setting to snap your maternity photographs!

Nude Maternity Photos

best maternity photo ideas: nude

Image by Eva White Photography

Demi did it. Britney did it. Serena did, too—so why not you?! What better time to bare it all when you are glowing in your pregnancy skin!

At-Home Maternity Photos

best maternity photo ideas: casual at-home 
Image by Barbara O Photography

Maternity photos don’t need to be styled and glam if that’s not your thing. They can easily be snapped where your new little bundle will soon call home! Feel free to add touches of fun, like this expecting pair, holding their sweet Mom and Dad mugs.

Milk Bath Maternity Photos

best maternity photo ideas: milk bath
Image by Kristine Eldridge

Shots of mom-to-be in a luxurious milk bath are the thing right now. Many pregnancy photographers will know all about it and will be able to help you execute this look. But you can also run warm water in your tub until it reaches your desired depth, then start adding whole milk. The more you add, the less transparent the bath becomes. Don’t add flowers until after you get in!

Gender Reveal Maternity Photos

best maternity photo ideas: gender reveal maternity photo 
Image by Coco Alley Photography

Do you know if you’re having a boy or a girl? If so, why not consider incorporating your news into your pregnancy photos? This couple decided to carry a bouquet of pink balloons to signify a baby girl was on the way. Mom-to-be’s petal pink dress adds to the sweet “reveal.” (Check out more gender reveal ideas to celebrate your exciting news.)

Silhouette Maternity Photos

best maternity photo ideas: silhouette 
Image by Blue & Hazel

There is no going wrong with a silhouette shot, highlighting the beauty of your baby bump. The contours paired with the light and dark contrast makes this shot a true classic pregnancy photo.

Couples Maternity Photos

best maternity photo ideas: casual couple at home 
Image by Renee Ash

There are so many couples pictures you can take during your maternity photoshoot, but the tender intimacy of this photograph takes the cake. If you’re scheduling your pregnancy photo session in your home, take advantage of your comfort level!

The Wet Look Maternity Photos

best maternity photo ideas: the wet look 

Image by Amanda Ellis Photography

 Back in 2020, model Gigi Hadid shared her maternity photos with the world and the trend of the of the ethereal “wet look” was born! So, if you are itching to look sexy but tasteful in your maternity photoshoot, this is the maternity photoshoot for you.

Maternity Photos With Pets

best maternity photo ideas: with pets 
Image by Bambini Photography

Show your furry firstborn that they’re still number one by including them in your maternity photoshoot. After all, your dog or kitty will be your baby’s very first pet, and soon, their new best bud! (Here’s how to help prepare your pet for your baby’s arrival.)

Maternity Photos With an Heirloom

best maternity photo ideas: with an heirloom

Image by Ginny Haupert

This vintage wicker stroller brings just the right touch of nostalgia to this thoroughly modern maternity photoshoot. If you have a family heirloom, like your old teddy bear or the precious romper your grandma wore, consider adding it to your pregnancy photo session.

Ultrasound Maternity Photos

best maternity photo ideas: ultrasound 
Image by Line & Roots

There are many ways to incorporate your baby-to-be’s very first picture into your maternity shoot. For instance, you can have the soon-to-be big sibling hold it, with you and your partner in the background, as pictured. You can hold the image in front of your belly. You could face your partner, and both hold it out to the camera…and more!

Maternity Photos with Wings

best maternity photo ideas: wings 
Image & to purchase: Homespun Heart Props

Angel-themed maternity shoots are another flourishing trend. These heavenly glamor shots will make any mama-to-be feel on top of the world! 

Hand-in-Hand Hearts Maternity Photos

best maternity photo ideas: hands make a heart 
Image by Kristen Marie Imagery

Another can’t-miss maternity photo shoot idea: Use your hands—and your partner’s hands—to create a loving heart over your baby bump. Snapping it in black and white only adds to the timelessness!

Before-and-After Maternity Photos

 best maternity photo ideas: before and after

Image Jenn Lord Photography

With a little planning you too can create a beautiful before-and-after photo with your pregnant self and your new-mom self. Here, the composite photo was made to look like a reflection, but if that’s not your style, you can simply hold your bump in a casual shot…then replicate the picture with you cradling your newborn. 

Maternity Photos with Stuffed Toy

best maternity photo ideas: stuffed toy 
Image by Carolina Charm

You’d be hard pressed to find a sweeter maternity photo prop than a cuddly stuffed toy, be it a brand-new one purchased for your new baby or a pre-loved stuffy from your own childhood. Swoons all around!

Goddess Maternity Photos

best maternity photo ideas: goddess crown 
Image by Tianna J. Williams Photography

Crowns, tiaras, hats: You name the festive headpiece, and it can become part of an iconic maternity photo! The one shown here totally evokes a goddess feeling, which is perfect for a mom-to-be!

Family Kiss Maternity Photos

best maternity photo ideas: family kiss 
Image by L.B.K. Photography

You get a kiss! And you get a kiss! And you get a kiss! No matter if you shoot this pregnancy picture in a studio, outside, or in your home, the message remains: This family is ready to love one more!


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